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32 Best Mobile App Ideas for the Startups in 2020!

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Mobile app development has grown to be a multi-billion industry, thanks to its high potential and revenue generation. Many developers are pursuing this sector because it has endless possibilities. All it takes are exceptional and unique app ideas to get started. Before making any drastic moves, ask yourself these questions: What does the app offer? Will it solve a problem? Will, it hit the market?

Having a great app idea isn’t as easy as it sounds. It is the hardest part of mobile app development. Your project’s success depends entirely on the app idea. That is why you need to make it count. People are looking for mobile apps that offer solutions. If they get with your app, you are the path to success. An app that solves problems saves time, saves cost, and streamlines daily routine.

Mobile apps have taken the world by storm. All ventures have dedicated apps to attract prospects through mobile gadgets. Since the idea is what makes it great, this article will discuss 32 best app ideas that will help you generate a good income. They are perfect for a software startup.

All in One Social App

All in One Social App_banner

Switching tabs when surfing two or more social media accounts feels the last century. This is an excellent idea for Android devices that combines several social networks in one app. With this app, one can manage major social network accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in one account. This is done without switching tabs.

Song Finder Cool App Ideas

If a new song is released and you like it, you want to know its title so that you can download it. Song Finder allows users to analyze the tune of the song they are hearing, and the app will show the results of the song plus its download link. It’s a great app idea for users to find new songs that you like.

Language Learning App
Language Learning App_banner

Learning a new language is the best way to get exposed to other cultures besides yours. With the Language learning app, users get beginner lessons of different dialects. It’s a beautiful software startup idea for 2020. If you are beginning a language, you will have to start from essential to hard levels. The basic level will cover the alphabet and the necessary letters. The multiple levels will deal with creating a sentence in that language and conversing. Permission to voice is needed for pronunciation.

Location Tracking App
Location Tracking App_banner

Location tracking apps are useful when you want to know where a person is. When you use this app with Bluetooth, it allows you to trace contact; you are in a 3-meter radius in 20 minutes. With the current crisis, you can track infected persons with ease. You can also discover their loved and close friends. This helps to cub the virus and reduce infections.

Symptoms Tracker App
Symptoms Tracker App_banner

With the current state of the pandemic, there should be an app to track symptoms. This software startup needs to answer basic questions and provide a checklist of symptoms that relate to the virus or flu. This app will be of an excellent app for contact tracing since smartphones have GPS history of the person. To find those people who have been in contact with the infected person will be fast, thus cubing the infection.

Task-Scheduling and Motivation App

Task-Scheduling and Motivation App_banner

With a task-scheduling app, users can schedule their tasks with ease. You can plan things like exercising, reading, or chores. Such apps motivate the user by reminding them of what they should do in good time.

Influencer Marketing App
Influencer Marketing App_banner

The power that influencers have on their fans can’t be tamed. That is why many brands approach influencers to market their products. Influencers operate through social media pages and handles. What they say goes. Many ad campaigns fail to reach these celebs due to because brands find it hard to connect with them. An app will have a solution for this. If you can create an app that makes this connection more comfortable, brands would demand it for their campaigns. These apps are called influencer marketing apps.

Security App
Security App_banner

Security is a significant concern for everyone. Crimes of insecurity are happening every day in every society, both in our neighborhood and in cities. Creating an app that will reduce uncertainty will be helpful. Apps that are used for security can help secure not only devices but also premises. We have apps that open and close doors, record and check the footage and those that do facial recognition. We also have apps that secure Internet connection to protect crucial info. These apps are quite expensive to create but have high demand.

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Virtual Study Group App

Virtual Study Group App_banner

You don’t need to be in the same room to revise for an exam if you are a student. If you have virtual study group apps, you can meet up on a common forum and have discus about the coming exam. The software startup comes with helpful features such as study material, tools, and sample questions.

Tourists Helper App

Tourists Helper App_banner

Perfect for travelers who like to visit different places, tourist helper apps can connect them with the natives. This app helps users to discover hidden treasures that are preserved by the natives. Before visiting a place, you can use tourist apps to inquire what that region is known for. This means you will go there prepared and with certain expectations. You won’t need to second guess what the area offers.

Find Flexible Work App

Find Flexible Work App_banner

Gigs are what people look for since permanent jobs are hard to come by. People are always searching for the best platform to find gigs that pay well. If your app idea is based on finding these gigs, you are on the right track. Such an app is useful for college students and other people who are looking for side jobs. Flexible work apps can help solve unemployment problems. At the same time, employers will find the workforce with ease.

Book Recommendation App

Book Recommendation App_banner

Avid readers will love the apps that suggest to them books read. The number of people who love to read books is a drop in the ocean. This lot needs an app that helps them find the right book to read. An app that allows users to find others with everyday reading habits and books is quite helpful for book worms. You can add a feature that will enable users to find second-hand books in such an app.

