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Creating a Perfect WordPress Website 15 Approaches Elucidated

Creating a Perfect WordPress Site

If you want to learn how to create a perfect WordPress website, read this article WordPress is the undisputed leader in the world of content management systems for websites.The platform provides bloggers with a secure and reliable home to host their sites and launch their careers. It also offers you a perfect website-creation podium if you know how to go the process.

The aim of this post is to give you a step-by-step guidance that will help you to create and host an excellent website that will enable you to stamp your online presence and authority. These 15 steps and approaches will guide you through the process.


Get an identity

Websites are invalid without clear and distinct identity. You need to determine what your name should be, and if you want it to be a .com, .net, .if or whatever you prefer. You need to select a name that is unique to you and one that is easy for your visitors to master and relate to.

Get an online home for your website

The next stage you need to take care of is getting a secure home where you will host your new WordPress website. You need to get a host that will treat you as a valuable guest. Just as courtesy demands of all hosts, your host should always be there to support you, offer you friendly
rates, be reliable, and secure. Make sure the hosting company supports WordPress because some of them don’t.

Configure your Nameservers link

After securing your domain and hosting, it is time for you to link your domain to the nameservers of your hosting company. You will enter your nameservers in the domain’s control panel under the “change nameservers” section. After getting through with this stage, you will have to wait for 24 hours for your new domain to begin working.

Uploading your WordPress link

The fourth stage will require you to download and unzip the current version of WordPress and uploading it to your hosting account. You will need to install a FTP software that will help you use it (FTP) to upload your WordPress and connect to your server. You will upload WordPress using either your domain name or a public HTML file option.
Moreover, you also have the option of directly uploading your website as the root domain or installing WordPress in a subfolder.

Build a database link

At this stage, you will also need to build a database where you will store all your WordPress data, posts, comments, and graphics. You will do this creation using the control panel of your host. You also need to create a database username and password.



Build a MySQL database

After setting up your database, its user name, and password, use the FTP client to do the editing of the wp-config-sample.php file. You will need to rename the file to wp-config.php after which you can use a text editor to open the file.



Install a WordPress link

To install a WordPress link, you have to provide some vital info that will help you in the creation of your account and the installation process. After completing this simple process, you will now access your administrator’s panel on your new domain.


Choosing a theme link

The themes lay the basis upon which you can build all your other design work. Depending on your preferences and ability, you can elect to go for more other free themes or paid ones.



Configuring the basics link

After your successful installation of WordPress and selection of some themes, you now need to configure those themes so they can enhance the outlook of your new site.



Configuring your permalinks

You’ve got to do this configuring to make your links more appealing to users and friendly to users and search engines.



Change the Administrator Username.

You will need to alter your administrator username so as to keep your site safe from hackers.



Build the necessary page links

Construct the necessary page links that will make it easy for your visitors to navigate to your basic pages such as Home, About Us, Services, or Contact.


Make it SEO-friendly

Don’t forget this important stage so that you can optimize the necessary traffic you need to your website. Remember, if your site has no visitors or they can’t access it easily, then all your efforts will be fruitless.



Build a backup link

This is a vital safety precaution you need to make lest you lose your crucial data. Backing up your files and database will give you the much-needed fall-back to resort to and restore your site.



Create a caching link

Lastly, you will have to build a caching link that helps in the doubling or tripling of your website’s speed and also cutting down on your server load.


Final thoughts

This article has elucidated the 15 approaches and stages you need to create that exceptional WordPress website. They are self-explanatory, and they give you access to leverage the power of one of the most secure ad trusted platforms on the Net—WordPress. You can now utilize them to make your online presence and influence felt by all your potential and existing online audience.

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