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10 Google AdWords Mistakes you Need to Avoid: Beginner’s Guide


The following are some of the mistakes to avoid when launching a campaign based on gurus in the SEO industry. Avoiding these mistakes ensures that your campaign is successful and you get a return on investment.

Focusing on wrong AdWords keywords

According to Neil Patel, you should avoid the assumption that using keywords with high search volumes will give positive results to AdWords. He advises that you need to start by using much-targeted keywords. Essentially, this is imperative if you are working on a limited budget. Using a broad Google AdWords keyword may use up your budget first. In addition, use of the wrong keywords as AdWords may provide very little in conversion rates. Therefore, use the AdWords keyword planner to get search volumes and ideas on targeted keywords

Just sitting on accounts

Larry Kim postulates that sitting on accounts without working on them is the biggest mistake. He mentions that less than 1% of the accounts in search engines are worked on weekly. He also mentions that this problem is not just restricted to the small businessman, even the PPC expert account manager often fails to get time to work on the accounts that they have once they have finished launching a campaign. The advice he provides is a workflow for accounts to be tweaked each week by using Google AdWords that do not include those used when the campaign was launched.

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Setting targets and forgetting about them

According to Eric Siu, running ads on Google requires constant optimization. He mentions that opportunities for Google AdWords keyword growth should be pursued to improve conversion rates and visibility of websites. He summarizes by saying that A/B testing should not just be used by experts. Avoid this mistake and make the most out of AdWords campaigns by testing them using bid price, ad copy, and landing pages.


Lack of a dedicated landing page

Jordan Gutierrez an AdWords Expert mentions that most AdWords beginners make various AdWords mistakes. One of the main mistakes is driving traffic to their homepage. He adds that a homepage is a great summary of what your business is about. However, a landing page can get your AdWords campaign great conversions rates. For instance, each AdWords campaign you have has a specific objective before set up. Therefore, when you have a dedicated landing page for this objective, you increase the chances of maximizing the Return on Investment for your ad dollars. One way to doing so is matching the ad keywords you use with the landing page headline. Therefore, create multiple landing pages for every ad group and keyword.

Loosely bunched keywords

According to advertising consultant Kristina Cutura, most businesses launch one campaign using loosely related keywords during their first Google AdWords Keyword campaign. such AdWords mistakes lead to low-quality scores as it does not allow for ads specific to your keyword. For instance, AdWords can penalize you and make you pay more ad dollars for your ad campaign due to this mistake. You can use the AdWords keyword planner to help manage the budget for your campaign. Essentially, Kristina postulates that launching separate campaigns is the best way to manage your AdWords budget dollars. When setting budgets for new campaigns for your business website, you need to create more AdWords dollars for important keywords. Always avoid the mistake of setting higher budgets for low priority test campaigns. Therefore, use the AdWords Keyword Planner to help you plan your campaign budget and test campaigns that will provide better conversion rates.

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Failure to bid on your brand

Among the AdWords mistakes, this is the worst. You need to bid on your brand to ensure conversion rates that are higher. You get to promote your business when you do so and prevent competitors from bidding on it as well as poaching your clients. There may be valid reasons to not bid on your brands such as singular organic ranking, low search volume, or limited budget. However, bids for brands are low and this means that you could be missing out on potential sales and conversion from searches made every month on your brand using your Google AdWords Keyword. In addition, when you use keywords for your brand, you are likely to appear first on the Google search results page. This provides your business with reputation and awareness for your brand.

Giving little attention to landing page experience

Search Engine Land Editor Ginny Marvin mentions that assuming that paid search traffic provides for conversion rates reduces the site user experience. For instance, you cannot fix bad landing pages or solve issues in shopping cart experience that your clients have when using your site. Therefore, it is important to create a high converting landing page with great content. This improves landing page experience to your users. When this is done, your conversion rates for AdWords campaigns are likely to go up.


Lacking proper tracking and attribution

Joseph Kerschbaum mentions that great AdWords mistakes begin with a failure to have proper tracking and attribution. Essentially, most newbie’s concentrate on additional traffic and fail to provide a base for tracking conversions. Therefore, tracking is essential for AdWords to ensure you are using your AdWords dollars wisely when you launch a campaign on your business website. You can do so by directing your AdWords traffic to various purchases to allow you to track conversion rates for your AdWords campaigns.


Using too many keywords at once

Jacob Baadsgaard views use of many keywords at once for AdWords campaigns a major AdWords mistake. The keywords will have some major impressions. However, they tend to appear where they are not required for effective conversion rates. Therefore, when using Google AdWords, ensure you use only high intent keywords. You can nurture these AdWords using negative keywords and they will increase your profitability. Test more keywords once the original keywords prove effective and get better results.


Failure to set clear goals

Brad Geddes the founder of mentions that there will be no correct decision on AdWords when you do not know what you want. Determine what you want in your AdWords campaign to ensure conversion rates that are beneficial to your online business. if you skip this step and spend AdWords dollars assuming that will increase conversion rates, Brad mentions that the AdWords campaign will fail. Brad adds that it is okay to change goals during your AdWords campaign. However, ensure that the each of these goals leads to a successful campaign.


To surmise, there is no particular secret to success using AdWords Campaigns. AdWords mistakes may be made initially by beginners and lead to vital lessons learned. Therefore, use the above trick to ensure that using Google AdWords pays off in the end and leads to the success of your Google AdWords campaign. By using AdWords Keyword Planner, you can ensure that you have the right keywords for your campaign. also, as mentioned above, continuously testing AdWords and updating your website will lead to better conversion rates. Therefore, focus on the above mistakes listed by gurus in the SEO industry to ensure your next AdWords campaign is successful.

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