FlexOffers [2020]: High Paying Affiliate Network

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Today, we are going to talk about FlexOffers. We will talk about this affiliate network and how you can use it to make money. I use it myself to make over $10,000 in affiliate commissions, and you can also make the same with FlexOffers affiliate network.

Earning some extra money online has never been easier than it is today. Some bloggers have found a way of making some decent income through online platforms—one of the most lucrative ways of making online money through affiliate networks.

Can you imagine talking about your favorite product while earning some cash? Well, it is that simple. Affiliate marketing involves advertising specific products and earning commissions. While this remains one of the most competitive niches in terms of earning online, it is the easiest, more so with the FlexOffers Affiliate Program.

In this review, I plan to answer all of those questions and more. I understand how tough it can be getting started with a new affiliate network. I’m writing this review to give you the right information, so you can make an informed decision of whether this affiliate network is a good option for your business.

What Is FlexOffers?

What is FlexOffers

FlexOffers is one of the highest paying affiliate networks. What makes this affiliate network great is its massive 12000+ affiliate programs. This number keeps growing every day. Some of the biggest names like Macy’s and Hallmark use this affiliate network. With 10+years, it’s no wonder such companies love to use their services to hire publishers.

Merchants can access state-of-the-art technological tools for building ads that publishers can use on their blogs and websites. Affiliates (publishers) can join several affiliate programs to earn commissions. Advertisers have the advantage of earning profits without exerting too much effort. This FlexOffers program review will look at some of the features and benefits for both affiliates and advertisers.

FlexOffers has earned the trust of many companies offering affiliate programs. They rely on this network to recruit affiliates, monitor their performance, and ensures that they get paid. This has led to an increase in affiliate niches that can use Flexoffers to find relevant products and services to promote on their websites. Below is a list of categories FlexOffers supports

Flex offers- Affiliate program

This is quite a long list for an affiliate network.

  • Home and Garden
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Lifestyle and Recreation
  • Automotive
  • Seasonal Promotions
  • Entertainment
  • Travel and more


  • FlexOffers has 10,000+ Advertisers to Pick From – This is the best affiliate network for you to partner with. You will benefit from over 10,000 advertisers plus hundreds are added every week to cater to all your affiliate marketing needs
  • They Offer Higher Payouts Compared to Direct Advertisers- We all love high payouts, and that is what FlexOffers offers. This affiliate network has over 300 advertisers who pay “premium payouts.”Compared to what direct advertisers are offering, this is much higher. Since FlexOffers.com provides high sales volume to advertisers, the profit goes down to you as a marketer and all your advertising efforts will highly be rewarded.
  • FlexOffers Has Real Affiliate Managers – Many networks hardly provide quick responses whenever issues arise. You won’t experience that with this network. They have a team of professional and experienced affiliates who are ready at all times to handle any pressing issues.
  • They Offer Fast Withdrawals – Publishers who get paid on NET 30 basis, and if you can generate $5,000 worth of revenue in a month, you will be paid after on NET 7 cause. This means that your payment will be processed in less than 7 days.
  • FlexOffers Has Plenty Of Advanced Technologies And Tools To Help You – When you choose FlexOffers as your affiliate network, you will benefit from many other things besides standard services offered by other systems. Their extras include creatives and links, access to their web services, FTP, API’s, and much more. This allows you to have all the help you can get to boost your marketing efforts. This means you won’t need to configure your website to work with each network out there.
  • Referring Other Marketers Earns You Money – This affiliate network has a program called FlexRev-$hare, which has no limits. This program allows you to refers to as many publishers as you can. If you join this program, you earn up to 50% of the FlexOffers profit, meaning you be splitting 50% of FlexOffer’s profit as a partner.
  • Numerous Programs to Promote. Besides the multiple products and services available for you to promote, FlexOffers also has a massive selection of affiliate programs. This touches all industry sizes, including entertainment, travel, finance, shopping, and more.

