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Duda Website Builder Review: Why Is It The Right Choice?


Mobile devices have dominated worldwide as a means of communication, interaction, and conducting business transactions. Duda developers had this premonition way back when the first iPhone was made. They realized just how important mobile devices would become. Duda website builder was created in 2008 to cater particularly to mobile devices.

Duda’s website builder has earned many brands; that is why 450,000+ sites use it. People love this builder because it makes the web designing process fast and painless. You don’t need any tech skills to start building your site with Duda. You can have your website running in minutes; all you need is an internet connection. This Duda review will focus on Duda software and how it helps in building mobile responsive sites.

What is Duda?

Before diving into its features, let’s define Duda website builder. This is a WordPress builder that is not only automatically responsive for mobile users but also a force to reckon with in the website building industry. The builder allows you to import information from social media or a previous website, or start from scratch and build your new online brand your way. This is done by Duda’s intuitive tools.

There is no need for extra software. What makes this software great is Duda templates that simplify building. You just need to pick one and modify it to what you like. You can do this by adding images, changing text, or creating new pages. It also allows you to build your widgets if you want to. You don’t even need to look for a web host once you’ve personalized your website. Just published online, and this remarkable tool will host it for you. This cuts off the extra costs and strains that come with technical details.

Anyone can use Duda website builder since it doesn’t require technical skills to build websites. Designers who have many clients and want to create their website will love Duda. The majority of people who use this software are freelancers and agencies.

Pro solution. It’s a great site builder package offers resellers everything needed to increase their margins and improve their business. The Pro version has a comprehensive list of widgets; you find everything you require to run your website. From a personal blog to commercial websites, every requirement is catered for. On customer-oriented designs, Duda white label website builder is already at the forefront.

How Easy is Duda to Use?

When we tested Duda, we can tell you for sure that its scores were impressive. It ranked third in our overall beginner-friendliness due to its ease of use. You all need your email address and password to sign up for a free trial. You’ll start building your site in minutes with no sweat. Since the Duda website builder is a drag-and-drop builder, it doesn’t need coding skills to customize Duda templates. To edit your pages, click, drag, drop, and type until you are satisfied with what you see.

Duda webiste builder- How Easy is Duda to Use?

When you have structured templates, you can easily personalize your site in minutes. That is why creating a website using Duda website creator is takes a short time. However, this limits your freedom to create what you want compared to Wix. Wix allows you to put change the all web structure with no limitation. A template has rules that guide you on where to place different items when designing. You can’t overstretch the limits as this will backfire on you, making it hard to work with it. This is one of the setbacks we came across while using Duda.

How Good Are Duda Templates?

I will be straight with you and tell it as it is. When it comes to design, Duda stands above the rest. This site creator has 98 professionally designed templates for you to pick from. To make it even better, you will be given ten blank ones that allow you to build from the ground up. The filter feature allows you to narrow down your search to find what you want easily. There are ten categories to pick from, so you can’t miss what you are looking for. These options include travel, portfolio, online store, and business.

Duda website builder- Templates

All of Duda templates are well-designed, simple, and stylish. Building your site with this tool gives you the best results compared to all the others. Before picking your template, you can preview it first to see it’s your desired look. They make it better by allowing users to view on any device, including mobile devices. This ensures you get precisely what your business needs and nothing else. You can customize templates according to your device, ensuring that your site is always on point. This means that your site will always look good regardless of the format used.

Duda website builder

With Duda website builder, you can easily swap between device editors. This means you will have the best-looking website in all kinds of devices. As long as you are good with the style set up for you, you are fine. Any changes made are seen on the screen, not behind the scenes on another page. Anyone using this software can easily edit prefilled content and also add new sections. These include testimonials, galleries, and contact forms. With a few clicks, you can replace images and change background colors. The builder also makes it easy to tweak your menu layouts and border widths.

