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Best Images Optimization Plugins for Your Blog

Best Images Optimization Plugins for Your Blog

In this article, am going to explore different tools and plugins available in the market you can use to compress images to achieve good speed in page loading and at the same time boosting your SEO. We have several plugins and image-compressing tools to help you minimize images while maintaining their quality. I will highlight 10 of the best and at the end of it, all you will be able to make a good choice according to your preference.

WP Smush

First on the list is WS Smush. This tool is an effective picture compressor since its fast and user- friendly nature compress images to up to 32 lbs from bulk to a single image using dedicated servers. WP Smush brings image compression to another level since it is capable to compress JPEG files by stripping metadata and converting GIFs to indexed PNGs. It also strips the colors from used images. What amused me about this tool is its outstanding features where WS Smush can be automated so that all your images are automatically compressed when uploading to the site.

This plugin uses WPMU DEEVs super server, which can smash every single image cutting all unnecessary data without slowing down your site. WP Smush will scan every image you upload or you have already uploaded to your site by cutting all unwanted data scaling it before adding to your library. In addition, it can also compress images stored in folders in any directory. The main reason I would really recommend anyone to try this tool is that its high-quality images is due to its comparability with NextGEN Gallery and WP Retina 2X, enabling it to display the smallest files with clarity.

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EWWW Image optimizer

This plugin is also able to compress images automatically while maintaining its usual quality as you upload them to the site. Previously uploaded images can also be optimized. What makes this plugin stand out is that it can convert images to its smallest size using the file format. It can also selectively reduce quality lose for PNG images.This plugin has no speed limit, which means that there will be no delays and can automatically resize images that you upload or previously uploaded to fit into a given device in any given format.

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CW Image Optimizer

This tool can also minimize quality reduction and automatically compress images as you upload them to your site. It can do the same to previously uploaded images. The plugin is related to WS Smush. Unlike the WPMU DEV that uses Yahoo Inc., your images never leave your server since the CW image optimizer uses the Linux littleutils image-compressing tools.

CW image optimizer does not tamper with the image quality because it uses lossless optimization technique since only the file size changes. CW image optimizer runs on your own server making it super effective since you do not require the service of a third party to process and return your images.

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This free plugin automatically resizes images to their normal size. Imsanity automatically resizes huge images and uploads them to a much reasonable size that can be displayed on the browser. Insanity scales down the image size and replaces the original image.



SEO Friendly Images

SEO-Friendly Images is an online image compressor and that can edit all the images with proper ALT and TITLE attributes that help you boost your SEO. For images that don’t have ALT and TITLE, these plugins can add them according to your set options. Note that it is important to use ALT and TITLE attributes because the ALT attributes describe your images to search engines. TITLE, on the other hand, appears automatically when a user hovers over an image in the tooltip.

Media File Renamer

Media File Renamer enables you to rename your media files. This is done by updating their titles. It can update their links in the post automatically. To improve the SEO of your images, you need to be descriptive by using appropriate keywords. This is important since search engines such as Google attach a lot of emphases to file names.



BJ Lazy Load

This plugin can select images from post images and thumbnails and load them. It can also load Gravatar images and iFrames and replace content with a placeholder. The difference between Lazy Load and BJ Lazy Load is that BJ Lazy Load can be set to enable customization on how the plugin works, for instance, you can choose a placeholder or skipping images with classes.

This tool is suitable for size-optimized images. It serves automatically scaled down images in responsive designs.

Closing Remarks

Images play a significant role in your website’s SEO rankings. However, be careful how you use them so that their big size does not slow down your site. To avoid this, you can use any of the tools we have discusses in this post to reduce their size without reducing their quality.

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