Beaver Builder Review: Why Should I Use It?

As a leading platform, WordPress is a sure darling for many users. Rookies, experts, bloggers, web developers, and designers all agree that WordPress is here for good and betterment. However, you don’t need to sweat blood when building pages for your WordPress websites. In this review, I will shed more light on one of the best tools for building pages— Beaver page builder. I welcome you on board to learn more about this tool.

What is Beaver Page Builder?

This Beaver Page Builder is an intuitive drag-and-drop plugin for building WordPress pages. The tool helps you build your pages faster and more efficiently. Besides, it is a complete framework that also doubles as an engine. It is easy to customize and use due to its friendly interface.



Features of Beaver Builder

Here are the salient features of this WordPress page builder:


This WordPress page builder comes with many pre-built templates. These templates help you to save time as well as learn quickly how the page builder works. Moreover, it helps you to save your own designs in the form of templates and reuse them on different websites.


Column-Based Layouts

Since the builder comes with column-based layouts, you can use them to regulate width, sections, and all the other dimensions of your web pages.


Backward Compatibility

The Beaver Builder also features backward compatibility with WordPress. This feature allows you to toggle between themes with no fear of losing your content since it remains intact even after disabling the plugin.


Code Standard

Its code is flawless and clean. It is also compatible with WordPress’ latest version and any browser you may be using.

The Pros

Here are the pros that make this page builder a favorite among users.

Avoids the Messy Shortcode Trap

Many page builders leave behind shortcodes that litter throughout your content after disabling the plugin. When in such messes, you will either continue using the plugin indefinitely or clean every shortcode. However, when using this tool, it does not leave any trace after disabling it.

It Comes SEO-Ready

On a densely populated Internet, visibility is no longer optional but a matter of life against death as far as your online survival is concerned. With this WordPress page builder, you have a tool that comes ready to help you in boosting your SEO ranking so that your visitors can locate you easily. The tools utilize the best SEO standards such as code compression and to ensure that your audience can find your pages easily on the Net.

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Another advantage of Beaver Builder is that it comes ready to help you translate your pages. This feature makes it easy to reach audiences from different parts of the world.

Unleash Your Creativity with Beaver Builder

It is 100% Responsive

What is the point in you creating a web page that your visitors will have difficulty accessing on their mobile devices? With page builder beaver plugin, you can be sure that you will catch up with more than 65 percent of your target audience anywhere since most of them access the Net using mobile devices.

Fun and Ease of Use

If you learned marketing, you can remember that ease of use is one of the hallmarks of a good and qualitative product. When it comes to this parameter, page builder beaver plugin meets this requirement perfectly. The reason is that it is easy to install, learn, and use. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it fun and easy for learners to handle it. It also allows you to see every change you are making the way your audiences will see it on the Net.


Fast and Lightweight

Additionally, the tool has a clean and straightforward code that facilitates immediate execution. It is so light that you can add rows, columns, testimonials, galleries, and videos by simply dragging and dropping them.

Fully Customizable

With this beaver website builder, you have a tool that will allow you to enjoy customization. The builder comes with a theme that is easy to customize. As long as you have installed the beaver website builder, you just need to activate it alongside its theme, add your contents, and then publish. Moreover, it works compatibly with many WordPress themes.

Why Beaver Builder is Your Best Choice

Friendly Pricing

This plugin may cost more initially but the developer has priced it in three different categories so that different users can get what they can afford at their level. You can choose from the Standard plan that goes for $99, the Pro plan that costs $199, and the Agency plan that costs $399.


To protect your hard-earned cash, the developer insulates you with a one-month money-back guarantee if you feel dissatisfied with your purchase.

Renewals Discounts

If you love discounts, then you can be sure that all your renewal days will be all smiles since the company offers a 40% discount on every renewal. Additionally, you don’t need a Beaver Builder coupon to enjoy the discount since the renewal is enough.

Checkout quick video review on BeaverBuilder

Our Verdict

With all the facts set before your eyes, it is evident that a beaver page builder is a tool for this hour. With all the rich features and benefits we have looked at, you have a tool to help you build your WordPress pages effortlessly and professionally.

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