Building your site becomes quicker since you are provided with pre-designed sections to pick from. These prefilled layouts make your website look better in every angle. The downside is that playing with the webpage layout becomes harder. Wix, on the other hand, allows dragging images and items anywhere on your site.

Duda website builder

However, when it comes to design flexibility, Duda website builder is still the best, just like Squarespace or SITE123. Design is what this app focusses on when building sites. And when we say design, we mean how it looks and user-friendliness. This is achieved by following the best design practices. When you are using this tool, avoid using a template that you would want to change later on. This will give you problems when you want to change something that you don’t like.

Creating Your Website – The Basics

The aim of writing this review is to save you from beginner frustrations. Therefore, we are going to look at an overview of how it works.

Duda website builder- The basics

Rows: The pages of your site are made up of what we call “row.” These rows take up page width, and you can delete or add as many as you like. This includes the sample content.

Columns: “Columns” are what you find inside each row. These columns allow you to insert widgets such as images and text blocks. Each line may have multiple columns depending on your choice.

Sections: Premade content pieces that such as features, menus, or testimonials are referred to as “sections.” You can add these elements to a row to avoid creating them from scratch when editing.

Tools & Features

Duda websites have reliable, fast hosting and a custom domain name. This allows you to create site backups and store them on Amazon Cloud in case you need them in the future, or want to replicate the style for more sites. Duda website builder has templates that are professionally designed and optimized across all devices, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets, without any extra steps involved. These templates have unique designs, and color schemes made to adapt to your specifications. It has a drag and drops editor that allows you to easily build your site with free stock images, text, maps, and widgets, in whichever way you wish. For the tech-conscious, you can access the coding for added control over your choices. It has feature-rich E-commerce options across all devices, including tracking codes, various payment, and shipping options, and sell e-goods. It’s user-friendly, intuitive, and with no sign up necessary to try it out, it makes Duda a definite choice for building a website for you or a client.

Visitor Experience is Personalization

The Personalization Tool is a cool feature that is not common with other builders. You will love this unique feature that allows you to set rules for particular readers. With this feature, you can get a video or a message pop up for users in a certain region. Another great example is when you design a click-to-call button pop up for any visitor using a mobile device. Although the Duda website builder has16 pre-set rules, it also allows you to design your own.

Duda website builder- Website personalization

Contact form

This tool allows you to get in touch with your visitors by letting you create contact forms. You can even customize your contact forms farther to include surveys and price quotes.

Social Media

Duda powerful integrations with social media network for easier sharing of content and updates. It provides you with all major social media shares and follows buttons. These platforms include Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, and many more.

Duda website builder- Contact form

Customer reviews

Do you have existing Yelp reviews? Well, you can easily display them on your page by dragging over the Yelp widget. If you don’t have reviews yet, we have testimonials that can be edited manually. Below is an example:

Duda website builder- Testimonials

Bookings/appointment scheduling

Compared to Wix, clients can’t schedule their appointments directly since Duda doesn’t have a native platform. However, with the HTML widget, you can add a third-party application. This is found in the main menu. Duda recommends


When it comes to bookings, this builder doesn’t have any in-built email solution. What it does is allow you to create a beautiful opt-in form. This is done using the standard form builder, and with it, you can collect email addresses. You can later integrate this form with a major email service like MailChimp.

Members login

This builder doesn’t have an option to create membership sites. However, it allows you to select a password to protect pages with sensitive info.


The majority of builders will tell you to use Google Translate. This is not a useful option, and in most cases, it won’t help you. That is why you should use the Duda website builder as it offers the best to create bilingual websites. It covers all major languages and is friendly to search engines and users.

Search engines

Duda websites allow you to access SEO settings by site or page by page. This makes it easy to edit descriptions, titles, and page URLs. The software does this by creating a sitemap which is submitted to Google and Bing. Your users will trust your website since it will come with SSL security. And for the visually impaired visitors, you can add alt descriptions to images. All these efforts are geared towards improving your SERP.

