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5 Free Online CSS Sprite Generator

5 free online css

CSS sprite generator provides you with the tools you need to speed up your website loading speeds. You are aware that if you have better loading speeds, your visitors will have a better user experience. Therefore, you use a free online CSS sprite generator to get these tools. The tools are great for you if you are not familiar with the coding needed to speed up your website loading speed. Visit these sites and get the tools you require. This article will consider 5 of the best site to get your CSS generator. Getting the CSS sprite generator tool ensures that your website images are linked into one image which then leads to fewer HTTP requests leading to faster loading speeds for your website. Here are some free online CSS sprite generator sites to help you manage this task.

The advantage of using CSS sprite generator tool

Essentially, the CSS sprite generator involves multiple images that are linked into a single image to through CSS background positioning. When this happens, you have fewer images, which lead to fewer HTTP requests helping you improve the loading speed for your website. Here are the Sites that you can use to get CSS sprite generator.

1. Website performance CSS sprite generator

This is ranked the best among all offline as well as online CSS sprite generator tool. Essentially it helps you resize images, ignore duplicate images, upload images, and output images option among other tasks. You are able to compress images, merge images, add gzip, optimize images as well as compress HTML. It makes you of CSS and JavaScript for these tasks. By using this tool, you can expect to improve the uploading speeds for your website effectively.

2. Drupal CSS Sprites Generator Module

Drupal CSS Sprites Generator Module multipurpose tool used by web designers is known as The functions offered by this CSS sprites generator module helps you manage image optimization, image compression, compressor merge JS, and Compressor merge CSS.

Through compression, you get to increase the upload speed for your website as you are changing multiple images into a single image. By using this tool, you can expect to improve the uploading speeds for your website effectively.

3. CSS Sprite Generator

This is a basic but highly effective free Online CSS sprite generator tool. This tool helps in the creation of simple CSS sprites images.

You can also upload multiple files as well as generate a single sprite from them. You will also get the CSS code that helps you in background-position value for every image found in the sprite using this tool.


4. Project Fondue CSS Sprite Generator

Using Project Fondue CSS Sprite Generator this CSS generator, you are able to ignore duplicate images with ease. In addition, you can resize source images from your site, define vertical and horizontal offset. You can also assign CSS class prefixes, define transparency and background color among other tasks.

This manipulation of images helps a great deal in improving the upload speeds for your website. Therefore, by using this tool, you can expect to improve the uploading speeds for your website effectively.

5. SpriteME: One click CSS Sprite Generator

Once you use SpriteMe, Multiple images are automatically grouped up into one sprite. As such, you get one-click sprite creation via and this new sprite is reinserted into your site for testing. By creating one sprite, you are eliminating the many images which mean that your website will not have many HTTP requests and this will result in better loading speeds for your website using this tool.

Other CSS sprite generator sites include InstantSprite, SpritePad, and Visit these or the above sites to get more information about how to use the tools.


To surmise, as mentioned earlier, faster loading speeds leads to the better user experience for your website. If you use your website for business, you will get more revenue if visitors visit your website for longer. Therefore, by using the above free online CSS sprite generator, you are assured of this. Also, as mentioned in the article, fewer images mean fewer HTTP requests and this is what leads to better loading speeds for your website.

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