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Brand24 Review: Monitor Your Brand On Social Media And Beyond

Brand24 Review Monitor Your Brand On Social Media And Beyond NamanModi

You may have avid followers you are not aware of or there are unsatisfied customers who constantly complain about how bad your product is on social media. The problem is that most businesses believe it is expensive and unnecessary to run a brand monitoring system. In most cases, customer service associates are left to suffer the consequences of a damaged reputation. Thankfully, apps are available to help brands to manage and protect their hard-won reputation before things escalate. Brand24 is a social media monitoring service designed to help online businesses identify people who are interested in their products, services, and companies through the internet. Brand24 plugin can gather mentions in minutes after your product is made available online. Brand24 allows users to react instantly to views left by customers and foster interaction between them through their preferred social media channels. The system has various price plans configured to suit your business needs. It covers different online businesses—large or small. In addition, the system also gives you insight into positive and negative comments received for target keywords.

Projects Setting

The next thing you need to do after creating an account is to add a project. Projects are keywords or a set of keywords entered into a product, brand, or product topic that you want to be monitored. Apart from typing regular keywords, tracking hashtags across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are also possible.
Just type the keyword with the hashtag symbol before the word and save the project. The list of projects will appear on the left panel of the dashboard. After project generation, you can proceed to view your project data by clicking on Summary under the project name.

Data break down

Several links will be seen after expanding a project on the left panel. These links are:
• Summary –It is the bird-eye view of your keyword’s presence on the web. It gives you a list of top influencers and top mentions about the keyword.
• Mentions- It is a detailed check on mentions about your brand or picked a topic on the web. Besides top social media platforms, Brand24 also scans other social outlets accessible to the public.
• Analysis –social media counts and mentions are handled and counted in this section
• Sources – it is a list of web pages and authors who use your specified keywords
• Quotes – It’s a collection of direct quotes from people using your specified keywords
• Comparison – This link enables users to compare two keywords and see which one is more effective


The social media for WordPress does more than just track online businesses. The system is equipped with tools allowing users to see in real-time what is said online about their products or services. With Brand24 users are provided with instant access to mentions of their brand online from individual comments, social networks to influential publishers across the web.
• The plugin allows users to engage quickly with real-time comments made about their products. The user can launch follow-ups on positive mentions from brand advocates or respond fast and cautiously to negative criticism before the story gets out there.
• Companies can address customer’s dissatisfaction directly, interacting with them towards reaching an agreeable solution.
• Dealing with negative comments and addressing them directly, helps in curbing related issues if they appear in the future.


• It ensures that users get notifications within minutes so that an immediate response and solution is realized without delay resulting in increasing fan base and potential customers.
• Brand24 allows the user to discover leads through the system’s listening tool since 80% of customers do research online before purchasing a product. This is done by implementing strategies that promote user’s products and increasing visibility.


Plus plan

• $49 per month
• Kick-start package for individuals and small businesses
• 5 keywords
• 50,000 mentions per month
• Single user

Premium plan

• $99 per month • Handles both brand mentioning and lead generation • 10 keywords • 500,000 monthly mentions • 5 users

Max plan

• $349 per month
• Monitors your brand, your competition, and your industry
• 24 keywords
• 1.25 million mentions per month
• 10 users, I suggest you take time to understand first all the features of every plan before settling for one. You can always start with the lowest-priced plan and work your way up later when the need arises.


End-user satisfaction

It is not only experts who influence the decision to purchase, but also the end user who is the end user. The end user always gives an honest opinion of a given product from experience. Brand24 has a behavior-based CustomerSatisfaction Algorithm that gathers customers’ reviews, comments, and Brand24 reviews across various social media networks.

The data is presented in an easy-to-understand format showing how many people had a great or bad experience with the product. This equips the visitor with information that helps make a wise decision of whether to purchase or not. Brand24 plugin gives you reliable results from data collected from all public sources including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, blogs, message boards, review sites, and others.

Reports and Analysis

The purpose of gathering data is to make sense out of it. The brand monitoring system has made understanding of reports and analysis seamless. You don’t have to go through training to master it. With one click, you can export reports to PDF Microsoft Excel using Brand24. This system allows the user to create infographic presentation to present it to potential clients and advertisers. The ‘Analysis section’ has a more detailed statistics of several metrics such as social media engagement, the number of mentions and keywords and outside the social media reach. Customization frequency and content reports sent to your email are also possible. This is done in the ‘Projects Settings’ by clicking ‘Reports’ tab. You can turn off daily or weekly reports or not get any empty reports. When the social media or mentions reach a certain percentage a feature called ‘Storm alerts’ is triggered. The default’s percentage is 200% for mentions and 500% for social media reach. However, you can set up your own figure.

Quick video review on Brand24 By Brand24

 Final Remarks

Besides monitoring the audience conversation about your product or services, Brand24 helps you to know how popular or unpopular you are in the industry. I hope that this Brand24 review has given you enough insight into the plugin. Feel free to try it out

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