Duda website builder- Editor

Visitor stats

Duda provides in-built tools to help you keep track of your users’ engagement with your website. You will be able to know how many users have visited your website and which pages where viewed. Google Analytics is also another great alternative.


Adding a blog is pretty easy once you’ve created your site with this builder. This is done with a few clicks from the admin panel. The process is seamless, and you can add date, tags, author name, and share buttons to your posts. You will also have access to a search box, recent posts widget, and content backup. This is quite impressive, but there is room for improvement. We think they should allow users to categorize and schedule posts. They also don’t have an option for visitors to leave comments. At the moment, readers can only use Facebook comments or air their opinion.

Duda website builder- Managed posts


One word to describe Duda’s store is fantastic! The tool allows you to create an online store using many of its dedicated e-commerce templates. They also offer the option of adding a store once you have built your site. You can use your store to sell both digital and physical products. With this builder, you can sell up to 10 items as a free member.

This is something other builders and e-commerce stores don’t offer. You are also going to get additional beautiful features that other stores offer. These include SKUs, product variants, weights, and an option to give discounts. There are also features to accept payment via credit card or PayPal, and phone order. Other great features you will get a viewing of real-time shipping rates from carriers and tax rates.

Duda website builder- Editor

Duda 14 Day Free Trial

Other Features

Other features include:

Image Manipulation

Did we mention that you can add free stock photos or your images? Yap, and besides that, you can edit your pictures using the cropping, rotating, and resizing tools. This builder supports images from Google Drive and Dropbox. We also have widgets for creating albums, image sliders, and galleries. You will also get 1,000+ icons.

Search Engine Optimization

Other features to help you with your SEO include Open Graph integration with LinkedIn and Facebook. Users can also customize metadata, automatic access sitemaps, and alternate images with text. Most plans have support for 301 redirects.

Developer Mode

While many site builders don’t allow adding your HTML or CSS coding, Duda does. Besides the drag-and-drop interface, it also allows you to control.

Multi-Language Translation

Users can create different versions of their site using Google Translate in 55+ languages. To make it better, you can check for flaws in the translation by editing the pages.

Custom Domains

With the highest price tier, you can create a site using a custom domain name. You are only granted a subdomain name in the free version of Duda (

Customer Permissions

If you want, you can limit visitors’ access to your dashboard version. Granular permissions allow you to allow or deny changes made to your site by your users.

Duda Customer Support & Service

There are several support options available at Duda. If you have the free membership, then you only have access to the community support, but this is extensive with many categories to choose from and an easy to use the search bar. With an upgraded paid subscription, you will receive excellent support, at first stage via email.

There is no facility for a live chat on the website, but they do invite you to contact them via social media. If you are signed up as a reseller with Duda Pro, you will have access to priority support as well as super-fast speed and hosting benefits.

You can access various types of customer support options with this builder. This will depend on the kind of price plan that you have chosen. Below is a breakdown of each plan and the support that comes with it:

  • Basic plan –  Provides email support only
  • Team plan –  Provides email, phone, and chat
  • Agency plan – Provides priority email, phone, and chat

These are not the only support channels available by Duda. They also allow you to find articles and guides through their help center regardless of the plan. They give you access to marketing materials, webinars, and product updates.

Duda website builder- Help Center

When starting, the best place to find answers is from Duda Help Center. The live chat service also gives you answers for argent questions provided by a chatbot. To benefit from this service, always keep chat questions simple.

Pros & Cons


  • You can start with a blank canvas or us modern and good looking templates
  • You can create great multilingual Duda websites
  • Target particular users thanks
  • It has many widgets and apps that you can build or just add to your site
  • Has a simple easy to use online store platform
  • Access to white label solution.
  • It is the simplest website builder
  • No matter the kind of device used, your site will always look good


  • The slightly steep learning curve
  • Live help is not there
  • If you extend the template editing, it may be challenging to use
  • It is not the most affordable builder

Duda Website Builder Vs Competitors

There are a lot of similar website builders used to design a website with no tech skills. These include builders like WixSquarespace, and Weebly, which have almost identical features.