FlexOffers Benefits And Features

Advertisers and affiliates benefit a lot with the FlexOffers affiliate program.

  • FlexOffers is a Straightforward and User-Friendly Website

FlexOffers has a simple website that makes it easy for users to navigate and find what they are looking for easily. The dashboard is also neatly organized, and you won’t struggle to find anything you are looking for.

  • Cost-Effective Platform

FlexOffers makes it simple for its marketers to tap into its money-making potential through affiliate marketing. To get started, you only need a small fee and a minimum escrow deposit. Marketers also have to pay a small network fee every month. When a qualified lead has been discovered, or a sale is made, you will pay as little as 1%.

  • Tracking in Real-Time 

FlexOffers allows advertisers to get reports touching on various areas at any time they want. Apart from that, they also get real-time data from the platform for insights about their campaign performance. This makes it easy for them to change their strategies if they are not yielding any desired fruits.

  • Reports

FlexOffers allows the merchant to see reports of sales & traffic on particular affiliates at a selected period. The advertiser can identify which Publisher had the most traffic that led to conversions and sales.

  • Massive Network

FlexOffers has a massive network with tens of thousands of publishers and advertisers. This affiliate network allows them to engage with brands and persons they want to do business with and make money. Additionally, merchants also benefit from the vast reach of professional advertisers who are experienced in affiliate marketing to expand their businesses.

  • Ads Management

When it comes to promoting products, the FlexOffers network and their partner merchants help publishers in marketing these products. The advertiser provides images and other marketing content.This reduces the work of publishers getting these materials manually from the internet. Since publishers have work cut out for them, they can now focus on generating content.

As publishers concentrate on creating content to entice buyers, advertisers, on the other hand, can sort out creative content to upload on the network. They can also use their sweet time to produce high quality and optimized images to be used in their marketing campaigns.

  • Accessible Support

An experienced team provides support through email and phone. Additionally, FlexOffers has a ticketing system that caters to those who need immediate assistance when offices have closed. Publishers can opt to get help from a dedicated account manager or access the online knowledge base to get solutions.

  • Dedicated affiliate manager

The FlexOffers network provides its publishers with dedicated affiliate managers who help them get suitable affiliate offers. Affiliate managers are also the recommended persons to talk to if you want the network to increase your commissions.

  • Reliable payment

Although their Net30 or compensation when they receive commissions from the advertiser seem long, you can count on them to release payment in time. For example, if you started in January, you will receive your commissions for February when April begins. Most affiliate networks pay on Net30 terms while others pay on Net7 terms.

For FlexOffers, the Net7 payment terms apply when you have managed to send them quality traffic for two months. You also need to send $5,000 worth of revenue every month.

  • Accepts a variety of payment options

FlexOffers accepts payment via various payment processing platforms such as PayPal, wire transfer, and credit cards.

  • FlexRev-$hare

This referral program is offered to publishers who refer other publishers to this network and are approved. Once they are approved, you will earn a percentage of their affiliate sales.

How Does Flex Offers Work?

The FlexOffers affiliate network looks for reputable brands who:

  • Are looking for high-quality products and services solve their niche problems
  • Want help in managing their affiliate programs
  • Want to increase their revenue by creating affiliate programs if they don’t have one

FlexOffers helps companies that fit in these three descriptions by providing them access to publisher programs or their advertiser programs.

Flexoffers Advertisers

Flex offers- Flexoffers Advetisers

Existing advertisers can either add their current affiliate programs or create new ones with FlexOffers. Advertising with FlexOffers gives you many benefits from thousands of affiliates. These affiliates come there to promote and sell their products and services. Moreover, FlexOffers also help advertisers with the following:

  • Payments for publishers
  • Reporting
  • Publisher support
  • Monitoring compliance
  • Link Tracking
  • Publisher recruiting and pre-screenin
  • Publisher application processing
  • Conversion and sales tracking
  • Offering proper promotional ideas and other relevant information and more features that are available on the Flexoffers website HERE.

