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Blogs have become a norm in online content and many people want to explore their writing career using them. Everyone wants a piece of blogging. Fortunately, the platform is big enough to accommodate everyone. Conventional writing has taken a beat down from blogging and it’s laying down somewhere nursing its wounds. No paper and ink these days, just a keyboard and you can reach anyone, anywhere in the world. The million-dollar question now is – why do people blog?

I am tempted to say that the blogging platform has been misused, but I can’t simply because there are relevant writers out there that need to showcase their writing talent and this may be the only platform to put them on the maps. Blogging gives us a voice to be heard and express our uniqueness. When it manifested, a blog was simply a journal about relationships and tech. However, it has greatly evolved to accommodate every sort of writing ideas. Having said, here are several reasons why people blog.


One of the reasons why people blog is networking. If you want to meet different people from all walks of life, then the Internet is your doorway. Since blogging is done online, it gives you an opportunity to meet people both globally and locally. There are no boundaries to blogging. As long as you can understand one another, you can penetrate through any society or culture. The beauty of blogs is that your family, friends or fans are just a click away. You can discuss issues that affect you and society, share ideas, or encourage individuals going through hardship. The reachability level of blogs is mind-blowing!

Passion in Writing

This is what made me explore the world of blogging. I love writing about almost anything, and so do many people. This reason is genuine enough to start a career in blogging simply because it’s driven by passion. Most people feel that writing about something interesting allows them to express their thoughts and point of view. As a hobby, you won’t run out of words and you won’t force it, it just happens naturally. Also, why blog if you are not passionate about it? This line of bloggers doesn’t care about what people think about their writing since they are not doing it for money. Traffic is nowhere in their minds and they hardly go through comments.

For Fame

Some are driven by the urge to succeed. Frankly speaking, who doesn’t want to succeed? When you come across a blog that inspires you, you want to know the author and what he or she is all about. This is driven by what you’ve seen other people achieve. If you are driven by fame or relevance, sorry to burst your bubble but you are in the wrong career. However, it’s not a bad approach, since passion can be stirred up to something great. Don’t just wake up one day and decide to become a blogger, just because someone else became famous for it. Learn to crawl, walk, run, and maybe one day you’ll fly.

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For Money

Again this is a wrong motivator. Why start a blog if it is not your passion? Those who started out blogging thinking they can mint money out of it are somewhere drawing that thought with a few rounds of beer. Although you can generate a significant amount out of blogging, it shouldn’t be your driving force. If you have zero passion for writing and believe you can make it big in blogging, you are in for a big surprise. Let money be the second, third or even last motivation, and will eventually come chasing you without any effort while you chase your passion. If you want to make money through blogging, then marketing is all you need to do.

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For Business Network

Blog meaning is different for everyone. You can’t venture into blogging without networking. It is network-driven and many have become bloggers to tap into its massive network. Businesses have realized this and have joined the long list of bloggers without passion. Whether it’s a B2B or B2C venture, blogging brings out a refreshing way to reach and lure prospective clients. As you blog about different products and services, somebody somewhere sees your blog a marketing platform. This is not a bad thing as long as you are getting paid. As you grow your network of contacts, you also get access to advanced digital tools to help you reach more people and hence exposure.

For Advertising and Branding

Like I mentioned earlier, blogging takes place on the Internet. Brands know this very well and that’s why they always look for different venues to advertise their products or services. That is why companies are now hiring professional bloggers to tap into their content creation skills. This is done through product reviews, press releases, product launch, and many others. This has really helped consumers make the right purchasing decision and brands have greatly improved their products to remain competitive in the relevant field. As a blogger, companies will look for your services, but always be honest when writing reviews to avoid misleading the consumer and destroying your credibility.

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Self Promotion

Blogging also gives the owner an excellent opportunity to promote his or her profession. If you are running a business and want people to know about your products, you can write a blog about it while posting ads about where you’re situated. Blogs also help to expand your repertoire and online presence. If you have anything to offer let people know so that they can reach you.

To Get New Job Opportunities

People have discovered that blogging can also get them jobs. Well, let’s say you are an expert in medical care, you can start by publishing medical related journals offering medical advice. As you write and publish this on your blog, you also attract potential employers who may need your services. You can start a blog about any profession you are good at and people will start looking for your expertise.

To Gain Knowledge

Blogs are also about increasing knowledge. Most blogs you find online are about educational information. If it interests you and you have what it takes(passion), you can take it to the next level and create a blog about topics meant to inform and educate the public on particular issues. You can provide newfound information by updating your blogs frequently. This also gives you a chance to learn new things and increase your knowledge.

To Satisfy Creativity

You can’t actually know what you are capable of until you practice it. Blogging offers you a chance to develop the creative part of your brain. You can start a blog about fiction writing, telling stories that may inspire, excite or evoke certain emotions. People don’t just want facts, they also want to live in a world of fantasy with no limits. This helps to relax our minds from the world of reality. If you feel like you have a talent for this, put it into great use.


What is blogging to you? The blogging world has endless possibilities but lacks enthusiastic and passionate individuals to take it to the next level. There are many people out there with great writing potential but don’t know where to start. A blog offers the best opportunity to explore writing skills. Remember, you will know that you were meant for this if you write with passion.

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