Are you looking for an online opportunity to earn some extra cash? If you are, then you can try what FlexOffers has to offer.

Earning some extra money online has never been easier than it is today. In fact, some bloggers have found a way of making some decent income through online platforms. One of the most lucrative ways of making online money through affiliate networks.

Can you imagine talking about your favorite product while earning some cash? Well, it is that simple. Affiliate marketing involves advertising specific products and earning commissions. While this remains one of the most competitive niches in terms of earning online, it is the easiest, more so with the FlexOffers affiliate program. This post focuses on what FlexOffers is and what it has to offer to the publisher.

What is FlexOffers?

FlexOffers is an affiliate network that prides itself on being one of the highest paying programs. In fact, some of the biggest names such as Macy’s and Hallmark use their services. With 10+years, it’s no wonder such companies find it convenient using their services to hire publishers. Merchants are privileged to access state-of-the-art technological tools for building ads that publishers can use on their blogs and websites. Affiliates (publishers) can join a number of affiliate programs in order to earn commissions. Advertisers have the advantage of earning profits without exerting too much effort. This FlexOffers program review will look at some of the features and benefits for both affiliates and advertisers.

Benefits and Features

Advertisers and affiliates can reap big with FlexOffers affiliate program.

Performance review

An advertiser can look at the sales summary of publishers under their affiliate program and analyze their performance.

Tracking and monitoring

Tracking and monitoring allow you to see the progress you have made so far and how the company benefits from affiliate marketing.


FlexOffers allows the merchant to see reports on particular affiliates at a selected period. The advertiser can identify which publisher had the most traffic that led to conversions and sales.

Great support

Support of any kind with affiliate marketing is important. FlexOffers has email and direct phone support. Though it is not a 27/7 deal, the help is still appreciated.

Referral program

Affiliates that refer their friends or acquaintances to join the FlexOffers affiliate programs earn some cash to the tune of $150. However, to withdraw the money, you have to wait until the said friend reaches $2000 in affiliate sales.

Global program

Some affiliate marketing companies are limited to the certain geographical area. However, FlexOffers is global in that any advertiser or affiliate can join the program no matter where they are from.

No hidden or minimum monthly fees

While other affiliate marketing companies and software charge a monthly fee and some hidden fees for account management and maintenance, FlexOffers doesn’t. The only amount to part with is the one time $500 at the sign up stage.

Direct access to publishers

There are no obstacles with FlexOffers when it comes to accessing the rich supply of affiliate marketers.

High-end merchants

FlexOffers prides itself on merchants such ad HP and Kmart. Affiliates can work with such established brands and earn even more commission.

Accepts a variety of payment options

FlexOffers accepts payment via various payment processing platforms such as PayPal, wire transfer and credit cards.

Limitations of FlexOffers

Unfortunately, FlexOffers does come with some downsides as well.

• FlexOffers doesn’t offer 24/7 support
• As a merchant, you have to pay a fee of $500 before you use your new account.
• There is a transaction fee paid to the affiliate’s host in which the merchant has to cater to.


FlexOffers pricing

FlexOffers have an interesting pricing model that has proven to be beneficial to all the parties involved in the program. To start, the merchant is required to pay $500 known as the escrow fee. This amount is later used to cater to the affiliate’s commission as well as the conversion fee for the FlexOffers. There is also the 5% fee charged on the commission paid to the affiliate. For example, if you are to pay the publisher $50, $2.50 goes to FlexOffers. That is it. There are no hidden charges related to account maintenance or monthly fees.

FlexOffers best affiliate program benefit is the fact you pay for the sales. This means that if there are no sales forthcoming from the affiliate, then there is no paying. Most affiliate networks do not offer this one thing.

Sign up process

The signup process depends on what you want to sign up for: affiliate or merchant.

For merchants, there are three steps in the registration process. The first process requires your name and contact information plus some security details. The second step involves information about your company. With all those fields taken care of, you are done.

As for the affiliates, a four-step process requires personal and contact information, company name and the platform you wish to use on the affiliate marketing. The process is very simple, and it usually takes some days to get approval form FlexOffers.

What makes FlexOffers a favorite affiliate program is the ease of use. The interface on both ends is easy on the eyes and does not require technical skills to work with.

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Source: Jeremiah Goodman

Final thoughts

If you are an affiliate marketer or an advertiser looking for an easy and affordable option for your affiliate marketing needs, it does not get any better than FlexOffers. We have numerous FlexOffers program reviews and they all agree on one thing: FlexOffersbest affiliate program has the best pricing. It is free of hustle and flexible for both the affiliate and advertiser. The features are also very impressive and technologically sound without burdening the user. Merchants can access a ready pool of affiliates with little to no effort. You just need to sign up and enjoy.

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