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1&1 Hosting Best WordPress Hosting Service


When looking for web hosting services, you can’t really have the perfect hosting service. You can only find different experiences and different functionality depending on your needs. That is why different bloggers have a different opinion regarding hosting. If you are starting out and working on a budget, then 1&1 hosting is the best option. 1&1 is one of the largest services in the web hosting industry and offers exceptional services. This 1&1 web hosting review analyses the service and different products it offers. Read through for more information.

Like it or not, hosting services will influence your productivity positively or negatively depending on your needs. Before settling on any hosting service, you must first conduct a research or read unbiased 1&1 reviews about the service. This way you can compare and contrast different companies to settle for one that closely suits your requirements. Being a large company, many readers ask questions about 1&1 hosting service.


1&1 offers a several web hosting services from domain transfer to hosting to website packages. The hosting prides its experience from its longevity, founded in 1988. The hosting offers a more aggressive advertising with full-page ads in magazines and TV spots. Honestly speaking, only GoDaddy hosting rivals it in mass-market advertising and brand awareness. But the size of the brand doesn’t always translate into good products. And that is one of the aspects l will try to explain in my review.

1&1 Hosting Prices

On pricing, 1&1 is the best option; offering superb cheap domain plans for anyone on a super-tight budget. They offer a cheap 12-month introductory offer, and that increases after a year, which is also affordable. They are in line with their competitors after the 12-month intro deal. Previously, they used to limit the number of websites and domains which they have removed with the exception of databases on the Unlimited Plan. Their pricing tiers are almost similar to other big brand hosts like HostGator & GoDaddy. Breaking down the plan’s benefits, you will be paying for performance space and database. Their lowest tier plan is slightly better than other services since they don’t cap the number of websites you can have.

 Package details

Relative Options

The service started out as a hosting provider but has recently evolved to offer numerous digital products. It is among the largest domain prices registrars and offers 1 year of a new domain free with hosting purchase. All their products are integrated, which is a pro for many people. 1&1 from Magento hosting offers daily server backups, including several apps to install within their backend. What is a bit disappointing about the service is that it doesn’t have a stand out feature. Apart from its 26 years of service, nothing else sets it apart from the rest of the hosting services.

Installation Modes

1&1 hosting has different installation “modes” for different scenarios. The Safe mode ensures that WordPress is up to date and you don’t download bad plugins. The free mode is a normal installation, and the evaluation mode is for people who don’t have good knowledge of WordPress.

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1&1 Customer Support

Usually, it is hard to find a web host that actually answers. 1&1 hosting provides a 24/7 phone that they actually answer. With 1&1 hosting, you will experience less than a minute hold time. If the issue cannot be sorted out immediately, they will follow up and offer a solution soon after you’ve hung up.

1&1 Customer Support 24/7

1&1 Performance

Ask anyone running a website what they expect from a website server and they’ll tell you delivery and reliability. The service has no significant downtime. The service claims to have a 99.9 uptime which is the industry set standard. One thing you can actually measure is how fast the server can deliver files to a browser. Although there are many variables to measure the server’s speed, one is the way is to see how the server responds after the initial request – otherwise known as Time To First Byte (TTFB).

Backend Setup

Very much related to user experience is 1&1 hosting’s backend setup. If you’re a first-timer with hosting, you’ll need to know that your hosting account is basically server space and the bandwidth to connect to that server. The server is just like your computer in that it’s really tough to interact with it unless you have an “operating system” such as Windows on your PC or OSX on a Mac.

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Source: Cesar Ramirez

User Experience

One major setback of 1&1 Hosting is primarily user experience. Owning your personal or business hosting account for a website or email should not be difficult. Although servers require more technical setup than a Facebook profile, it shouldn’t be rocket science. What 1&1 hosting lacks is intuitiveness. The hosting may not be super polished but at least it should fairly be fairly intuitive, and should at the very least work. 1&1 is fine for a small site with low graphics or overhead. So on performance, like pricing and options, 1&1’s main pro is that they are really just fine on the basics. One last thing on 1&1’s performance is that they do provide plenty of memory to run your website. WordPress requires 64M of memory to run. Cheaper web hosts usually are notorious for skimp on the memory provided, since customers rarely actually check that setting. 1&1 does come through on that. This means that once your server responds…your website files are built and sent fairly quickly.


1&1 hosting is fit for customers who are already using their products with such as domains, email, etc. and want to get a hosting account for a website. It is also good for people who are on an extremely tight budget and are working on several small projects. They have many flaws and I believe the developers are working on them. You may not experience the perfect delivery but its affordable rates come as a consolation.

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