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Commission Junction-Best Affiliate Marketplace

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Commission Junction is an affiliate marketing network that offers affiliate marketers thousands of products. If you are looking to get a forum that will give you the best products to promote, this is the platform for you. Also known as CJ Affiliate by Conversant, you get over 1000 products in this forum that will help you make money of your own by just promoting and selling. The CJ platform offers a great solution too to any independent blogger that wants to sell the affiliate products using their own site. The advantage you get when you join Common Junction is that you do not need any exclusive training learning how to use the affiliate marketing network. You can get your free account by simply signing up and joining the platform for thousands of affiliate programs you can promote via your blog or on the CJ site. Next, you need to complete your profile so as to view the affiliate programs available.

Completing your profile

First, you need to complete your affiliate marketing application to CJ by completing your profile. This helps you get the approval you need from Commission Junction. Expect quick approval as the network requires more affiliate marketers to take up promoting and selling their products.

Once approved, you can begin going through the affiliate marketing programs available by browsing the general categories or using Advertiser list to search for a specific affiliate program. The network makes payment through check or through direct bank deposit.


If you are new to Commission Junction, you may want to begin by signing up as a HostGator affiliate. It is a good start as it is easy to sell this product. The best thing about CJ is that you can freely select the product you wish to sell based on a specific niche.

Niche-based products

This is a good thing if you normally run a niche blog as you can select add a niche based product to your blog. By making a sale, you get to earn a huge commission.

If you are in Commission Junction, you can apply to Godaddy affiliate program, BlueHost, HostGator, netfirms among others. You will get to earn much commission by promoting such affiliate programs in the marketplace.

Another advantage of signing up to CJ is the fact that the pay per scale is high when compared to the affiliate via direct product site.

Review post

When you choose a product at CJ, you can link it to your blog by offering a killer review. The review helps to introduce the product to your visitors in the blog. In addition, you get to educate your readers about why they need the product.

  • Remember to be honest in your review and give the pros
    and cons of the affiliate product.
  • Add images of the product and give all useful information about the product
  • Write using a personal tone similar to one who has actually used the product
  • Review a product that you have used and found useful

Blog post promotion

Another way to market CJ affiliate products is to use CJ affiliate links in your blog post. Make recommendations for the affiliate link in your blog articles as this helps improve promoting the products.

How-to articles

DIY articles are a good way to promote an affiliate product. If you have a technical product that needs instructions for use, write up a tutorial guide on the product. These “How to” articles are a great way to improve your performance on search engine rankings. That way, you earn your income through Commission junction and also improve how well your blog is ranked by search engines.

Use featured posts

If it is a coupon code post or a review post, you can always set as your home page to allow for more views on the said post. You do this by going to “edit post” in your blog and selecting “visibility”. Under Visibility, ensure you mark “stick this post to the front page”. This improves your readership and will be a great way to ensure the affiliate product that you select from CJ will be promoted and you get your commission.

Essentially, using a blog is the best way to promote the products you choose on Commission junction as an affiliate marketing enthusiasts. You are not just marketing the products and getting your commissions, you are actually providing information to the readers on your blog.

This makes you a type of specialist on the product and you will find a reader of your blog asking you to hint more information on a product they want to buy. Therefore, Commission Junction makes you not just a guru in the marketplace but a great blogger. Choose a niche product and go full throttle promoting the product as you increase your commissions.

Check out video review on Commission Junction

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In conclusion, it is clear from the article that Commission Junction helps you create revenue that is much needed for any online worker. It provides a platform that is above the rest for you to learn more about marketing. In addition, as a blogger, it makes you an enthusiast of the products as you have to inform your readers more about the product you need to sell; therefore, also making you a sincere salesperson. Use CJ by Conversant today to start that journey in being a professional affiliate marketing guru based on the products you sell.

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