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A quick look at the best crypto exchanges in the market

As an investor trading in Cryptocurrencies has been enticing owing to its success in 2017. You are sure that the same performance will be mirrored in 2018. A good example is when crypto peaked at $19,000 against the dollar. This end of year performance was clear to many investors that this was an opportune way to trade in 2018 as well. However, this is all dependent on the information you have as an investor in various crypto exchanges as well as Cryptocurrencies. For instance, when you trade using Voyager, your options are improved regarding the number of crypto exchanges as well as Cryptocurrencies in the market that you can pick from. Most experts are looking at 2018 as a year when the crypto market will have a great thrust in the second half of the year. But, this will be largely based on your knowledge on cryptocurrency as an investor and updates on its performance daily.

A quick look at the best crypto exchanges in the market
As an investor, you know you need to get the most out of Cryptocurrencies. Therefore, as mentioned above, you need to get well acquainted with cryptocurrency exchange and learn how to gain facilities that help you trade in this currency. Therefore, before we look into the type of crypto exchanges platforms in the market, here is a brief definition of crypto exchanges.

What is cryptocurrency exchange?
Essentially, this is a forum or platform that aids you in buying and selling your chosen cryptocurrency and trade against another cryptocurrency. As such, currencies such as Euro, Pound, Dollar, among others that are considered legal tender are cryptocurrency exchange in this platforms.
Here are a few examples of the best crypto exchanges in the market presently.


When you use Voyager, it is similar to free crypto trading. For instance, you get a sign-up bonus of $25. In addition, you can trade across multiple exchanges and have more crypto assets while trading virtually for free.





When you use Coinbase as an investor, you have the best crypto exchange platform there is around. You will get cheap and fast global payments, get to buy goods and services via an online platform, and get advanced security features. All you need to do is sign up and you are set to begin trading.



Using this crypto exchanges platform, you have a leader in the Blockchain revolution globally. This platform is for the investor in Cryptocurrencies who needs fast trade executions, digital wallets that are dependable, as well as security practices that are leading in the industry.

The driving force behind Bittrex is groundbreaking solutions
that foster Blockchain potential. Therefore, you are working with a brand that believes in new ways to manage goods, services as well as operations globally in cryptocurrency trading.


When you enlist Change, you have a fair, fast, and trusty service. It is fair due to the 0.5% commission charged for your cryptocurrency trading and withdrawal. The speed is based on how fast your coins are traded once you enter the amount and your address. In addition, this cryptocurrency platform is great as it is one of the longest servicing in the crypto market.




This is the best cryptocurrency platform for bitcoin exchange. Therefore, if you are an investor looking for the best bitcoin exchange using professional bitcoin traders, you get impeccable service. Use advanced order types as well as a trading engine that is fast. Therefore, if you are looking for reliability, liquidity, and security in crypto trading of coins, this is the platform for you.




When looking to trade in Ethereum and Bitcoin cryptocurrency, Coinmama is the safest, fastest, and easiest way to do so. With over 1.2Million users in 188 countries since 2013, you have the best option for your crypto coin needs.

You can buy the coins using your credit or debit card. In
addition, you can buy as many coins as you need without any spending limits. Once uploaded, your documents can be reviewed within 1 hour for verification. You also have limitless offers regarding the coins you can trade in this crypto exchanges forum. Therefore, all you need to do is register, finalize your account, and buy your cryptocurrency and wait for trading to sell at a profit. Finally, you do not need to worry about your difficulty in using your account as Coinmama is available 24/7 for your queries and clarification on any issue.


You want to use a platform with major Cryptocurrencies and digital assets as an investor. If this is the case Bitfinex crypto exchange is the best platform for your investing needs. You can invest in Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, NEO, Ripple, EOS, Montero, among others. The order type provided by this crypto exchange forum allows you to leverage on any situation your trade is based by including margin trading. By
staying online on the platform, you have advanced chart tools that help you to view any changes that may occur during trading and take advantage immediately.

With over 300 million cryptocurrencies traded with 24-hour duration, you have the best platform for your crypto exchanges trading.

Payment solutions for cryptocurrencies

As mentioned above, there are various ways that you can use to purchase your chosen cryptocurrency or choose your payment solutions. These solutions include debit and credit cards, wire transfer, PayPal, or cash. Therefore, you need to learn which mode is used by the crypto exchange that you can use to facilitate payment for your cryptocurrency before trading.

Use BestRate as a payment solution to maximize your profit

As an ICO payment solution, BestRate helps you receive payments from your cryptocurrency investment. Its advantages include the following:

  • Over 80 currencies are supported by
  • USD and EUR are supported and fiat is also included
  • No hidden fees
  • No fiat or KYC exchange risks
  • Customizable interface
  • You can integrate BestRate to your own website
  • You get to monitor your transactions in real-time
  • You get to the part

Shapeshift, and Bittrex
Further to this, you want to maximize your profits; therefore, by using BestRate, you have a token tool. Using this token tool, you are able to reward your investors using your tokens. You can send these tokens to Ethereum wallet you use for your website or user-defined wallets. In addition, this token tool will automatically calculate the number of tokens that you can buy using the amount you presently have. Therefore, ensure you use BestRate as your best solution for ICO payments. BestRate provides you with a token tool and payments solutions unavailable to other platforms.


To summarize, it is clear from the discussion that information is necessary to you as the investor. You need to know the various crypto exchanges available to you based on your location. Furthermore, as discussed, you need to know the payment mode accepted for your crypto trading purposes. Find a payment solution that is least expensive for you. Also, based on the discussion, learn how to research on Cryptocurrencies in terms of performance prior to trading as this determines the profit you can get prior to trading. The above discussion has hinted that cryptocurrency is likely to perform well in the second half of 2018. Nonetheless, in the end, your profitability while trading will be solely based on a few things. The information you have on crypto exchanges you use, the information you use when choosing a cryptocurrency, and how well researched you are in the field of digital assets.

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