FlexOffers Publishers

Flexoffers Publishers

Publishers are allowed to look for advertisers in FlexOffers to pick those who are related to their niche. This will enable them to develop content that is relevant to their audience. Products and services in FlexOffers are promoted in several ways including:

  • Blogging
  • Video marketing
  • Offline marketing
  • Podcasting

Relevant offers comprise of:

  • A travel company affiliating for a group of hotels
  • An insurance broker becoming an affiliate of a cab company
  • A Beautician who becomes an affiliate of a fashion company

What comes from the collaboration between the advertiser and Publisher is that they both make money where they both get more sales!

How Do I Get Started With FlexOffers?

Publishers are marketers who join FlexOffers. For you to be accepted as a publisher, you must do the following:

  • Create a plan on how you will promote the products 

Your chances to be taken as a publisher will increase once you come up with a concrete plan on how you are going to promote products.

The plan should be detailed enough to convince FlexOffers that you have it in you. Having product reviews gives you an added advantage to be picked as a publisher. This shows that you are dedicated to meeting your sales goals.

  • Aim for accuracy in your product or brand reviews 

Usually, consumers will search for product and brand reviews because they trust them. They believe that these reviews contain honest information about a product. As an affiliate marketer, this is what you need to write about.

You have to be accurate with what you tell your audience and prospects. The last thing you want is to mislead them by giving out information that is not accurate.

That is why you need to do intensive research about a product. This means going as far as buying and testing the product to get fast hand experience to share with your readers. If there are errors. As a result, you can always present them to FlexOffers. The network appreciates your honesty.

  • Read the terms and conditions carefully 

You need to be careful when promoting products on the FlexOffers network to avoid termination or suspension of your account. One way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to ensure you have read and understood the terms and conditions of using FlexOffers to promote products and services.

This will help you know what you should or shouldn’t do as a publisher.

How To Sign Up With FlexOffers Affiliate?

I believe that you have learned a few things about affiliate networks and how they work. Therefore, let’s now go straight to how to get started with FlexOffers.

The signup process depends on what you want to sign up for: affiliate or merchant.

For merchants, there are three steps in the registration process. The first process requires your name and contact information, plus some security details. The second step involves giving information about your company. With all those fields taken care of, you are done.

As for the affiliates, a four-step process requires personal and contact information, company name, and the platform you wish to use on the affiliate marketing. The process is straightforward, and it usually takes some days to get approval form FlexOffers.

Although there are no secrets to help you get approval from FlexOffers, we will show you a few things that you need to know to increase your chances:

  • Honesty is the best policy, therefore provide honest information
  • What FlexOffers is looking for when picking publishers are individuals who understand how they are going to promote their products. Therefore, when you are presenting your promotion plan, ensure that you have done extensive research. This will show them how you are going to use different marketing techniques to promote different products and services.
  • Be courageous to give proven examples that have worked or are currently working for other brands. This way, FlexOffers will have no choice but to accept you.
  • Always aim for accuracy and perfection when giving out information. However, don’t worry when you make mistakes since you can always contact them to inform them about them. You can do this even after submission.
  • Another thing that you must do is ensure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions. This is important to know whether you will comply to avoid violating their policies that may lead with the shutting down of your account.
  • You don’t pay to be accepted by FlexOffers.

Getting started with FlexOffers is pretty easy, and all you need to do is visit www.flexoffers.com, where you will be provided with two different signup options. We have the Advertiser’s Sign Up, which is meant for companies wanting to sign up to get their products advertised.


We also have the Publisher’s sign up which is for marketers who wish to use FlexOffers to promote products from other companies on their website. As an affiliate, this is where you need to sign up.

