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If you want to make money online, direct advertising plays a significant role. Direct advertisement even pays more than Adsense or other ads. However, finding direct advertisers is hard, and that is why you need assistance from BuySellAds marketplace to get connected. BuySellAds is a marketplace where publishers and advertisers meet. Publishers will list their available inventory for each ad zone and will in return receive requests from interested advertisers. After approval, the advertisements begin to run immediately. By using the BuySellAds plugin, you can avoid more work and wait that is involved in getting ads up and running on your site, as it is with other display networks such as Google’s AdSense or It offers a great level of control over ad placements and creative approval. Once an advertisement is sold, you have the option to accept or reject it. It is advisable that you accept the ads that are relevant to your niche. The ads will start showing the moment you accept the ads and money will be credited to your BuySellAds account. This BuySellAds review outlines the progress made by the service over the years. The network offers several features, which include:
• Monetization tools for publishers
• Display Ads
• RSS feeds ads
• Sponsored content
• Image and text
• Tweets
• Automatic handling of traffic
• Email newsletters
• Background takeovers
• Sponsored posts

The service has a nice concept for bloggers and marketers to find the marketplace for buying advertisements. The direct advertisement is acquired by sending personal advertisement email or by using any third-party advertisement program to sell advertisement. Third-party advertisement programs create a marketplace to buy and sell advertisement.

Getting Ads

Getting approval from BuySellAds account is not easy. Your website has to be of standard quality with a nice design. Missing any of these qualities means rejection. BuySellAds is a middleman for processing ad buying and selling, and so, therefore charge 25% of the transaction. This is fair compared to other ads networks which charge a 30-40% on the transaction. This service does not cost anything, but when an advertiser buys an ad from your site, BuySellAds will take 25% as a commission. This means that if you are setting up your ad at $100/30 days, you will be getting $75 to your account. You have to start with the minimum limit and once you are established you can increase lit by 10%. The network has numerous customers spread all around the globe. That is why they offer affordable prices. BuySellAds advertising plugin keeps a percentage you made from selling ads this is good for you instead of keeping your ad spots empty you can keep making money.

How to Use BuySellAds

Start by visiting the BuySellAds website and sign in for an account. Add your website and proper tags details and submit. Your application usually takes 4-5 days to be replied. After getting the approval message, you can log into the BuySellAds account. Lastly, add a zone, which is the ad slot you are offering.



How to add BuySellAds Code to Your Website

After creating a Zone, click on Action> Install codes. Two different codes are here. The Header code should go into the header of your website. You have to add this code only once. The Zone code is added to the sidebar using your WordPress text-widget. You can always use CSS to style your ad zone. You can access stats for BuySellAds to track your ad spots. It will give you an idea of how well or bad your ads spots are doing and you can play with the placement to increase the CTR, therefore, increasing the price of your ads. Note that ads above the fold perform better than those below it.

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Add Options

BuySellAds advertising plugin offers different options besides the normal banner:
• Placement for Text Ads
• Placement for Tex+images
• RSS ads and Twee ads – which was added recently
• Email newsletter
• Background takeover
• custom The BuySellAds Tweeter ad program is similar to sponsored Tweet programs. Use the image only ads since they keep your blog design neat and clean. The sponsored Tweets program is also recommended since most of the time when the advertiser buys the ads space; he also buys the sponsored tweets.


The WordPress advertising plugin pays you via PayPal and in a month you can make two checkouts. You can invest the funds by buying ads on other sites. Sadly the program does not support affiliate program for publishers and advertisers.



BuySellAds vs. AdSense

AdSense captured the people’s imaginations with its services, rates, and characteristics. AdSense has a great support system that has helped the network to stay on top and dominating the online network scene. On rates and ad types, the two websites measure up against one another well. While BuySellAds offers several ad types that cater to the various audience, its rates are higher than Adsense and that puts them off. On ad types, the two are neck to neck but Adsense stands high despite the fact that BuySellAds advertising plugin offers good quality services to publishers and consumers. AdSense stand supreme in this battle but will it stand the test of time?

Checkout quick video review on BuySellAds

Source: Tim Levy


Overall, it is clear that this network has a place in the hearts of many publishers and advertisers. You can compare this BuySellAds review with others to decide whether it is a tool you need. Customers get a place where they can find the right pick for their needs. The only setback that the network has is the deduction of 25% as transaction fees. Otherwise, the service is worth the shot alone or combined with Adsense.

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