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Easy Social Media Buttons for WordPress

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It is obvious nowadays to come across social share buttons on any website page or blog. Reason being that there is untapped traffic potential in the social media platforms that can be easily reached using the social media sharing button. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is a social sharing plugin that allows users to share, monitor, and increase the social visibility of your WordPress site. There is no denying that social media plays a great role online and has been integrated into every part of the internet in this digital era.

Any blogger knows that traffic translates to money and what better way to generate traffic than using a social share plugin for WordPress. In fact, I think content sharing via social media platforms should be part of every marketing strategy. If you don’t have a social share button on your blog you don’t know what you are missing. This post will focus on Easy social share buttons and how its features can help you generate traffic on social media platforms.

Getting a social media sharing button is easy; the hard part is making people share your content. To be honest, readers will not share your work unless they like what you offer. Whether it’s video content on YouTube or text on WordPress, you have no choice but to impress. This means that whatever you are posting must meet the reader’s standard and should be of good quality.
Don’t mind the backlinks from social networks like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. since they are nofollow. However, Google still uses data from social networks to rank websites in the search engine. This way, when your content is shared, it is regarded as a vote of trust. No visitor likes an ugly social sharing button on a WordPress site if anything they will ignore it. The latest trend is using flat designs and big bold icons.

If you think finding a perfect sharing button is hard, try finding a social share button for a multilingual WordPress site. Being an expert in this field I have used many WordPress social share plugin; both free and paid. And the closest I got to find a complete package was with Easy Social Share plugin from Codeanyon plugin repository. Not only was the price right but the looks were amazing too. As far as I know, the share button for WordPress is the best social media plugin for WordPress that has offered me great experience.

Benefits of Easy Social Share Buttons

Many social share plugin will have great functionality but poor layout issues. They often have icons with slightly different sizes which look untidy and unprofessional. Reason being, they use the embedded code from each social media platform. Most of them will only give you options to select what buttons to display, where to display the buttons on the post, or which pages/posts to display. That’s just about it. The WordPress social sharing plugin, however, goes beyond that. The WordPress social share buttons give you numerous customization options.

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It has a clean, customizable layout with a stylish feel that looks amazing on any WordPress website. The Social sharing plugin allows your visitors to share on more than 35 main social networks. Additionally, it has options like love this button, comments button, print, sent to mail and subscribe. The social share buttons for WordPress provides 12 native social like, follow and subscribe buttons allowing you to increase social following and social proof.

You have the freedom to control almost every aspect of the display. The plugin has seven types of shortcodes and 18 builds in automated display button methods. Users can easily add social media buttons to their WordPress site/blog and optimize sharing buttons for display on mobile devices. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress has built-in functionality for Google Analytics Tracking, Click log analytics, Social Media Metrics, social image share functionality (free) and social video share (paid add-on).

With 22 beautiful templates and template customizer, this plugin allows you to have exactly what you want in a social share plugin. It has Social fan counter Social Profiles modules. The modules enable your visitors to access your social networks profiles, follow counts, and if they want, become your followers. The plugin has robust analytics, access to other statistics, and Click Log. This allows you to know exactly how your content is being shared by your readers, from which posts and social platforms.

Support for Multilingual Websites

This one of a kind social share plugin supports the largest social networks around the world. It is best for both local and international social platforms. It supports social networks from Germany, China, Russia, and Spain. Examples of these networks are:
Vkontakte – It is very popular among Russian-speaking users around the world, especially in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan
Weibo – One of the most popular social networks in China
Xing – It is very popular in countries like Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
Odnokkassniki – It is very popular in Russia and former Soviet Republics
Menéame – It is a Spanish social news site based on community participation The Localization Settings enables you to set buttons to appear in your native language. This can be done by providing language code for native social networks that will appear when you point share button. This is a perfect social share button for a multilingual WordPress site.


Having a social media sharing plugin is a great way to increase your website traffic. The social media platform provides you with a vast audience waiting to be tapped. All you have to do is create great content and let the social media sharing button do its magic. I love the Easy Social Share button because of its massive customizable options and support for multilingual sites that ensure that no one is left out. Try it out to get the first-hand experience of what it offers.

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