Mobile devices have dominated worldwide as a means of communication, interaction, and conducting business transactions. Duda developers had this premonition way back when the first iPhone was made. They realized just how important mobile devices will become. Duda best website builder was created in 2008 to cater particularly to mobile devices. This Duda review will focus on Duda website builder software and how it helps in building mobile responsive websites.

Before diving to its features, let’s define Duda best free website builder. This is a WordPress website builder that is not only automatically responsive for mobile users but also a force to reckon with in website building industry. The website builder software allows you to import information from Facebook or a previous website, or start from scratch and build your new online brand your way. This is done by Duda’s intuitive website tools. There is no need for extra software.

Let’s Build Websites!

Duda best website builders have Pro solution. Its professional site builder package offers resellers everything needed to increase their margins and improve their business. The Pro version has a comprehensive list of widgets; you find everything you require to run your website. From a personal blog to commercial websites, every requirement is catered for. On customer oriented websites designs, Duda white label website builder is already in the forefront.

Features of Duda website builder

  • App design and Publishing features
  • Image optimization and inbuilt editor which is a fully responsive framework
  • Edit by device social media integration
  • Unique ‘InSite’ functionality custom domain and reliable hosting
  • E-commerce options site backup and duplication options
  • Add widgets, maps, tools
  • Automatic analytics tracking and SEO

Duda developed websites have reliable, fast hosting and a custom domain name. The website builder allows you to create site backups and store them on Amazon Cloud in case you need them in the future, or want to replicate the style for an additional site. Duda has templates that are professionally designed and optimized across all devices including PCs, smartphones, and tablets, without any extra steps involved. These templates have unique designs and color schemes made to adapt to your specifications. It has a drag and drops editor that allows you to easily build your own website with free stock images, text, maps and widgets, in whichever way you wish. For the tech-conscious, you can access the coding for added control over your website choices. It has feature-rich E-commerce options across all devices including tracking codes, various payment, and shipping options, and sell e-goods. It’s user-friendly, intuitive, and with no sign up necessary to try it out, makes Duda a definite option for building a website for you or a client.

Additional Features

Another great Duda feature is the Duda InSite. This feature allows you to choose from a comprehensive list of pre-made incites or customize your own with unique features, and make your site flexible by catering to your visitors’ needs before they arrive. InSites changes the content depending on the time of day or year, visitor location, or their previous visits to your site. You can marvel your visitors with special effects for seasonal holidays, or display an out of hours contact form so your customers know they are reaching you whatever the time of day. You can also ensure that regular visitors don’t get the same greetings as new visitors. InSite is a great way to handle responsive customer focused web design. After building your website, Analytics and optimized SEO will bring you, visitors, once you start running your site. For professional website builders or designers, the Duda Pro is the best option. It allows you to view your client’s dashboard, editor, website previews and login information under your own branding. With InSite, you can customize your client’s sites to give it an awesome look that stands tall from the rest. You can do this without using complex or intensive time commitment. Duda offers API access for a flexible testing environment, as well as editable source code so you can remove as much or as little as you want to create the perfect website for your clients. Instant content import functionality makes migrating your client’s sites a matter of one click.

Duda website builder Pricing

Duda best free website builder offers a free membership that enables you to build a site that is fully responsive across all devices. Additionally, the site has community support, a Duda domain, professional hosting, and a 30 day trial to InSite. Duda also has paid plans to choose from. These are:

  • Business Plan – This plan costs $7.50 per month and has additional features. The Business plans take away adverts, offer site backup and developer modes to customize your website.
  • Business+ plan – This plan costs $14.25 per month and has extra features compared to Business plans.
  • E-commerce and Business plan – This is the most expensive offered that goes for $22.50 per month and allows you to place 100 products over unlimited categories on your online store, and use over 30 payment providers to draw in business, as well as powerful product reviews integrated with Facebook. If you still need more space, add up to 2500 products on your website for $36.75 per month. If you’re interested in the Duda Pro Reseller program, this starts at $249 per year, with discounts on every site you sell, and access to the same 30-day free trial. Do bear in mind that these are all annual plans. Month to month options is available for a premium.

Duda Customer Support & Service

There are a number of support options available at Duda. If you have the free membership then you only have access to the community support, but this is extensive with many categories to choose from and an easy to use the search bar. With an upgraded paid subscription, you will receive professional support, at first stage via email. There is no facility for a live chat on the website, but they do invite you to contact them via social media. If you are signed up as a reseller with DudaPro, you will have access to priority support as well as super-fast speed and hosting benefits.

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Source: Kevin Champlin

Final remarks

Duda is an excellent site builder for both business and personal use, easy to use and with hundreds of extra tools for top-notch e-commerce and marketing. They also offer a fantastic premium reseller program with discounts on pricing and extra hosting benefits. Where they really shine is the InSite feature, where websites can be customized with responsive customer content for each visitor.

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