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3 Dumb Things Most Bloggers do While Blogging

We all fail at some point in life. However, failure is never a bad thing because it helps is to grow and learn. However, some failures are caused by the choices we make. Even though blogging has become one of the most popular ways of making money online, 90% of startup blogs fail to take off.

Why is this? I must admit, such information can be disheartening especially if you are planning on setting up a blog. Fortunately, the top things you are or are not doing in building your blog can be easily dealt with. Most bloggers fail because of one simple reason: the get-rich-quick mentality. Blogging is no gold mine, and like any other form of business, it depends on the amount of time you spend on it and above all, the strategy you apply towards the goal you want to achieve.

Statistically speaking, there are more or less a billion websites online with some being more established than others. Since it is a jungle out there, survival is for the fittest. A few substandard blog posts will not cut it. You cannot wake up one morning, Google how to set up a blog and expect to come out on top.

Too many expectations, too little time

Most bloggers will give up after the first two to three months of failing to get their way. Blogging is serious venture that can earn you good money. Unfortunately, ill-informed individuals expect to see cash flowing in the first week or month. It that is your expectation, I’d advice you to look for something else to do. You are in for a big surprise. A successful blogger will tell you that it is a dream that cannot be achieved, especially with the current competition. So, what are most would-be bloggers doing wrong?


3 things bloggers should watch out for

To be honest, there are more than three things that any self-respecting blogger should be on the look out for. However, for beginners, these three should keep you off the failure list.

1. Poor marketing strategy

priority. It took me some time to realize finally that promoting my blog was what I was missing. Even then, I still struggled to reach as much audience as I believed I had the potential to. You see, marketing takes more than just using your Twitter, Facebook, or any social media account to convince your followers. It is true that social media networks are where the key to traffic lies. However, the approach of using your followers to pull in traffic to your blog page is insufficient. There are top bloggers in the niche that you are under. Establish a relationship with these industry leaders and convince them that your blog is the next big thing.

An industry leader has an established following which keeps on growing by the day. A mention by such a player can increase your traffic exponentially. It is amazing how investing in one relationship can earn you so much. It is all about strategy.Don’t get me wrong, since it sounds easy but it’s not. Remember, other bloggers have already pitched to them but they have proven to be nothing but hogwash. It will take some time, but with quality content, you will soon be on your way to success. Your social media account can do wonders if you know how to use it well. You may have a following but you will have to agree that nothing beats an industry player campaigning for you. Start by promoting them and eventually, you will get your chance.

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2. Too much or too little focus on content

Content is good. But if you give it too much or too little attention it will backfire on you. Too much attention means that you are always on your key board typing away, creating content after content. Before you know it, you have too much content and not enough readers. Setting up a blog requires that you make the most out of every content, which means that you create content and promote it.

Make sure that as you work on the content, you also promote it. On the other hand, too little focus on content means poor quality content. It’s not enough that you have numerous blog posts. Ask yourself if they are quality enough to be posted. It is not enough to learn how to set up a blog if you cannot work on content in terms of grammar and the overall appearance of your blog.

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3. A mediocre approach

If you want to excel in the how, when, and where to set up a blog, mediocrity should not be part of your game plan. Blogging is a competitive venture, and every blogger aims to stand out from the rest. Mediocre does not stand out. Instead, it blends in and gets ignored. They say imitation is the best form of flattery; however, in blogging, it is suicide. Even if you choose to draw inspiration from a blog, make it your own. Create content that stands out and does it with a passion that will leave others wanting to read more of what you have to offer. Do not be afraid to venture into the unknown. Choose a topic and make it more specific; do not generalize. You will be surprised at how many topics you can come up with from a simple statement like how to start a blog.

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As you can see, it’s nothing new. There is no secret to the success of bloggers. Passion is key, but the strategy is even better. There is no special time and where to start a blog; the time is now. Be patient and work on your networking. Eventually, success will be knocking on your door. No need to wait until you make these mistakes and learn from those who are ahead of you. Now that you know these things, go forth and become an awesome blogger.

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