Here, you are required to enter all your personal and business information so that you can create your account. Having a website is necessary if you want approval from FlexOffers. After account submission, you will have to wait for the FlexOffers team to approve it so that you can begin promoting products and services. They hardly decline submissions unless it’s a new website with no or very few posts.

Flexoffers- Registration

Flexoffers- Registration

Once you’ve created your account, you then need to search for affiliate programs or advertisers so that you can begin promoting their services and products on your site.


After signing up, the next important step is to look for advertisers to fit your niche. Take your time to find a niche that suits you before you start promoting anything. The last thing you want is going for the niche that does not suit you. You’ve got work cut out for you if you know which niche you fall into.

You will have an easier time looking for advertisers to promote products for using the FlexOffers affiliate network. The first thing you need to is click on the “Advertisers” tab, and start looking for advertisers by category. In the screenshot below, you can see some of the available classes for you.

When you click a category, you will be given a list of advertisers for you to pick from. You can further look for the perfect company that suits your promotional needs by filtering the results. The following are several filters that can help you narrow down your search for the ideal company:

  • Status: This filter allows you to select companies that you have applied for, those you haven’t applied for. You can also find those that have already given you approvals. Check the “not applied for” section, if you are for new companies.
  • Sort: If you are looking for high earning companies,the sorting dropdown will filter for you companies that pay the most. Sorting by EPC Highest to Lowest shows you which companies have potential. This will help you with a company’s worth when you decide to promote their products or services.
  • Commission: Although you can’t filter the commission field, you will get its commission rates on the right-hand side of the company’s name. This will help you to estimate the commission you are going to get.

Commission and EPC will help you make you pick the right company when searching for advertisers. You don’t want to settle for low paying companies because you won’t make much money out of them.


After searching, you need to start the application process. You will see an option on the right hand of the screen “Apply Now” for you to click on if you want to apply for an affiliate program. Click this button once you are satisfied that it is the right program for you.

A pop-up box will display giving the terms and conditions of that particular affiliate program. Take your time to go through them to understand clearly its payout structure and details about the commission. If you have read through the terms and you are convinced, click on the checkbox that you have agreed and then click on the “Apply to Program” button.

Your application will then be sent to the company’s affiliate program manager, where he or she will review your profile website to decide whether you are or you are not the right candidate for the affiliate program.

It usually takes 1-2 business days for you to hear from them regarding your application status, which will be sent to you through email. The moment you are approved, you will start using your affiliate links to promote their products. If your application is not accepted, it’s probably due to the newness of your website, insufficient site traffic, or lack of content.


After receiving your confirmation email, you will be given access to affiliate links. If you want to start using these links, the first thing you should do is visit the homepage and scroll down to look for the ‘Advertisers’ section. Here, you will find both new and existing advertisers. By clicking on the “Approved” tab, you will get to know companies that have approved your application.

Clicking on the “Get Links” button will provide you with companies that have already accepted your proposal to promote their products and services, as shown in the image below:

You will be taken to the links tab that permits you to use the company’s affiliate links plus links from other companies that have given you their approvals. You can start by first filtering the kind of link type you want to advertise. The following are the available options:

  • Text Links: since you will be discussing products and services offered by the company that you are promoting in your content, you will need affiliate text links to hyperlink to direct visitors to the company’s website. I like using affiliate links in many of my promotions since they are very easy to place in the content.
  • Banners: You are going to use standards to add graphic advertisements to your website. You can pace them throughout the article or in your header, footer, or sidebar. Each affiliate company creates its banners. However, you can also make yours and hyperlink the image with Text Links.
  • Widgets: Some affiliate companies will have devices used for live advertisements. These widgets will include a search box and others will show the latest offers. Each company will have its unique device, but not all companies use devices.

The image below shows types of content on the left-hand side that can be filtered. You can see the kind of link beneath the “Product Name,” and if an image is present, it’s a banner, the text links will say “text link” on it.

You can view more information by clicking on the “View Link” button. This action will allow you to get access to full details. You can also automatically check the link if your site by copying the HTML code to the HTML section of your website.

