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12 Essentials of a High Converting Landing Page

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A landing page speaks volumes about your website and crafting an effective one is not easy. To create a high conversion landing page you need several components to make it work. Depending on what you are selling, the landing page should have not only an attractive look but also what your prospects are looking for. So how exactly do you arrive at an eye-catching, high converting landing page? This post will give you a dozen Landing page tips to improve website page visibility. Read along for greater understanding.

Let’s get one fact correct first before we continue; there is no such thing as a standard manual for creating the best landing pages. What makes a high converting landing page hard to come by is that it has many differentiating factors. Each of these factors must address the following: different people looking for the same product, different products or services offered, and a different niche to address. There is a vast variety of Landing page plugins are also available.

However, effective landing pages have a few unifying elements that if properly displayed will lead to conversions. Here are the 12 elements to show how to build a landing page.

An Attractive Headline

Perhaps the most important part of a landing page is the headline. It portrays the interest, attention, and understanding of your prospects. It gives the visitor a glimpse of what you are offering. You have that first impression carry a great deal and the headline gives you an opportunity to strike. It will either lure or drive the visitor away. A good headline should tell the audience what product and service you are offering. It should also be short and straight to the point.

Ten words are enough to tell them what you are all about. What I think is appropriate is that the headline should simply complement an image on the landing page content that explains the product or service. For a rather complex product or service that can’t be summed up in 10-20 words, you can include some of the information in the subtitle.

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Have a Persuasive Sub-headline

Another element in creating a landing page that converts is the sub-headline. If the headline is the door and the visitor has entered, the sub-headline is the seat so make him stay and feel at home. When creating a sub-headline, ensure that it’s placed directly underneath the main headline. It should be persuasive and should be slightly detailed than the main headline. It’s worth mentioning that the explanation doesn’t always have to come after the page’s most convincing statement and there is no specific formula.

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Placing of Images

For your landing page to work, it should have images that are related to what you are offering. It is scientifically proven that the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text; making them essential for effective landing pages. When placing pictures, ensure that they are large enough. If you are selling a service, the image should be to grab attention and demonstrate relevance to the user. The picture should be o high quality.

Give Explanations

For Your landing page to work it should make what you are selling crystal clear otherwise you will lose your visitors if your details are vague. It is important to stick to what you are selling and not beat around the bush. You can choose to integrate both explanation and headline or you can separate them. Explanation should be beneficial to the visitor and not you. Images can also be used to give an explanation of what the product is all about.

Give Benefits

Benefits also called the value proposition are the innovations, services or features that make a company or product attractive to customers. On a landing page, your value proposition doesn’t need to be a standalone element; it can be spread among the other components on your page. A list of benefits can be a great way to advance your value prepositions. You can use bullets to outline these benefits. As you are doing so, ensure that the benefits are strictly focused on the user since it’s very easy to drift off and start talking about yourself as a company.

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Logical Flow

Order is one of landing page elements that are very important when drafting a landing page to ensure that the elements are arranged logically. An interested customer will engage with the landing page and follow the thought process. For this to happen, the landing page should start with your explanation, benefits, testimonials, and end with your CTA. This is the most obvious and persuasive method of structuring a landing page.

Make it About Offering Solutions

If you can make your user to think about their problem, definitely they will focus on the available solutions. This is a psychological way to make them convert. Don’t just focus on what they will gain, but also what they will lose. Psychologically the pain of losing is much greater than gaining even if is the same thing. You can implement pain references to your testimonials.

Something about Pleasure

As much as we like to avoid pain we also love to seek pleasure. Humans are motivated by the desire to gain pleasure and will do almost anything to satisfy this desire. You can incorporate this in your landing page by showing how they will gain pleasure from your product or how it will meet their emotional needs apart from its normal role.

Give Credible Testimonials

Give credible testimonials to gain the user’s trust and confidence. One way of achieving this is to provide testimonials from real people. Use testimonials from people who are most relevant to your target audience and not celebrities or experts. A good testimonial is accompanied by a picture of a real person as this makes it even more credible.

Include Contacts

If you are running a legit business then you have all the reasons to display all your contacts on your landing page. These may include your phone number, physical address, email address, and a contact form. These are some contact methods used by most persuasive landing pages. Others will even have popups where a customer service representative asks if they can be of help.

Provide Assurance

A good landing page has nothing to hide if the products and services are legit that is why you have to provide evidence that you are a real company and not some scum. Apart from providing your contacts, you can also give your office location where they can meet you face to face. You can mention a building where your office is located. By so doing you will strengthen trust and eliminate any doubt.

Choose A Relevant Theme

The style and the design of your landing should be relevant to what you are offering. Ensure that the landing page looks and feels professional. This also shows that you are an expert at what you are doing and will give the visitor all the reason to pay attention. The theme of your landing page should marry what you are offering. The graphic design should also complement your product. These include the color, texture, and quality of the page.

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A landing page will either welcome or chase away your visitors. These are some of the best landing pages 2018 tips to help you increase your conversion rate. The good thing is that there is no Holy Grail in formulating a landing page. Anything can work provided you put your customers’ needs first. Make all the effort to ensure that no matter where a visitor is on the site, they have the opportunity to speak with a real person if they’d like. This will make them trust you and will not shy away. Conversion is important to any type of business as it translates to purchases and eventually income. Therefore your landing page should have all the essential elements to capture the visitor’s attention. To get some of the high converting landing page examples, read other reviews on high conversion rate element.

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