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How to create a job searching website in WordPress

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Having a job website is a very lucrative business due to the large number of unemployed people we have in the world. If you want to create a job website with WordPress, in this article we show you how. It is very simple.

We used this method to build the popular FRSC recruitment portal. Interestingly, you can make many types of pages with WordPress. One of the most outstanding features of WordPress CMS is its versatility to generate many different types of websites.

Jobs and employment websites have huge web traffic. This is due to a serious lack of employment opportunities we are experiencing today. There are many unemployed people who find a reef of hope on the recruitment job site to find their desired job. As we have mentioned in the header, today we will teach you how to create a job website with WordPress.

In this guide, we will not need any additional PHP, HTML or CSS code, we will use a WordPress plugin (as almost always) to create a job website from where you will publish the offers.

The WP Job Manager plugin

The first thing you have to do is install and activate the WP Job Manager plugin. WP Job Manager is designed to work with any WordPress template and fits perfectly with the design you have preset.

After activating the plugin it is necessary to configure some pages for the different sections of your job website with WordPress. This may seem difficult, it is not so difficult. Refer to this easy information blog to get it done in no time. Simply, all you need to do is create a new page and paste the appropriate shortcodes to perform a specific function on that page.

Let’s get started…

The first page we are going to create will be that of the jobs. Create a new page and enter the word Jobs in the title. In the content of the page, simply paste this shortcode: [jobs]

This shortcode will show job offers on your job website with WordPress.This is how your page will look once you have inserted a couple of job offers.

Then we need to create another page and give it the title of Job Dashboard. In the content of the page, enter only the shortcode [job dashboard]

This page will show the job offers published by a user on your WordPress. The user can see the jobs he has submitted, in the dashboard.


The last page we are going to create is the job submission page. To do this, create a new page with the title “Submit Jobs” and enter this shortcode [submit_job_form] in the contents section.

This page will show a form to post job offers, logically. If a user is not logged in and accesses that page, he will immediately skip a notice telling him that he must register to post offers. If, on the contrary, the user has logged in, he can post job offers through the form on the page.

Adding new jobs

Registered users can send offers directly from the “post job offer” page. But as administrators, you can directly add jobs from the WordPress dashboard itself.

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To do this, go to Job Listing >> Add New and provide a title, a description and the type of work for the job offer you are going to add. By default the plugin comes with five types of default work: Freelance, Full Time, Internship, Part-Time or Temporally. Anyway, you can add your own types of work and even eliminate existing ones.

After entering the title, description and having chosen the type of work, we have to scroll down to fully complete the job offer in a section called Job Data. Here we can give more information about the offer such as location, email, URL, information about the company and the logo, the expiration date of the offer, etc.

After filling the job bank with data, you can preview the job by clicking on the preview button. Add more details if you need them, or simply click the Publish button to publish the job ad.

To manage existing job offers, you have to go to Job Listing >> To Job Listing. There you will see all the job offers published on your job board. You can click on the pencil icon to edit an offer, check the candidates who have signed up for an offer, as well as delete existing job offers.

Advanced plugin settings

To configure advanced options in your job board, you have to go to Job Listings >> Settings. In the Job Listings tab, you can choose the number of job offers you want to show on each page, by default it is 10. You can check the Expired Listings box if you want to hide the expired offers from the board.


If you check these options you will realize that you can create categories for job offers, define options for sending offers and many more options. We hope you liked the article and know how to create a job website with WordPress. As you have seen, it is very simple. Let me know if you have any challenges in the comments section below.

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