When you click on the “link” tab, you will get a URL used for hyperlinking text/images in the link text. Note that the links are only used to get credit for sales from the FlexOffers portal. Using your connections or the company’s URL won’t get you any commissions for sales.

Deep Linking

Deep linking is another excellent tool that FlexOffers offers to affiliates. You need to know and understand how to use this tool if you want to make money on this network. It is used to monitor and optimize your affiliate promotions.

To use this tool, click on the “Links” tab at the top of the FlexOffers portal. On the sub-tab called “deep linking” found below the links tab. You will be taken to the deep link configuration tool, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Type into the advertiser field to select your advertiser. Once you are done with that, go to the company’s website to get the URL that you want to advertise. After that, you need to place in your website the specific website URL in the URL field of the tool by selecting it. Finally, to produce the FlexOffers URL, click on ‘Generate.’

The link will be displayed under the box called “single” on the right-hand side of the screen. You will notice that this URL is very long. If you want the short version, just click on the “short URL” beneath. This URL is used to refer customers by hyperlinking text and images.

You are now ready to start making money with the FlexOffers network since you have followed all the necessary steps and have the tools needed for account creation. However, to maximize your money-making potential, you need to understand a few essential things when creating content. First, have a plan of what you want to discuss on your website.

What Next?

It’s also good to sate down your mission. Once you have gotten that, pick the type of content you want to publish on your website. Come up with at least ten articles that are relevant to your niche and make sure that they all correlate with each other.

If you are not sure of what you want, you can read our affiliate marking guide for making passive income to get essential pointers. You will be guided on how to start writing the best articles in the shortest time possible. We know that traffic is vital if you want to succeed; therefore, we will also teach you how to get traffic.

Three things will help succeed when you’re using the FlexOffers affiliate network, and they include creating informative content, sharing your affiliate links, and having sufficient site traffic. What makes FlexOffers great are the tools available for you to track your earnings. Below is a screen of how you can track your earnings and overall stats under the Home tab.

Your ranking in FlexOffers network and average earnings per 100 clicks are seen on the left-hand side of the screen. Data can be filtered based on daily, weekly, and monthly reports. Total earnings, sales, clicks, the conversion of those clicks to sales, and more are shown in the necessary words. For additional information, click on each report.

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How Do You Make Money With FlexOffers?

FlexOffers has many ways to make money, which include sales from existing business, cost-per-sale, and as a CPA. It is easy to choose between cost-per-sale offers and cost-per-lead offers when you are using the FlexOffers affiliate network. You can sort your advertisers based on the payout type when you are looking for them.

The menu in their Advertisers tab will look like this:

Cost-Per-Action or Cost-Per-Lead

Offers that pay for action is called Cost-per-action.

CPA offers, on the other hand, involve exchanging information instead of paying for sales. Usually, advertisers will request leads to give their name, email address, and maybe answer some questions.

FlexOffers will then track the transaction and give credit commissions for that referral, after when the advertiser has received the information.

A good example is when For CPA offer pays for each who requested for a price quote. In this case, a publisher will only be paid after the visitor signs up for that particular service. The affiliate will get paid for every person requesting for a quote or buys, which I think is cool.

You can look for their cost-per-action affiliate programs by visiting their website HERE.


Although cost-per-sale programs work the same way, the difference is that they only pay for the sale, instead of paying for the lead. Therefore an affiliate’s work is to:

  • Market the product or service to the target audience
  • Get the advertiser’s sales

We will get a commission for by handing over the sale to the advertiser, which is a percentage of the sale. If you have sufficient site traffic, you will have greater sales volumes, which translates to more money! Cost-per-sale programs dominate in the FlexOffers affiliate network. However, the commission percentage varies.

The average price of particular products and services also varies. To analyze the plans and get the numbers on which are the best ones for your business needs, just head over to the Flexoffers website.

