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Best Event Calendar WordPress Plugins

Best Event Calendar WordPress Plugins NamanModi

Event Calendars

WordPress events registration applications are used to organize both small and large events. It will work for parties, family gathering concerts, and conferences. Different plugins have different functionalities. A simple event calendar plugin is used to inform of a particular event. It will highlight the relevance of the event, the date, and time it will take place, and location of the event. Payment is not required for small events, therefore, I recommend that you go for large events that generate income beforehand and get a reflection of the number of attendees. Calendars are inserted into your WordPress directly on to a post, page or widget area. They are used to display upcoming events on a calendar.

The Event Manager

Event Manager plugin is easy to use and provides a simple interface. It was designed to set details of an event quickly. You can choose to display a page that is automatically created by the plugin or place them elsewhere on the site through shortcuts. This WordPress events calendar plugin is popular and has features like Google Map integration, support for WordPress Multisite and Buddypress, and recurring events.

Widgets are available for events, locations and calendars.

The plugin also allows bookings. Other features include:
• Easy event registration
• Recurring and long event
• Booking management
• Activity streams
• Personal events
•Group events
• Has fine grained control of how every aspect of your events are shown on your website
• Has easily modified pages and templates
• Multiple tickets

The Events Calendar

One outstanding aspect of this events management plugin is that it has an attractive clean style. Custom post types are used to store event information and allow you to add the time and the date of the event, organizer details, location details, the cost of the event, and even the event website.

The tool allows you to organize events using event categories and post tags. Users can view event categories or tag archive pages. You can change the calendar style by selecting “Our Stylesheet” option. It allows more or less themes that are reflected in the calendar.

You can also choose a default view for your users. The plugin is fully responsive and you can view events from desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones. Each WordPress event calendar is responsive and mobile-ready so your users can find events from anywhere.

The plugin can display the description of the event, the location of the event powered by Google maps and other and other important information. It also shows upcoming events in the calendar grid or a stylish replica of a blog index.

This WordPress event registration system has worked on network of about 25 million visitors every month and has handled hundreds of thousands events. It services over 100 companies, major universities, and government institutions.

WordPress event Calendar Pro version price is $65 and has support for Woo-commerce that allows you to sell tickets through your website. There is also an option for recurring events, useful event related widgets and new calendar viewing options. Other features include:

• List view
• Day view
• Cache support
• Has an extensive template tags for customization
• Has multiple stylesheet and a skeleton default for improved integration
• Microformats help you to improve your SEO
• Event taxonomies
• Has widgets on upcoming events list
• Debug mode of developers

Google Calendar Events

This plugin is from ExpressionEngine, and it contains variables from the Google Calendar. If you have Google Calendar then I would recommend this events calendar for you. The plugin retrieves your upcoming events from Google and displays them in widgets, pages, and posts. Events are displayed in a standard calendar grid or list format. Other features are:

• Week and day views
• Faster load times as you navigate through month, week or day
• Customized Calendar heights with scroll bar.
• Prioritized email support with 24-hour response time on weekdays with a dedicated team
• Google Calendar Pro provides color coded display of events with each view

My Calendar

My calendar is an WordPress event registration plugin that allows you to create events and display them in pages, widgets and posts. It allows customization of post type and you can add description, images, and event category. You can also enter the location of the event and display it on a map.

The WordPress event registration plugin allows modification of the templates and calendar styles. You can restrict certain users on areas of My Calendar and integrate WP to Twitter followers.
The WordPress calendar supports individual event calendar within multisite, multiple display by categories, location or author, or a simple list of upcoming events. It is easy to use and flexible for designers and developers. Other features include:

• Monthly, weekly, and daily view
• You can edit CSS styles and Java script behavior
• It allows you to create widgets of today or upcoming events search
• Allows custom templates for events output
• You can monitor and save content on frequently used venues
• You are able to fetch events from remote database.

Also, check out the Modern Event Event Calendar Plugin.

Final Remarks

Event Calendars help you organize yourself for upcoming events. Make sure that the logistics are correct and the information displayed on the calendars is accurate especially when dealing with global events. I hope that this review has expanded your knowledge on WordPress events calendar plugins. As you have read, not all events calendars are equipped with features that suit all your needs. You are welcomed to try them yourself and experience fast-hand the numerous features that accompany these WordPress events registration plugins.

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