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Camtasia: Best Advanced E-Learning Editing Tool

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If you are looking for studio software to provide you with powerful content in the form of instructional videos, Camtasia software is the package for you. The features provided in the package allow you to create videos that have great graphics, backgrounds, callouts, and clickable links within the video. Therefore, the instructional videos you create are useful and engaging to the end user. However, Camtasia Studio is not free software. After the 30 day free trial period, you have to pay $249 for the full package. If you are a regular user, this is justifiable. However, if you are a beginner, you do not have to worry, there are Camtasia alternative you can get online that have similar features and are free. These alternatives include the following and can help you create similarly quality instructional videos for your clients.

Camtasia Studio Alternatives

If you normally create occasional instructional content and do not plan on paying $249, there are Camtasia studio alternatives available for you. You will get to successfully portray the teacher in you using the following studio software.




This is Camtasia alternative software is open source. The recent update for this software eliminated the bugs that were in the previous version. Using CamStudio, you get to record audio activity on screen on your computer to create powerful AVI video files.

In addition, you can use this software to convert created
videos into streaming for your end users. It may lack some features found in Camtasia. However, it is great for the occasional video producer who creates instructional content. It makes use of the Window Operating System.

Free Trial


This is another excellent Camtasia alternative if you use Windows OS. EzVid’s current version provides you with screen recording capabilities as well as captures ongoing activities on screen. Unfortunately, EzVid does not provide video editing capabilities.

EzVid allows you to capture videos clips and add on to your
timeline. Once added, you can edit from there and there is no need for additional editing software. You also have YouTube upload capabilities when you use this software after capturing screencasts. In addition, for your user’s convenience, various video formats are supported.

Newest features in Camtasia 2018

Expression Encoder

The latest version of this screencast software was created by Microsoft for Windows OS. The Expression Encoder 4 allows you to record a screencast for your activities while capturing the recording on webcam video as well as narration from a microphone. Conversely, you can capture your screen activity first before adding on your voice over by using its feature known as Audio Overlay.
This Camtasia alternative only has one limitation. You can only record ten minutes each time. If you need longer periods you have to upgrade to Expression Encoder Pro.


This is a superior free video creation tool that supports Window and Mac Operating Systems. However, you can only make onscreen records that last 5 minutes. You need to upgrade to Jing Pro version to record for longer periods.

Jing is a great studio tool for recording presentations, demos, and short how-to-do tutorials. It records audio and video simultaneously.



This is a great web-based recording tool. In addition, it offers standalone Windows and Mac software. It also requires Java to make record screencast possible.

It has a few limitations, one, it has a 15 min maximum recording limit. To get longer durations of web screen casts recording you need to upgrade to the pro version.
Secondly, you do not have a customizable screen area selector. The screen areas are predefined for you to choose from.


This Camtasia alternative is a free screening software for the Windows OS user. Just like the above-mentioned software, you can use it to record activities on your desktop screen. It provides audio narration as well as Video capabilities. You can also upload the web using FLV format.

The main advantage is that you can use Webinaria to edit
recordings after selecting the recording area. You also choose the quality of video you need during your edit. The outputs of this software are only in FLV format. For other formats, you need a video converter after recording. Webinaria allows you to input text in the video as well.


Using the above Camtasia Studio alternatives, you have great video making capabilities. You are able to produce high-quality instructional videos occasionally all for free. In addition, if you are not a frequent user of instructional videos, you do not need to cough up the $250 every time you make an instructional video. Essentially, you have the chance to improve your website and sell products online by creating visibility using videos. Considering that most online users prefer videos as opposed to text for instruction, this free alternative video software helps you improve your website ranking. By improving your ranking on search engines, you will get to improve your conversion rates or sales for your online business.

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