Running a blog with numerous data and information needs protection from unauthorized persons and hackers who can jeopardize your work. That is what Dashlane is here for. Dashlane is a powerful and versatile password manager on the market the service does more than password management; it has form-filling features that securely store virtually any data. This Dashlane review looks at this great tool and how it manages your password. Read for more insight


Password changer – This feature allows you to instantly change hundreds of passwords with a single click, enabling you to save time. The application is well-designed across every platform and is responsive to desktop and mobile devices. This feature allows Dashlane to work with every site to enable functionality.

Keep track of all your passwords

Numerous integrations – Dashlane integrates well with, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. The minimum system requirements are Mac Os X 10-11 El Capitan, Windows 7, iOS 10 and Android 4.0.


The password manager tool setup is best handled by downloading and installing it as a stand-alone app on Dashlane’s website. The Dashlane extensions will automatically install on every compatible browser, during installation. You will create a Dashlane account, which requires your email address and master password. You have to remember the master password when through installing Dashlane. The master password must have at least 8 characters, an uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number. Password experts recommend at least 12 characters nowadays to strengthen it. Forgetting your password means starting all over again. Dashlane won’t let you recover you’re or reset your master password as part of its security precaution. Although you can conduct the initial Dashlane setup on your mobile device, it’s advisable to use the desktop app. This is particularly so if you are using a browser password saver or another password manager. Dashlane password manager allows you to import credentials from Chrome, Firefox, Safari, I password, Last pass, Roboform, PasswordWallet, and CSV file. You can, however, use the import option on the desktop later, if you want to get started on mobile. Registering additional devices requires you to input a unique security code, regardless of the device you set up first. The code will be sent via email. If you have turned on your two-way authentication, you will input a six-digit code generated by a one-time-password mobile authenticator of your device.

Dashlane on Desktop

You can use Dashlane WordPress password manager plugin through a browser extension, through a stand-alone app or by logging directly into the website on a computer. The stand-alone app offers a feature-rich experience. It has an intuitive interface: on the left-hand side, there are 9 primary sections of Dashlane where you can view your data on a list or grid format. When adding credentials, Dashlane
picks up the icon from websites, for pleasant visuals than a grid or list text, for finding things faster.

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Dashlane Pricing

The password manager tool has free and premium versions. The paid version will cost you $40 per year. Both options offer security monitoring, breach alerts, and allow you to create and save unlimited passwords to your account. The free version limits you to one device. The premium version provides extra features; including syncing passwords and data across any device that you own, unlimited password sharing, backing up your account, two-way authentication, and priority support.

Choose the Dashlane plan that works for you

Dashlane Security

On the Security Dashboard, you will see a complete overview of your password’s health, showing you how many weak passwords you have, are reused, or compromised. You can use this feature with Password Changer to quickly improve your overall password security. Dashlane WordPress password manager plugin uses.

AES-256 bit encryption like other password managers on the market to store data on its servers, and on your devices. Dashlane password manager does not store your master password on its servers. Since the master password is the key to your account, your encrypted passwords and data on the Dashlane servers are useless to intruders. The plugin doesn’t have any architectural knowledge, therefore it can’t access your data. Security is enhanced by the two-factor authentication, which must be activated in the desktop app. Depending on your security concerns, you can decide whether to require it for all aspects of Dashlane or when registering new devices.

Emergency Contact

The emergency contact is used when you are incapacitated and cannot access your account. The predesignated individuals in this section will request access to your account. If you grant them access in a given period, they will handle the Dashlaneaccount in your absence on a read-only access. Ensure that by the time you select the emergency contacts, they are already registered users of either free or Premium Dashlane.


You will find almost all the features available in the stand-alone desktop interface, on the mobile app. Regardless of the mobile device, the apps can add or edit data. The password Changer is not available on the Android version, but on iOS, it is slightly limited and you must select each account to be changed, rather than selecting all of them. The iOS devices can fill data in Safari or Chrome, due to the Dashlane extension for iOS. You can also use the Dashlane Browser, which installs simultaneously alongside the main app. On Android, the Dashlane app lets you auto browser if you want to.


  • Can instantly change almost all passwords
  • Has an intuitive interface across all platforms
  • Can support Edge and Linux


  • Expensive compared to other password managers


Dashlane has many features that help you manage your password. The only issue is pricing. It is pricy compared to other companies that offer the same service. But those looking for unique offers from Dashlane, like Password Changer, it is worth every dime. I trust that this Dashlane review was helpful to you feel free to try it out.