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Choosing the Best Blogging Platform as a Beginner

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You need the best blogging platform to grow your online business. However, there are many platforms available to create your blog. Therefore, you need to do some adequate research to ensure that you find one that is apt for your online business needs. If you are new to blogging, there are factors you need to consider when choosing the right platform. First, you need to consider the running cost of the blog as it has to be within your budget and manageable based on the revenue you get from your online business blog. Secondly, you need a blog that ensures easy setup and not one that requires you to have coding skills to set up. You need to manage to get your blog up and running immediately. Third, you need to consider a blogging platform that offers flexibility for change as your business grows and reflects this growth. This includes increased products and services, as well as increased clients. With this in mind, here are some blogging platforms for you to choose from to help you grow your online business and business revenue.

Here are some blogging platforms to choose from as a beginner in blogging. They include,, Blogger, Tumbler, Wix, and Joomla

1. is one of the most popular blogging software globally. Remember, is not similar to is a blog hosting service. is a software platform that is open source, allowing you to build your blog or website on your own. The advantage is that it is self-hosted, which means you will need to sign up using a WordPress hosting provider.

Advantages of this platform

  • You have the ability to control everything in your website
  • You are in a position to grow your blog by adding features like an online store, forums, and membership options to your site.
  • You have a choice of thousands of free as well as premium. This helps you create outstanding blogs that are unique and provide your visitors with a great user experience.
  • With access to over 45,000 free plugins, you have the choice of adding new features to your WordPress blog.
  • WordPress is also Search Engine friendly The only shortcomings are that you have to manage your own security and backups. In addition, managing a website requires some learning to do.

Cost is a free software platform. However, you need to purchase a domain name with is $14.99 annually. For hosting purposes, you need to pay $7.99 per month. If you want something cheaper, you can go for WPBeginner which gets you started at $2.75 monthly and includes Bluehost as a hosting provider.


This is a blog hosting service that is created by Matt Mullenweg the co-founder. offers a free basic blog hosting service. If you need additional options such as additional storage, custom domain name, and other services, you can make a purchase.




  • No set up is required
  • User-friendly and easy to manage


  • No advertisements are allowed on this hosting service
  • There are limited options if you need to extend your site
  • Your blog can be suspended if you violate the terms of service.


It is free to begin the basic package. However, if you want the personal plan, you can get this for $2.99 monthly. This helps remove the WordPress logo as well as advertising from your site. You also get a custom domain name for your site.

For extra storage and additional design tools, you can pay $8.25 monthly. However, as mentioned earlier, you get more value for your money and more control when you use

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3. Blogger

Acquired by Google in 2003, this is a free blog hosting service. It is easy to create the blog if you are non-tech-savvy.






  • Blogger is free
  • Easy to use as well as manage with little technical skills.
  • Has the reliability and robust secure platform that is Google.


  • You are limited in terms of blogging tools and cannot add any features as your blog grows with more users
  • You are limited in terms of design and any third party templates are low quality
  • There are no new features for this blogging platform and no updates either
  • Google has the right to suspend your account at any time

4. Wix

This is a hosted platform that helps you build your website. By using drag and drop tools, you can build a decent website for your startup business. In addition, you are able to add blogs to your website using Wix.





  • Customize your blog by using the templates as well as 3rd party apps available to you
  • Easy and quick set up
  • No coding skills required, just simply drag and drop tools


  • The free account provides you with many limitations. For instance, you have to allow the Wix brand and advertisements on your site. This can affect your visitor’s user experience.
  • The templates are static once create, you cannot change them.
  • Limited 3rd party applications
  • Limited E-commerce features that are paid


Wix website builder basic package is free. For a custom domain, you pay $4.5 monthly. There are premium plans available at $8.50- $24.50 monthly.

5. Tumblr

This is a blogging platform that stands out from the rest. Tumblr allows you to do microblogging through social networking features that include reblogging, following other blogs and has built-in sharing tools.





  • It is an easy blogging platform to use
  • It has a component that is integrated with social media
  • Using this platform you can microblog short blog videos, images, GIFS, and audio formats


  •  It is limited in its growth features
  • The themes are numerous but additional features are not available It is free to use tumbler. If you need a custom domain for your blog, you can get this from third party purchase.

Other blogging platforms to consider in your research are Medium, Ghost, Squarespace, Joomla, and Weebly. Each of these blogging platforms has some or the above feature to help you in building a website or blog that will grow your online business. In addition, you can also ask other online business people to seek more information before selecting an option that is good for you and will increase your revenue.


In conclusion, from the features listed above for any blogging platform you need to use, WordPress takes the cake for its ability to expand. There are features offered in WordPress such as custom domain that you cannot get from other blogging platforms. Therefore, use the above platforms to create a blog that will be a reflection of your business. You should provide your client with great user experience as you create the blog so that you can increase your online presence and revenue through them. As such, do your research and make a choice from the above blogging platforms to see your business grow in bounds and leaps.

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