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Steps to create a Successful Social Media Strategy

What are the common big mistakes that newbie affiliate marketers often make? Read on to find out.

There are several tools to be used in the world of marketing, and social media is one tool that any marketer and entrepreneur cannot afford to dismiss. The number of social media sites out there is on the increase. Gone are the days when the word social media was limited to Facebook and Twitter. In recent years, a company’s presence in the social media sites boosts not only sales but customer loyalty as well and that is where social media strategycomes in.

It is a great idea to venture into social media marketing but without a strategy, the entire idea may just crumble before your face. It is advisable to come up with a social media plan that is foolproof and systematic for the sake of longevity. Wrong motives in social media marketing usually lead to a burnt-out campaign since it requires patience for the full benefits to be realized.

A good social media strategy takes more than just great content and regular updates. The marketer should know the direction he or she is taking. The strategy needs to be set out in a manner that all the stakeholders are included and made to understand the importance of investing in a quality strategy. This way, you will be able to identify social media objections and earn how to deal with them before you start on the path of marketing on networking sites.
So what are the steps in creating a successful social media strategy, you ask? The steps below sum it all up.

Focus on goals

It may sound as a cliché, but the goals and objectives that you set will determine how far the campaign will go. You have to know what you want at the end of the day. There is no way of knowing if the use of social media is working or not unless you have achieved something that you had already set to achieve. Make sure that you set goals not just out of your own understanding, but from a larger picture. Usually, that means aligning them with those of the company or organization. Do not be too ambitious in your expectations because it is best to apply the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely) principle.

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Analyze the
current social media world

Social media is not a new phenomenon, but it has proven that it is here to stay. In that case, you need to analyze your past performance on social media, if any. If it’s a new venture, then identify the site that is likely to get you more exposure as well as serious relationships. Remember, there are numerous sites, but not all of them will give what you need. Create an attractive profile, but at the same time make it simple so as not to overwhelm any interested party. Finally, know your target audience. Do not cast your social media net and hope to catch the right fish. On the contrary, you need to target and shoot.

Budget for the work ahead

It is common to see many marketers not including a budget in their social media plan. Just like any other advertising platform, budgeting for social media is necessary for getting the best out of the process. To reach the target market of interest, make sure there is a budget in place, and that the process is taken seriously. As years progress, so is the importance of the social networking platform. But if you harness it in the right way, there is no way you can go wrong.

Create content

There is no social media campaign without quality content. Create content that will catch the reader’s attention ensuring that it is precise and short. Long and unnecessary content will not get enough attention due to the short human attention span. The key is keeping it short and sweet. Research on what attracts followers and readership. Due to the growth of technology, there are tools that help you identify what is of interest to communities in relation to what you are dealing with. You need to incorporate that in to your content.

Test and track

Now that you have the content, it is time to take all that you had done before and put it to the test in the real world to put the social media objections to rest. You can start by posting twice or thrice in a week. Track and know which posts get the most likes, comments, shares (post or links), and which ones don’t. That way, it will be easier to know what to update and what not to. Monitor the progress each day and if need be, you can appoint others to work on the different aspects of the entire project.


As stated before, for you to truly appreciate the importance of social media you should be patient and consistent. The posts and content you share on your social media platform needs to show some form of consistency. It is quite easy to give up after a few of the post shared do not attract as many likes and comments as you expected. However, that does not mean you give up. You need to improve the content but remain consistent. Engage the targeted audience consistently with interesting pieces of content, preferably, with accompanied by quality and relatable pictures. social media marketing takes up a lot of time. Social media VA is also the best way to maximize your marketing campaign for your business.

Final take

To convince the organization on the importance of working on a social media strategy, you first have to help them understand what is a social media strategy then work from there onwards. Otherwise, it becomes useless to build on the platform without the necessary support. The steps above may at some point seem complicated; but at some point, with consistency and dedication, the work becomes easier. Do not limit yourself to the mainstream social media site, but instead, capitalize on other sites as well.

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