Can I Make Money with Bitcoin?

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Being the first of its kind, Bitcoin is a digital and secure currency that is globally accepted. Investors have gained interest in it due to its lucrative interests.

This article will give you several reasons why it is profitable to invest in Bitcoin. Read up to the end for better insightsrigh.

Contrary to most people’s beliefs, Bitcoin is an open venture. This means that anyone wishing to invest in it can do so. What scares many investors is the lack of knowledge on how the Bitcoin system operates but I would like to expand your knowledge.

Bitcoin with a capitalized “B” refers Bitcoin the network. The lowercase “b” is the currency unit.

Why you should invest in Bitcoin

It seems crazy that one bitcoin is equivalent to 9,000 dollars. What makes it so valuable? Its value is due to its scarcity and usefulness. Usually, scarcity produces high prices with a good example being gold because its supply is limited around the world. Every time gold is mined, it becomes less and this increases its value, and the same applies to bitcoin.

Currently, there are only 21 million Bitcoins available worldwide and as time goes it gets harder and harder to mine new ones. What makes it even expensive is its use. Trading bitcoin is sure and predictable monetary investment that can be verified by anyone.

What makes bitcoin interesting is its flexibility in monitoring transaction. You can also find out how many bitcoins are being created. Bitcoins are sent from any part of the world to any other part. With no account closure by banks or broken payments, you can escape failed monitory policies in any State. You can trade bitcoins from any part of the globe using to the Internet, thus making a great impact on the economy.

Understanding its impact will convince you that it’s an investment worth looking into.

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Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin has no set price. Its price is what anyone is willing to offer for it. The price of a single bitcoin is what determines its worth. One can buy any amount that is less than one bitcoin.

The right time to invest

There is no specified time frame to invest in bitcoin. Just like any market, it’s unpredictable. From its creation, bitcoin has greatly increased in price and later dropped to stabilize. This unique currency is transacted globally and cannot be affected any single state financial state.

No global conflict can affect bitcoin. It has no political influence whatsoever.

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Where Do You Buy Bitcoins?

Developing countries may have difficulty transacting bitcoins for their lack of facilities. For developed countries, it’s easy because they have options and liquidity. You can buy bitcoins from Coinbase, the world’s largest bitcoin broker and is available in the US, Singapore, Canada and most parts of Europe.

Coinbase gives an option for its clients to link their bank accounts with their bitcoin wallets, making it easier for payment transfers.

Bitstamp offers a traditional way of bitcoin exchange. With it, you deal directly with other users, and not a company. In this case, liquidity is high and you will have high chances to meet a user to transact with.

Exchanges are not the only way to buy bitcoins since you can purchase them offline using local bitcoins. The website pairs the potential seller and buyer. When you have been introduced and decide to meet, make sure you meet in a public place. If possible bring a friend for transparency purposes.

How Do You Secure Bitcoins?

Anything valuable is prone to theft, scams, and hacks, and hence, securing your bitcoins is necessary and important. Bitcoin wallets serve as accounts for bitcoin users, and they are totally secured and recommended for bitcoin owners.

You can seek services from certified bitcoin security firms.

One such company is Ledger NanoS, which offers security for bitcoin storage devices. Moreover, it is regarded as the most secure wallet. Another company is TRAZOR, which specializes in hardware wallets built to secure bitcoins. The firm generates bitcoin keys offline. Lastly, we have free bitcoin sites.

However, always make sure you are the sole controller of your bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoins are only as secured as the wallets they are stored in. Since bitcoin is Internet-based, it is easy to steal and it can’t be traced or even returned. Once it’s gone, that is it. So, make it your top priority to secure your bitcoin investment.

Inventing in Bitcon Mining ?

Bitcoin mining has in the recent past grown rapidly. It is now done in specific data centers using powerful computer programs. Formerly, it was easily done using your average home computer.

The data centers are warehouses filled with computers

built for mining purposes only. Nowadays, it costs millions of dollars to start a profitable mining operation.

The bitcoin mining industry is no longer profitable for new bitcoin users. If you decide to get a miner, do it at your own risk and don’t expect to get good returns.

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Source: Technical Guruji

Final Remarks

It is clear that Bitcoin is here for the long-run and presents an opportunity for anyone to make money. As an investor, you must first understand what you are getting yourself into. Investing in bitcoin is a complex affair, hence you should carry out detailed research before you decide that it is the perfect investment for you. Seek expert opinion that can give you pointers on how to go about this particular investment. Many scams have come up trying to cash in big and fast and if you are not careful, you might end up being swindled into buying fake bitcoins. Research on the company you want to do bitcoin business with is credible and certified by relevant authorities to carry out bitcoin transactions. This way, you will not lose your hard-earned cash on fraudulent companies that prey on innocent and ignorant investors.


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