Trip Planning and Budgeting App

Trip Planning and Budgeting App_banner

Travelers don’t just wake up and go for trips; they plan first. If you fail to plan, your trip will not go smoothly. Many people don’t like planning for trips, and they end up regretting while in the middle. A trip planning and budgeting app would ease things when planning. Such a software startup will help users plan how they should start the trip how it will go and how it will end. People don’t like local guides because most of them are not honest. They will lie about hotel bookings transport costs and currency exchange. If you have an app idea to help people with this, you will be laughing straight to the bank with it.

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Food Donation App

Food Donation App_banner

Among all the web app ideas that I have just mentioned, a food donation app is the best idea of them all. It’s clear that people are increasing by the day on earth, and food is becoming scarce. Wasting food is not an option. The thing which bothers me is the amount of food thrown after an event of even a simple meal. We need to find an app to help us conserve food. Why don’t we develop an app that allows us to donate excess food to those who don’t have? This platform can connect food donors to organizations that distribute the foodstuff. This is a great app idea with a cause.

On-Demand Home-Cooked Food App

On-Demand Home-Cooked Food App_banner

Ordering take outs in fast-food restaurants has become a norm on weekends and special occasions. We hardly a thing about home-cooked meals because it takes time to prepare. Eventually, we are going to miss our home-cooked meals. This has made me think of an app that can help you order for home-cooked meals. If time is an issue when preparing food, this app would be perfect. Forget about junk food and enjoy healthy home-cooked meals by ordering for them.

Virtual Assistant App

Virtual Assistant App_banner

Our daily routine is dependent on mobile apps. We rely on apps to do almost anything for us, including getting answers to questions. Virtual assistant apps help us find answers to these questions since they use AI to answer this mind-boggling queries. This makes these apps efficient and fast.

Shopping Assistant App

Shopping Assistant App_banner

With so many things to do with very few hours in a day, looking for perfect clothes is hard. Many buyers feel that browsing the net or going to malls to buy clothes is a waste of time. It is for this reason that a shopping assist app idea would make perfect sense. The effectiveness of these apps comes from data intelligence, and the user’s buying patterns.

Police Scanner App
Police Scanner App_banner

Being safe means knowing where criminals are and how to notify the police when you see one. Such an app can save lives and protect society from crime. It will contain a database with a list of wanted persons in an area. If there is any crime taking place, users can update them and send alerts to the police. With a few taps, the police will be notified and take action, making the society safe.

AI-enabled Text Extraction

AI-enabled Text Extraction_banner

Brands depend on info based on data patterns to make to grow and succeed. Machine learning data is used to extract useful information about the targeted audience. This is done with the help of NLP. An app with AI capabilities can comb through large amounts of data. This makes it easier to find relevant info such as keywords, sentences, and user behavior. Data that takes days to sort out will only take several hours or even minutes.

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Local Deals App

Local Deals App_banner

Nowadays, many shops and stores are offering various offers and deals to push up their sales. Although they are making fewer profits, they gain from huge sales volume. If you can develop an app that shows local store deals, you’ll help people save money. Users will get all sorts of deals that range from groceries, kitchen appliances to power tools, and clothes.

Mall Navigation Map

Mall Navigation Map_banner

If you have moved to a new town or area, you need to know where the nearest mall is and how to get there. With a mall navigation map app, you will find where the nearest mall is. You will also see other malls that are around and how to navigate through to get there. More massive malls will love this app because it will show users where to find different stores and parking spots. Users will also know when the mall is crowded so that they can come later.

Mental Healthcare App for Employees

Mall Navigation Map_banner

Metal health plays a vital role in productivity. If a person is mentally disturbed, he or she will lose focus on what they are supposed to do. Many people even plunge into depression because I’d mental issues. Fortunately, we have mental health apps that offer tools and simple routines to help manage mental health. What causes mental health issues in workplaces is stress. If you can develop an app that helps to manage stress, it would be a good idea. Such an app can offer training and therapy to conquer life’s issues. An example of such an app is called Unmind, which provides therapy sessions to workers in various workplaces.

Agriculture App for Farmers

Agriculture App for Farmers_banner

We all depend on farm products to stay healthy. This means that farmers are critical as they are the ones supplying us with farm products. With an agriculture app for farmers, you can bridge the gap between farmers, processors, retailers, and consumers. These unique app ideas will also help in keeping and managing animals and plant data so that you can improve productivity. Farmers can track how particular animals and contact experts on how to improve their yield. Such an app would make use of big data, machine learning, and machine vision.

Loaned Money Tracking App

Agriculture App for Farmers_banner

Tracking loaned money is hard if you don’t have the right tech to do so. When friends or colleagues plan a get-away, they need to track contributions and spending. Not everyone can keep their words, and if you don’t follow up, some may default on these loans. A loan tracking app will help such groups to monitor their spending and those who owe them to avoid friction between members.