Choosing a program that doesn’t go well with your target audience will hurt your sales and commission rates. Therefore ensure that you research well first before settling for one.

Not getting everything we are talking about affiliate marketing? No worries, you can get more information on how to make money through affiliate networks when you CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT. You will also get ten free lessons on Affiliate marketing HERE.

How Much Can You Make With FlexOffers?

Flexoffers has 12,000+ advertisers, various commission structures, millions of products, and services. This makes it hard to get exactly how much money one can make through FlexOffers affiliate marketing. However, you can approximate what you are going to get. You will know this when you have picked an advertiser and check the percentage of sale or amount they pay per lead.

If you plan first, take your site traffic estimates and multiply by a conservative sale price. However, it will also depend on what you are planning to promote. Here is an example:

Being a cost-per-lead program paying $40 for each lead, for every 10,000 page views per month with an estimation of a 3% conversion rate, this will be the math:

3% of 10,000 pageviews = 30 leads

30 leads at $40 each = $1200

As you can see, Gusto will be making approximately $1200 per month for referring 30 people to an advertiser using FlexOffers. This figure can increase if the site traffic increases.

Most Common Way to Make Money with FlexOffers

The majority of FlexOffers affiliates who have to succeed through this network make money through:

  • Website creation
  • Generating unique and informative content for a niche audience
  • Using connecting the advertiser’s products and services with the content

Alternative Ways to Make Money with FlexOffers

There other effective ways of making money through FlexOffers even when you don’t have a website. If you prefer not to have a website, you can still benefit from FlexOffers through the direct link from social media, promotion through email marketing, search engines to advertisers’ websites, using landing page software, and using funnel software for conversion of cold traffic into sales.

The best way to make money through affiliate networks is through starting an online business, having an established brand, creating a website, and using your brand to promote affiliate products. By doing this, you can maximize your money-making potential by building relationships with your visitors that lead to repeat sales.

When And How Does FlexOffers Pay?

When it comes to payment, FlexOffers is not entirely transparent, like many other networks. Instead of saying exactly when you are going to get paid (daily, weekly, or monthly) like other networks, they offer two payment types: net7 and net30.

Net7 – This means that the Publisher is going to be paid seven days after invoicing.

Net30 – This means that your invoice will be processed after 30 days.

Which Are The Best Products To Promote On FlexOffers?

Although many marketers who have to succeed in affiliate marketing will say that cost-per-lead products and services are the best to promote, considering the product or service you intend to promote is advisable if you are working with a target audience.

Users prefer answering a few questions or giving their information rather than paying for something. Therefore, both cost-per-sale and cost-per-lead affiliate programs will work.

How To Promote The Affiliate Products Through A Blogpost?

Although making money through direct links is possible, the best way to benefit from FlexOffers is through having valuable content. This applies to other affiliate networks as well. Informative content doesn’t only benefit you as a marketer, but it also educates and informs your target audience about a particular product or service.

This helps to build trust that can lead to repeat sales. Having high-quality content gives you a sales funnel that helps to get information about a lead on the lead capture page. After getting their information, you can then take them to a bridge page to show how to do something. When you have done all that, and the visitor is well informed, the links will send them to the affiliate product.

[button link=”https://www.namanmodi.com/recommends/clickfunnels/” type=”big” newwindow=”yes”] Create Landing Pages With ClickFunnel[/button]

What may piss your visitors off is when you ask for a lead’s information in your sales funnel, and later asked to do the same in the advertiser’s lead form. To avoid this and get desired results in the end, just write an educational blog post recommending the affiliate program.

This way, a visitor will be taken straight to the affiliate program, where he will just enter his information once. Always use your landing page when sending the traffic to the affiliate program, no matter the promotion program you are using. This will allow you to:

  • Use your lead page to capture your traffic information. This is perfect for creating an email list for remarketing and follow-ups.
  • Add retargeting pixels to your landing page for retargeting and remarketing your visitors.