Let’s see how they compare against one another:


Duda stands out above them all by providing numerous templates that are designed perfectly. This allows you to build stunning and beautiful website regardless of your niche. You also get options like widgets, customization, and plugins, which are not familiar with other builders. It is just like WordPress with no learning curve. Do you have a D-grade codding skill, but still wants to build an A-grade website? Look no further because Duda will help you do that easily and fast.

Duda Pricing – Which Plan is Right for You?

Duda website builder offers a free membership that enables you to build a site that is fully responsive across all devices. The site has community support, a Duda domain, hosting, and a 30 day trial to InSite.

It is easy to pick a pricing plan because there are only three plans. One of them is free, and the other two are paid for. The free plan doesn’t give you full access to all the features and contains ads. However, it’s a great choice if you have ten products to sell in your e-commerce store.

Business+ – This is the next plan and offers SSL security, multilingual feature, and no ads. This plan also allows you to sell up to 10 products, access designer mode, and backups.

  • If you decide to pay annually, you will pay an upfront fee of $14.25/month
  • For those who want to pay monthly, it will cost them $19/month
  • With $299, you can access this plan forever.

Business + eCommerce – This plan allows you access to all the online store tools. It also allows you to sell up to 2500 products.

  • You pay $22.50/month, which is paid upfront.
  • If you want to pay monthly, it will cost you $29 every month

This is the most expensive offered that goes for $22.50 per month and allows you to place 100 products over unlimited categories on your online store, and use over 30 payment providers to draw in business, as well as significant product reviews integrated with Facebook. If you still need more space, add up to 2500 products on your website for $36.75 per month. If you’re interested in the Duda Pro Reseller program, this starts at $249 per year, with discounts on every site you sell, and access to the same 30-day free trial. Do bear in mind that these are all annual plans. Month to month options is available for a premium.


Duda is an excellent site builder for both business and personal use, easy to use, and with hundreds of extra tools for top-notch e-commerce and marketing. They also offer a fantastic premium reseller program with discounts on pricing and additional hosting benefits. Where they shine is the InSite feature, where websites can be customized with responsive customer content for each visitor.

For freelancers and agencies wanting to build multiple sites for their clients, this is for you. It may be the best builder, but it offers excellent features for building sites fast. Its management feature is what makes it unique. It allows you to create perfect services seamlessly. Another area that this builder stands out is in its designs. It is the best pick if you want your website to look stylish modern. With structured designs and layouts, you will have an easy time designing your website.

If you are designing a website on a budget, this is not the best choice for you. Plus, you won’t get all the designing freedom you are looking for. You can’t push the template editing too far as this will lead to problems. To be real, we’ve seen better website builders with lower starter prices. If you feel like this is the right builder for you, why not try it now. Jump on its 14-day free trial to get more of what it has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there are other pressing issues that you want us to address, you can just shoot it to us. We are going to try as much as possible to give you answers.


Currently, more than 50% of internet users access the net on mobile devices compared to desktops. If your website is responsive, mobile device users will have an easy time accessing it. Sites that don’t have responsive designs have poor user experience, and this is not good for you.

Another advantage of responsive websites is that many people search the web using their mobile devices. You need to tap into this audience by making your site responsive.


Duda is a cool builder to start with if you are opening a small business online. However, it wasn’t built for large ventures. Small projects are perfect for this builder, and if you want to taste the waters.

Web designers and marketing agencies should know that Duda also has Duda Pro. This is a white label version that is equipped to give their clients’ sites a facelift.


Currently, there is no option for exporting your website since they are offering (SAAS). This is according to their explanation. Another thing is that the way they design websites does not allow users to export their sites. White label version users need to understand this when creating tech specs for their clients.


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