Automatic Coupon Applier App

ATTACHMENT DETAILS Automatic-Coupon-Applier-App_banner

Users of such an app can pay and apply for coupons or other offers online with the lowest costs. Coupons and promos are elusive, but promo codes and discounts code are easy to find using such an app. The app does this through add-ons and bookmarks that give you codes based on the checkout page you are on.

Business Tips App

Business Tips App_banner

Many people are looking for different ways to make money. The best way to do this is to start a business. If they don’t have the right advice and tips, they may end up making the wrong choices. Having an app that gives tips and advice on how to start different ventures is helpful. This forum will help young investors come up with the right strategies that will make their ventures stable. The app also offers advice on how to protect their ideas and how identity opportunities. You don’t need to look for experts as this app has all you need to start and run a business. Users can make informed choices before starting.

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Subscription Alert App

Subscription Alert App_banner

With so many entertainment apps to subscribe to, your users need apps to keep track of these apps. Users will get alerts to notify them if the subscription is about to expire. Users can also get alerts on billing and whether there are any offers. Apps that allow you to subscribe for services have become accessible, and managing all these apps requires help.

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Communications App

Communications App_banner

If you are running an estate agency, you need a way to look for potential tenants and landlords. That is where the tenant finder comes in handy. With such an app, landlords can easily connect with tenants who are looking for flats to rent and vice versa. Tenants can also find what they are looking for and what they can afford. If there are any issues about the property, tenants can voice their concerns through this app. They can also notify the landlord in advance when they plan to vacate.

Complaint Registering App

Complaint Registering App_banner

Public services can be stressful times when you don’t get what you are looking for in public offices. The problem is that finding the right channel to complain about poor service delivery is not easy. When you get through, they take time to respond. Having a complaint registering app allows users to report directly to the concerned government office. These ensure that their grievances are heard in time and can then wait for a response. Users can voice concerns about repair, garbage collection, noise, and more.

Bike Servicing App

Bike Servicing App_banner

Like any other machine, motorbikes need servicing. Sometimes getting quality bike services can be quite hard. An app that allows you to get quality services from experts will be quite helpful. This app connects bike owners with bike maintenance providers. They provide door-step, pick-up, and drop assistance. Bike owners will get convenient services at their homes.

Augmented Reality App That Helps You Design Your Room

Augmented Reality App That Helps You Design Your Room_banner

Doing interior décor can be tricky if you when you can’t tell whether particular furniture will suit your room or house. With an AR app, you can find out if the choice of paint, furniture, or wall art will be perfect or not. An AR app uses your phone camera and places a 3D model of what you intend to buy. It then places it in the virtual space of your room for you to gauge if it will suit the space. This app can integrate with online shops to make it easier for users to order.

On-Demand Car Wash App

On-Demand Car Wash App_banner

Car wash services are always in demand. Car owners want their cars to look perfect in every way. With an on-demand car wash app, users can get car wash services from the best car wash services in their area. They use the best products and skills to make sure that your car looks good. It’s a perfect app idea for both Android and iOS platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions for Best App Ideas

1. What are good app ideas?

Having a great idea to build an app is not hard. This doesn’t mean you will succeed overnight, even with the right budget and skills. Testing your app to see how it performs will help you know it will perform once it’s deployed. The steps below will help you know if the app idea will work or not.

  • Choosing a reputable mobile app development firm to help you build your app.
  • Have a list of basic features of your app and test them in a group of the target audience.
  • Track how it performs and provides needed updates in your app
  • Talk with your developers about what you expect to achieve with the updates made.
  • Start building your app once you are sure of its success.
  • Deploy the app on platforms of your choice.

2. What are the best ideas of apps that can help to curb coronavirus?

Below are some of the best app ideas to help us reduce the spread of COVID-19 when in lockdown.

  • Symptoms tracker app
  • Telemedicine app
  • Diet and nutrition app
  • Food delivery apps
  • Meditation app
  • Community video call app
  • Location tracking app

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3. How much do you need to develop an app?

Most mobile app development firms charge hourly and will also look into the features that you want your app to have. A simple formula for this would be Estimated Development Hours multiply by the Developer’s Hourly Cost = Total Mobile App Development Cost

4. How can one make money from apps?

The other reason if building an app besides solving problems is to make money. So how does this work? The app development process gives you several ways to make money from your app. You can use one or more ways to earn from your app.

  • Advertisements
  • Subscriptions
  • In-app purchases
  • Transaction fees
  • Referral marketing
  • Collecting and selling data

Final Thoughts 

People create apps for many reasons, but the main one is to enhance performance and delivery. The app will be more useful if it can stand the test of time. If you have a unique app idea, it is more likely to stay in the market for long. We hope that this article was helpful for those aspiring to develop apps.

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