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Today, many business owners trust online for unique marketing strategies such as social media to market their online businesses. Not that I dispute that, of course, there is no greater way to reach numerous people conveniently than online. But you can also market your product offline which requires aggressiveness. This traditional method of marketing has been ignored by many business owners especially the small ones who dismiss it as being old-fashioned.

As a business owner, it is wrong to assume that all your potential clients spend most of their times on smartphone, computers, or tablets. There are few believe that offline marketing is the best marketing method. They are conservatives and believe in personal contacts and a human touch in building relationships. Ignoring this fact means that there is a great chance you are losing potential clients that can lead to sales. Additionally, marketing experts are still debating the effectiveness of social media marketing. That is why they carry out marketing plans that involve both online and offline strategies. Examples of offline marketing are:
• Television Ads
• Radio Ads
• Print media ads
• Flyers
• Business cards
Research has proven that advertising offline help to boost online marketing. This is according to iProspect, which states that offline marketing influences 40% of online purchasers’ buying decisions. The study has interesting stats that will definitely convince you to include offline marketing in your strategy. Many people will admit that they went online to check for a product after seeing an ad on TV.

Television advertisement influences 44% of the consumers to search for a particular online company. Another 41% of people will tell you that they heard of a certain product through word of mouth. Magazines and newspapers advertisements also play a great role in influencing decisions to make online searches making up to 35%. Radio ads influence 23% of the customers to make the search. 13% of the consumers said they made an online search for a particular company after seeing its ads on billboards.

This shows that we need to reevaluate our marketing strategies and put enough efforts into both online marketing and advertising offline. These two methods complement each other and their combination can really boost your business. With all this information, its time to check out a few a few tips to promote your business offline. As I mentioned earlier, offline are aggressive compared to online marketing and requires time and money to be effective.

With that said, here are 6 unique marketing strategies to promote your business offline:

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Create some buzz for your business

Create excitement for people to talk about your product. This helps you to get the word out there of a new product or improved version. Use interesting stories to get this word across to your consumers. The good thing about this is that you don’t have to use a lot of money; just let the consumer talk about your product. This is best done using media sources. Contact your local radio stations or newspapers with your story, but make sure it has your product written all over it. If they find it interesting, they will broadcast or print it. You get free publicity for your business. Some television networks may also find your story interesting.

Use print media to publish ads

Using Newspaper advertisement is a great and effective offline way to gain your consumers’ attention. Don’t only focus on national dailies that are expensive, you can also publish advertisements in high schools and college newspapers. These are low-cost resources for advertising your business. If your business is big enough and you can distribute your product countrywide, don’t be afraid to approach the dailies which command the vast majority of the readership.

Give freebies to entice customers

Giving away promotional products as gifts to the people, you don’t only create interest in the product but also allow your prospects to familiarize themselves with it. This is one of the best marketing strategies which are employed in trade fairs, seminars, and exhibitions. You can also distribute promotional merchandise like bags, pens, water bottles, computer accessories; with your company’s logo is an excellent way to draw the attention of the recipients to your business. Promotional products are crucial for marketing any business, small or big, to win the hearts of consumers.

Create Business Cards

Another offline marketing tactic is the use of business cards. You can create your own business card that contains information about your product, location, and business address that prospects can use to contact you in case they wish to purchase. Don’t just create them, but also distribute them at the slightest opportunity you get. Prospects can also use the details on your card to search for your company online and find more information. Ensure that your business card design leaves a lasting impression on the recipients.

Offer Free Lunch in Trade Fairs

Take advantage of the numerous trade fairs organized locally or nationwide. You can get a booth and offer free lunch to individuals attending the trade fairs. This offline advertising is one of the best marketing strategies, helps many entrepreneurs sell products. You can also invite your prospects or customers to a free lunch, to secure a business deal. Don’t look at the money spent on lunch but rather the opportunity you have presented to seal a good business deal. You will also be introducing your products or services to the clients, which is often a good start to make a long-term relationship with the prospect.

Distribute Flyers, handouts and Coupons

This is one of the cheapest and effective ways to spread the word about your product or service. You only need a desktop to design the flyers and produce copies for distribution. Handouts and coupons are also effective in drawing your consumers’ attention to your business. Distribute copies to a crowded place and the work is done. Like business cards, the flyers should also have details of your business.


It is clear now that offline marketing is equally important as online marketing and can also complement it. Though the cost is on the higher end, you will reap big at the end of it all. As a business owner, it is advisable first to consider the reach of your venture before settling for a marketing strategy. For smaller businesses, offline marketing like business cards or flyers will be effective and cheap since your product is only available locally.

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