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How to Embed Instagram Profile on a website

How to Embed Instagram Profile on a website

Instagram is an amazing ecommerce platform with tons of instruments for selling online. Websites traditionally lead in online trading. The greatest idea is to unite these two channels and double the profit.

Most users prefer inserting a website link in their Instagram bio. But there’s one more way to increase revenue with an Instagram profile – to display it on a website. This isn’t a straightforward idea, but a wonderful one! Here’s what you can do:

  • Decorate your web page. Instagram is a platform that concentrates mostly on visuals. They would be an amazing adornment to your site.
  • Increase the time on site. Instagram profiles on a website are understandable and dynamic; people are going to interact with them for a longer time.
  • Gain more subscribers. Put a button at the top of your Instagram profile widget with a call to subscription. People will eagerly do so because your content is worth it!

Here’s an example of an appetizing Instagram Feed that increases sales and engagement on a website.


There are two main methods of embedding an Instagram profile on a website. The first one is free but has tons of minuses. I’m speaking about placing an Instagram profile on a website with an official API.

First of all, you need to know the basics of working with APIs. If you have no idea what it is, almost certainly, you won’t figure it out or will spend weeks understanding the fundamentals.

Secondly and more importantly, you have little opportunity to customize the Instagram profile on a website.

To solve these problems, you can make use of a widget. For example, the Elfsight Instagram widget allows you to install your profile on a website in seconds. Here are the main benefits of using it:

  1. Gorgeous ready-to-use templates. There’s a possibility to use one of the pre-made templates and layouts as is or customize it right away.
  2. Tons of customization options. You don’t need to write a single line of code. Simply assemble different elements together in a visual configurator, and change colors, sizes, and fonts.
  3. Ease of installation. After creating a widget and adding a link to your Instagram profile there, you get two lines of installation code. Barely paste them to the needed section of your website’s HTML, and the widget will appear as soon as this.
  4. Free plan with no limits in features. You can try out all the widget settings without registration and credit card. What is more, there’s an opportunity to add an Instagram profile to a website and test its performance for free.

The embed process is as easy as snapping your fingers! It requires only three steps:

  1. Create a widget.
  2. Copy and installation code.
  3. Paste it to the website’s HTML.

Let’s discover the process in greater detail.

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Step 1. Create an Instagram profile widget

Employ a visual configurator to make an Instagram section that will match the overall design of your website. The process is intuitive and takes just minutes. Then, paste an installation code to the required field in a CMS or website builder.


Add and personalize sources

Add a link to your profile to the widget in the required field. It doesn’t even require registration, so you can fetch content from public Instagram accounts even if you have no access to them.

In addition, there’s an option to add Instagram posts by hashtags.

After you’ve added a desired resource to the Instagram widget, you are free to filter posts. For instance, you can hide posts by specific authors, URLs, and hashtags. It gives you total freedom in adding content to your Instagram profile widget.

Customize Instagram profile

Choose professional-looking layouts and post templates, and then customize them the way you wish. Change the colors and sizes of all the elements, and change the text in the header. Set up the number of columns and rows, and determine the space between posts.

Step 2. Copy an installation code

Right after you’ve created and customized the widget, click ‘Add to website.’ Register on Elfsight, and choose your plan. Finally, copy an installation code from the popup. You’ll have two lines which you need to save.


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Step 3. Paste Instagram widget code to a website

The process slightly differs depending on the platform you use to create and manage website content. Basically, the procedure is the following: you should go to the HTML code of a needed website page or create an HTML field. Afterward, paste the installation code of a widget there. Save the changes, and don’t forget to explore the widget’s functionality on a website. An Instagram profile will appear as soon as this.

I’ve prepared more detailed instructions for the most popular CMS. See, the logic is the same, and you can employ it in the platform you use. For example, in an article about how to embed an Instagram profile you can find more thorough instructions for all the popular platforms.

Embed Instagram profile on WordPress

In this CMS, you’ll need to create an HTML block from your website’s admin panel and paste the installation code there.

  1. Copy and installation code on Elfsight
  2. Log into WordPress
  3. Go to ‘Pages’ and select the page of your choice
  4. Add a custom HTML block to the required section of the page
  5. Paste the code you’ve got in the code generator to this block
  6. Click ‘Update’ to save the changes
  7. Check the Instagram profile on your WordPress website

Embed Instagram profile on WordPress

Embed Instagram widget on Shopify

Shopify is great for eCommerce businesses, and Instagram integration helps to achieve even better results. The easiest way to integrate an Instagram profile into Shopify is to add a custom HTML block to the homepage.

  1. Copy and installation code after creating a widget.
  2. Log into the Shopify Admin Panel
  3. Go to the ‘Online Store’ section
  4. Press ‘Customize’
  5. Go to the left-hand menu and click ‘Add Section.’
  6. Click ‘Add-in ‘Custom Content’
  7. Remove the pre-installed Shopify sections
  8. Click ‘Add Content’ and select ‘Custom HTML.’
  9. Paste the installation code to the ‘HTML’ field
  10. Save and check your Instagram profile on Shopify

Embed Instagram profile in Wix

In Wix, you can create a web page by adding blocks one by one. Create an HTML field and paste the code there.

  1. Copy and installation code of a widget on Elfsight
  2. Log into your Wix Admin Panel and choose a website for the widget
  3. Open the ‘Settings’ section in the Dashboard menu
  4. Choose the ‘Custom code’ option
  5. Click the ‘Add Custom Code’ button and paste your code into HTML
  6. After you’ve pasted the code, click ‘Apply’ to save the changes
  7. Check Instagram profile on Wix

The bottom line

There are two main methods of embedding an Instagram profile on a website. To save money, effort, and time the best variant is to use an Instagram widget. You are able to customize it the way you wish and add it to a website within seconds.

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