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11 Fastest Growing Expertise of Gig Workers

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The times are changing, and people are opting for other forms of making money. They are slowly ditching traditional means. Many people have realized that gig jobs are flexible and self-centered benefits. You won’t get this if you are a full-time worker. Freelance jobs are preferred by many due to the increasing demand.

However, it needs a lot of networking and hard work to land a pricey gig. Freelancers need to produce the best results possible to build their name. This makes it easy for clients to trust them.

Which are the fastest-growing expertise Gig workers company that most freelancers prefer? Which among them workers want to get hired? In this article, we are going to look at the best freelancer sites workers yearn to make a living. Let’s see.

Research is done by freelancers’ accounts like Upwork, and Fiverr shows there is a surge in people opting for freelancing. They do this to earn passive income as Raffles Credit covered. The best deals come from companies that have set high standards.

This makes it easy for a freelancer to get gig jobs. This article is going to tackle seven platforms to help experts land freelancing. Expertise that people yearn for in the world gig economy. Some of the companies include:

CyraCom Languages Services

best freelancer sites - CyraCom

This platform hires freelancers in the field of languages. Online workers interpret the English expressions that they charge at a certain fee. The best thing to do as a newbie or an expert in bidding a gig and you stand a better chance if you have skills. It would be best if you made great connections that will help you in the freelance world. The best thing about Cyracom is that they offer high pay making them so reliable in this field of gigs. When they trust your work, you stand a greater chance of getting constant gig jobs.

So, what makes DesignContest unique?

  • Admins are allowed to add users and manage their accounts
  • Users can check or change PINs
  • There is a video interpreter
  • One can is allowed to check, run, export, and print business intelligence reports in real-time
  • You can add graphs into other documents
  • Access analysis

Haynes Company in Research

best freelancer sites - Haynes

Most freelancers aim for regular gigs. Haynes looks for research on quantity in the field. They offer quantitation and market research. They are reliable, and that’s why most freelancers want to work with them. It’s easy to get gig jobs, and once they notice you have what it takes, they will give you constant workflow. They focus on research, making them one of the most trusted companies when it comes to freelance work. The main reason most gig workers like working with them is that they offer online freelance skills to learn, which is a bonus.

LanguageLine Solutions: They Offer Language Services

best freelancer sites - Language line Solutions

The language barrier is a problem when you want to get info. Most gig workers want to work on this platform since they offer unlimited work. They are among the leading companies when it comes to direct or mobile translation. It is so easy to book a gig with the platform because the terms are good, as long as you are an expert. They are divided into Danish telephone and Cantonese telephone translators.

What makes DesignContest a great platform?

  • Gives out gigs in many dialects
  • It has expert linguists
  • Uses the latest tech
  • The platform is very secure
  • Users can access support at any time
  • Offers smooth user experience
  • Quite scalable

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K12 Education: Offer Teaching Services

best freelancer sites - K12

Freelancers trust K12 site for its large market that focuses on family and consumer science. Most gig workers bid their jobs and get a ready demand. With a growing need for people to opt for this work, competition is high in this teaching field. You have to be social since they will need audio clips. With the fact that it’s demanding, it is set to pay, even more, that’s why they are loved. It has a lot of expertise, that is why it is competitive, and you will get high paying gig jobs.

What is unique in the Design Contest?

  • Offers core academic gigs
  • Offers gigs in many native languages
  • Users have access to universal kindergarten education

Remote Tech Jobs

Remote Tech Jobs is not strictly a freelancing site. Rather, it’s a job board for tech jobs. However, many companies hire people as contractors, which basically means they hire them as full-time freelancers.

On Remote Tech Jobs, you can find 1000s of jobs neatly organized into 39 tech categories. You can also subscribe via email to any category or a combination of categories.

What Makes Remote Tech Jobs Great?

  • Tech jobs in 39 technologies – no need to browse jobs you’re not interested in
  • 1000s of available jobs
  • All job posts 30 days old or newer
  • Great search and subscribe functionality

Razorfish: Offers Services in Marketing

best freelancer sites - Razorfish

Razorfish offers digital marketing gigs and hence very competitive. Most freelancers like them because they provide the best pay and are very regular gigs. It’s very marketable because any online ventures need ads to succeed. This makes it the most popular for most gig workers. They focus on the sale of brands online, and the marketability is diverse.

