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7 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name for Your Blog

7 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name for Your Blog NamanModi

Your domain name is crucial for searching purposes. Besides directing your visitors where to find you or your content, the domain for WordPress also affects your search visibility. There are numerous options to come up with a domain name, but you should also adhere to certain facts to achieve the optimal results. To get the best domain name for your business, consider these 7 tips.

1. Begin with keywords

Generate a few ideas before logging into your favorite domain registrar. It is helpful to have three or five keywords in mind. The words should have a clear definition of what you do juggle them up to see what looks right and whether it makes sense. However, don’t force it, just let it flow. Use prefixes and suffixes to help you to create a good domain that attracts viewer attention.



2. Make it stand out

Unique WordPress domain names should allow you to build a brand around while generic names sound confusing and are easily forgotten. Therefore, try to find a domain name that your visitors can identify with. Your domain for WordPress is part of your brand, therefore, making it unique is very important for you and your viewers. The reason is that a domain name that resembles another popular brand is a bad idea as this will confuse your users. Don’t be too unique to force an alternative spelling of a common word as this will create problems. Avoid trendy names, although they are tempting because the risk of them backfiring is high when the trend fades away. Also, don’t use slang, jargon or trendy words of the moment.

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3.Settle for a .com

The internet has been around for 20-plus years, and .com still holds on strong. It is the most recognized and accepted TLD. Nothing is better than a .com if you are serious about building a long-term brand online. The 301-redirect used to drive traffic to a .net or .org is okay, but .com or the equivalent TLD for your target market country is important. This matters a lot, especially to your users. There are thousands of TLDs to choose from, but .com is trustworthy because most users are unaware of other TLDs and will be reluctant to click when they see one. A .com is a sure way to lure your visitors.

4.Make it simple

Length matters because of processing fluency. The fewer the characters the domain has, the easier it is to type, share, and say. If you find it hard to type your URL, what about your visitors? If your WordPress domain name is not simple, people will easily forget it or may even confuse it with another rival website. The last thing you need is to promote your competitor. Don’t use numbers where in most cases visitors forget or confuse it with another website. Avoid hyphens and acronyms that don’t tell your users much about your business. Your visitors should have an idea of what you are all about from your simple word. Your users will have a hard time trying to type long, hard to spell URL strings that are frustrating. You may have a catchy long URL, but if it affects the end user negatively, I suggest you drop it.

5. Make it short

Internet experts suggest that using one or two words is easy to pronounce and memorize. Fewer characters are better. The average number of characters of the top 50,000 websites is 9, with being a good example. More than 9 characters will make the domain name unattractive. Shorter URLs are easier to type and remember. It also means that there will be more space for extra URL to show up in the SERPs. Also, they look better in other offline media and business cards.


6. Make it memorable

If you want to help your brand spread faster, the domain name should be easy to remember since word-of-mouth is the best way of marketing. It is pointless to have a great website if no one can remember your domain for WordPress.



7.Make it brandable

When you mention your URL, what comes to your users’ mind? If they can’t click immediately what you are all about, you have a problem. Although sites such as Amazon, Google, and Trulia sound cool, more marketing and branding goes into making them successful. Domains such as,, and all let you know what they are all about. The name should sound like the brand. Hyphens and number are a problem since they don’t sound like a brand but rather generic or strange.

Other important tips

• Don’t register your domain name with anybody because hundreds of sites are available to register with. Research first on what works for your website.
• Don’t give up when your best domain name is already taken. Many people will buy WordPress domain names, and so, hang around to see if they can sell it at a higher price. Capitalize on this, but remember to look up the domain name to see if it is listed on any site. If it is not, contact the owner to find out if it is on sale.

Final remarks

Keep in mind that it is not all about what you want but what is good for your perspective. Research and understand what your visitors like. Just because a find a name good, it doesn’t necessarily mean your visitor find it appealing. Don’t be afraid to ask for an opinion from people who surround your venture because they may just come up with a great domain name. If you have a small website, seek advice from friends or family members. If you are well established, seek services from consultancy firms on the best domain name. Check to see if the domain name is a trademark to avoid violating someone’s trademark. Don’t take chances because you may have to pay hefty fines for these violations or you may end up giving away a brand that you have built for a while.

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