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3 websites to check if the website is down or not

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Due to social media, there are traffic spikes that bring problems to the function of your website and affect the loading speeds. Sometimes, it may be the device you are using. At other times, it may be an issue with the social media site. Users normally move to a different social media tool to check if a website is down. You will find most users moving from Twitter to ask whether others are having a problem with facebook. Queries include “Are you having a problem using Facebook?” However, you do not need to go through the fuss of migrating to find out if massive traffic is the reason why there is low loading speed. To check if website downtime is not an issue with a phone, you can visit sites that specialize with these queries. You will get answers immediately and this is because this is their area of specialty. Here are the three main sites that will give you some peace of mind.

List of sites that help you check for website downtime

You may not know how to check if a website is down. You need not worry; this list will give you some peace of mind if you are experiencing slow loading speeds. Essentially, these sites are great as they specialize in this specific service with no additional services. Therefore, you will get your answers immediately.

1. Down For Everyone or Just Me

This is a text-based website that gives you information on whether your website is down or not. Therefore, if you want to check if website downtime is caused by your device or the website, you follow this procedure.
First, you enter the domain name in a text box provided. Next, you click the hyperlink “or just me” tab. You will then wait and the site will provide an answer to the query in a totally
easy-to-use format. It is not known where the funding for this website that answers questions when you want to check to see if your website is down for free. However, the reviewers assume that it comes from advertising. You will always see a small advertisement next to the textbox which is rather hard to notice. In addition, as you check if a website is down using the site, you will notice that it takes minimal screen space and does your work effectively.

2. DownRightNow

Nowadays, Down Right Now enlists user-submitted reports which act as a catalyst to get information from top-rated sites. Therefore, as you check if a website is down, you get a very effective report from a crowd-sourced website. The only shortcoming for this site is that it does not have the option to check if your own website is down. The specialty for Down Right Now is when you want to check top-rated social media tool.
Down Right Now also include the status history of service using a graph of its server being uptime or downtime for every hour of the day. The site also provides some good information on service provided regarding the last time a certain website was down and does so in a similar manner when the services are good. With these records, you get a picture of when the website is normally down. This way, you do not have to check if a website is down if you have records of when a website is normally okay and when it is down. It is a great site if you want to check if website downtime for top-rated social media platforms is down or it is your device that has a problem.

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3. Is it down right now

Is it down right now is another service that has exemplary service if you want to check to see if the website is down. It showcases its effectiveness by providing a screenshot in August of 2012 when Aweber’s service was down for three hours. This is proof of how effective their services actually are. On the homepage, you get to see a list of top-rated websites showing their status. Therefore, if you are checking
for a top-rated website, you do not need to type anything as is the case for “Down for Everyone or Just Me”. You will get the information on the home screen.
The main advantage for this site is that you can check to see if your own website is down. It provides you with valuable information that includes response time (how quickly your server does respond to the query), the last time when it was down, and a graph that shows daily response times.
As such, if you want to know how to check if a website is down, these are the three go-to websites that provide the most effective information.


To surmise the discussion, the article has given a list of three sites that can give you information when a website is down. It is important to note that social media sites do have some downtime from time to time due to a traffic spike. Therefore, you do not need to go through the problem of calling friends or migrating to other social media platforms. All you need to do is visit one of these sites and you will get an immediate report. If you do want to check your own websites, “Is it Down Right Now” is the one to use as the other two cannot provide information on personal websites.

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