EXL: Specializes in Business

best freelancer sites - EXL

EXL platform that deals with insurance that offers high-value income. They are found in many areas, and you can access them with ease. This gig economy is still growing, and many people like it more. The best feature in EXL is that they offer lots of cash, making them so reliable and easy to consult with. The insurance platform is rated high, and they give excellent advice. The business platforms are preferred because they are always on demand, making it easy to have many jobs. This platform offers secure and constant gigs, and they are more likely to hire freelance workers.

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What is unique about EXL?

EXL is a great platform for those searching for data-based gigs. It allows users to focus more on the overall outcome of the client’s business. In the end, clients will benefit from better channels of growth, greater delivery, and a seamless supply chain. The business will also comply with regulatory systems with ease.

Edmentum: Education

best freelancer sites - Edmentum

Edmentum deals with virtual education, giving gigs like the teaching of English and Chemistry. Most families that home-school their kids use this type of learning, and hence it is easy to get a job. Due to their high demand, most clients hire freelance workers who offer teaching gigs. The staff acts as online tutors, where they simplify the works given into easy subtopics. This makes it easy to learn from home.

What makes Edmentum great?

Most of their time is spent on talking to tutors, observing teachers and students, and checking feedback. This helps them know what users need and how to improve their services in the learning sector. This also helps their partner find new ways to teach the masses. That is why many seek for its offers.

Hubstaff Talent: Get All Sorts of Freelance Jobs Here

best freelancer sites - Hubstaff

Hubstaff Talent is a great platform that lets you post your profile so that people who need your services may reach you. As you have seen, many of the platforms in this list focus on designers, and most of them have graphic portfolios. On the other hand, Hubstaff Talent offers diverse gig jobs. Here, users can upload their resumes, write up bios, and give links to their works.

What makes Hubstaff Talent unique?

Hubstaff Talent is a free platform, and anyone can use it for marketing his or her remote Talent worldwide. You don’t need to pay anything to access their services. They don’t have middlemen or markups.

CGTrader: Offers 3D content Gigs

best freelancer sites - CGTrader

CGTrader is a great site that offers jobs for remote Talent that focus on 3D modeling jobs. It is one of the biggest names when it comes to providing licensable 3D content. With CGTrader Projects, freelance 3D designers can find clients who are looking for their remote talents and vice versa. Users can find 3D design gigs from across the globe.

Clients come from all manner of sectors such as gaming, retail, 3D printing, and animation. If a client likes your 3D designs, he or she will continue working with that designer. One great feature of this platform is where a designer becomes a CGTrader designer partner. This allows him to work on very high-level Fortune 500 accounts with steady payments.

What is unique about CGTrader

  • CGTrader has a unique Analytics tool for designers
  • They offer a tier system

Mometrix: For Test Preparation

best freelancer sites- Mometrix

Mometrix is a platform that helps users prepare for tests. It offers effective techniques that allow users to revise their notes for the test at hand. With 3,500+ products and over, Mometrix has helped test-takers since 2002. It also publishes study guides for over 20 exam categories. These also include flashcards. The platform allows skilled exam freelance workers to apply for gigs. This helps clients prepare for many test subject areas.

What makes Mometrix stand out?

Apart from all these offers, Mometrix has the largest catalog than any other test resource out there. It offers over 15,000 exam styles. They are always updated with the current exam trends, with over 100 updates done every week. This makes this exam platform unique. Mometrix study resources consist of over 174 million words.

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CrowdSource: Copywriting solutions

best freelancer sites

Many people today use crowd-sourcing in different areas of their online ventures. This includes solving issues, collecting data, making things run smoothly, and much more. It has allowed many businesses to scale up in a short while. It has revolutionized the entire online business sector. Crowdsource offers many services that are beneficial to all sorts of ventures, including:

Copywriting solutions: This type of service is common in blogs, articles, product reviews, buying guides, and other web content.

Moderation: This service impacts different moderations such as image, comment, and video.

Data: This service affects different aspects of data, including content tagging, data cleaning, image tagging, video tagging, and search.

What is unique about Crowdsource?

With Crowd-sourcing, remote workers can search for gigs that clients are looking for. This is not only in one area but all over the world. This is also vital to clients who have their work cut out for them when trying to find skills to work on their projects. Running cost is also reduced since you don’t need to employ an in-house expert. If you have a special one-time project, this is the best way to go.

The Bottom Line

This guide has looked into diverse platforms that most gig workers want to work with. The best thing that happens to a freelance worker is waking up to a text message that they have the skills needed by a client. It’s good to keep on trying to get the best deals, and these platforms are the most go-to in case you have the skills needed. These gig websites offer a constant flow of work and have high standards that make them stand out in the gig sector.

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