If you want to use the above to promote your affiliate products and service, check out my Lead Pages Review blog post that has all the information on how to use LeadPages in affiliate marketing.

How to Get Traffic to the FlexOffers Affiliate Program

You can get people to see your promotional content in many ways, including traffic from search engines, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

I like using Bing Ads and Facebook Ads to promote my blog posts. Make sure you know the earnings per click for that affiliate program is, before promoting it.

Earnings per click refer to a metric from affiliate programs with estimated earnings insights that is achievable in every 100 clicks sent to a particular affiliate program. What determines this metric is the affiliate’s average earnings over a certain period

In FlexOffers, it is measure in a period of 7, 30, and 90 days. This metric is important because it will help you run a profitable ad campaign when the cost per click falls below the earnings per click. For Facebook ad campaigns, look for what you are spending per visitor when you ask Facebook to send them to your landing page.

You will measure this with the cost per link click metric on the Facebook platform.

Check out for the “average CPC” metric if you are using Bing ads, and you will get the cost of each link.

Your promotion campaign will remain successful, provided that the advertising platform’s metric is below the EPC of the affiliate program if you are getting conversions.

Flex Offers Pricing

FlexOffers have an interesting pricing model that has proven to be beneficial to all the parties involved in the program. To start, the merchant is required to pay $500 known as the escrow fee. This amount is later used to cater to the affiliate’s commission as well as the conversion fee for the FlexOffers.

There is also the 5% fee charged on the commission paid to the affiliate. For example, if you are to pay the Publisher $50, $2.50 goes to FlexOffers. That is it. There are no hidden charges related to account maintenance or monthly fees.

FlexOffers- Advertisers price

FlexOffers best affiliate program benefit is the fact you pay for the sales. This means that if there are no sales forthcoming from the affiliate, then there is no paying. Most affiliate networks do not offer this one thing.


The FlexOffers affiliate network advertisers a 1% network fee for managing their affiliate program.


Publishers don’t pay a maintenance fee for their accounts, and they can sign up for free.

Flex Offers Support

When it comes to supporting, FlexOffers provides phone, email, and live chat. This is to help anyone having problems picking a relevant program or navigating the platform.

What’s The BBB Saying about FlexOffers?

Here is what the BBB says about the FlexOffers affiliate network

Flexoffers com Inc Better Business Bureau

There are no complaints or reviews by BBB about FlexOffers, meaning they have not rated it yet.

 Pros and Cons


  • FlexOffers is a reputable network
  • The network has numerous publishers and advertisers
  • The system has good reports
  • Affiliate managers are there to help you


Unfortunately, FlexOffers does come with some downsides as well.

  • FlexOffers doesn’t offer 24/7 support
  • Not favorable to any niche
  • Net7 and net30 payment terms
  • Picking the right advertisers takes time since they are over 12,000
  • As a merchant, you have to pay a fee of $500 before you use your new account.
  • There is a transaction fee paid to the affiliate’s host in which the merchant has to cater to.

Conclusion: FlexOffers Review

If you want to make money online through affiliate marketing, the Flexoffers network offers the best options as a business partner. If you are an affiliate marketer or an advertiser looking for an easy and affordable option for your affiliate marketing needs, it does not get any better than FlexOffers.

We have numerous FlexOffers program reviews, and they all agree on one thing: FlexOffersbest affiliate program has the best pricing. It is free of the hustle and flexible for both the affiliate and advertiser. The features are also awe-inspiring and technologically sound without burdening the user.

Merchants can access a ready pool of affiliates with little to no effort. What I like about FlexOffers is that anyone can make money with it, if they are aggressive enough. You can trust FlexOffers since they have thousands of affiliate programs for anyone to promote and get a commission.

Bloggers and marketers who are searching for high-quality products and services to promote on their websites or blogs can count on FlexOffers. You just need to sign up and enjoy it.

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