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A Beginner’s guide on How to find your WordPress Login URL

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Most WordPress beginners have a hard time getting to the login page due to lack of skill. Fundamentally, it comes about due to the lack of a URL to your site to get to your login page. You do need to work as an administrator to your WordPress account. Therefore, without this page, you cannot create new posts, add plugins, add new web pages, or change design among other tasks. This means that you do not have the admin capabilities required for you to perform these tasks which can be frustrating. A typical WordPress account created using a good web hosting service requires you to add in /login/ and /admin/ at the end of your WordPress URL to link you to the WordPress login page. A good illustration would be or Using these links, you should be redirected to your WordPress login page. However, if you still have a problem getting to this page, it is advisable to follow the guide below and get the capability to be an administrator of your account.

Various ways to get your WordPress login URL

There scenarios where the addition of /login/ and /admin/ may not work as a WordPress beginner. In these cases, you can use the following methods to find your WordPress login page or URL.

  • If you have installed WordPress using a subsidiary directory such as /WordPress/ try and follow these two links or when you use these links, you will be redirected to the WordPress admin section of your WordPress site that is found in the wp-admin folder
  • You can also directly access the admin page by using the following URLs. or
  • However, the above URL only works if you were previously logged in to your account. Your session still has to be live. If this is the case, the link will take you straight to the dashboard of your WordPress account. If not, you do not need to worry; you will be redirected to the login page.

Quick video review on How to login to WordPress Admin Dashboard


Tricks used to remember your WordPress login page for your account

If you find it hard to remember your WordPress login URL, it is recommended that you bookmark the page to your browser. Conversely, you can try and add the WordPress login URL onto your website sidebar, footer, or within the menu. Follow these two steps to do so.

  • In the first step, log in to your WordPress account and click and “Appearance” then “Menus”. Next, you need to find the link tab and click on it to expand it so as to include your WordPress login link as well as text. Once done, click on “Add to Menu button” and add the link to your menu. Do not forget to save the changes once you are done by clicking the “Save Menu” button.
  • Option 2 entails using a default widget know as Meta. The widget helps to add the link to the login page linking your site’s RSS feeds and also adds a link to the website.
  • To make this possible, go to “Appearance” followed by “Widgets” and proceed to drag the Meta widget to your WordPress website sidebar or any widget ready area you may have in your account. Use the Menu widget if you do not want to use the Meta widget.
  • Finish by adding your WordPress login link to the sidebar, footer, or any widget area available on your site.

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Using Remember me to help bypass login on WordPress

Before you login into your WordPress account, check the “remember me” box before login in. When you do so, you will bypass any login that asks for your details in subsequent logins in the future. There is an “Always remember me” plugin available if you keep forgetting to check the “remember me” box.

Multiple users

In case your account is accessed by multiple users, remember to add the WordPress login on the sidebar of your site. You can use the Sidebar login plugin which adds the custom WordPress log form on to the sidebar of your account. Using these plugins will be of assistance when the above options fail to work.

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In conclusion, it is normal for a WordPress beginner to forget their password or how to get their WordPress URL easily. Using the above steps, you will have multiple ways that you can manage to get to your dashboard. As mentioned, you are the admin of your account, without the ability to log in; you will not be able to make the changes required for your WordPress blog. As such, use these steps to ensure you are well on your way to moving from a beginner to a pro in WordPress.

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