Effects of Change in WordPress Theme over SEO Ranking Factors

This post shares with you how current changes in WordPress theme affect your seo ranking factors.For a blogger, changing your WordPress theme is not a unique occurrence, but it is one of the necessary processes every blog will need to go through. For instance, you might have launched your blog using a free theme, and now you need to up your game and go for premium a theme. In such a case, you will need to make the changes in the interest of your fans and audience.

However, the real question here is not whether changing a theme is necessary or not. The question revolves around the up shots those changes will have, and in particular, on your SEO rankings. That is why it is important we establish if such changes do affect SEO rankings, and if they do, to what extent and in what way.

Moreover, you need to understand that WordPress comes with themes that are optimized for SEO. This inherent connection to SEO means that if you change the theme, that change will also affect the SEO provisions that come with the themes. However, if you make the migration to a new theme that has the same capabilities for SEO, you will definitely retain your general SEO ranking. So, the issue here is where you have anchored your SEO basis.


So, what are the effects of such changes on the overall ratings of your SEO? This section will share with you some of the few changes you are likely to experience if you changed a theme that was hosting your blog’s SEO.

Changes in the heading tags

Heading tags are some of the things that will be affected when you change your theme. The size of your heading tags would affect your ranking if you had hyperlinked your posts’ titles. This change is inevitable if you are making a shift to a new theme that is not adequately optimized for SEO. But if the migration takes place between two themes that are optimized
for search engines, you have no reason to bellyache. To keep your site safe, it is better you limit your changes to a few stable themes rather than keep on shifting between themes that will rob you of vital search engine ranking.

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Some of your custom settings will be lost

Changing your theme will also affect all your custom settings. But how do these settings affect your blog’s search engine optimization? Let me demonstrate something here. Some themes are designed to load content and sidebars simultaneously while others do it in turns. If your theme is
configured to load these two components at ago, it will take longer compared to the one that loads one item at a time. The result will be that your website’s SEO ranking will be affected if the speed loading is one of the factors in the SEO equation.

Slower Crawling

Another fact you need to have at your fingertips is that change of theme affects how crawlers crawl your website. Bear in mind that it is these crawlers that gather the necessary data search engines need to rank your site.



As a WordPress user, you will always find valid reasons to change your theme when the need arises. But you need to understand that the changes you make will have effects on your website’s SEO ranking and other related factors. That is why you need to be careful so that when you shift from one theme to another, you ensure that the next theme is fully optimized for SEO ranking.



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