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Flywheel’s Managed WordPress Hosting

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A flywheel is a WordPress hosting and management company build for designers and agencies. This post will discuss the general features found in Flywheel hosting and other unique features that save time when developing WordPress websites.

Compared to other WordPress hosting companies, Flywheel puts lots of effort to stay on top. At the end of this post, you will have comprehensive information about whether or not to choose this hosting service.

Flywheel hosting features

Automatic updates

Flywheel hosting automatically updates the core WordPress software for you.

Automatic backups

Flywheels managed to host company allows you to back up your website and view snapshots of each backup every night. You can restore a backup with a few clicks.

100% Uptime

Flywheel’s hosting has a record uptime of 100% and a lifetime uptime achievement of 100%. They are currently leading the charts and have many industry leaders.

Easy staging sites

The WordPress hosting allows you to easily create a staging version of your site.

NEW Features The latest and greatest

Built-in Varnish caching engine

Flywheel uses server-side caching to make your WordPress site load faster without the need for a caching plugin. Caching plugins make it easy for your site to handle too many requests with faster loading times. With Flywheel hosting, you get the free caching system.

Free SSL certificate

All its plans have a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Installation takes just a few clicks.

WordPress-specific security

You don’t need a third-party security since Flywheel incorporates limited login attempts, IP blocking, Sucuri, and more to ensure that your site is secure.

Free malware removal

FlywheelWordPresshosting will freely fix your site if anything happens.

10 different data centers

Youcan choose from 10 different data centers (that is close to your visitors) spread across North America, Europe, and Asia.

24/7 expert WordPress support

Assistance is provided via phone, email, or live chat. The host has other three Unique Features that greatly impact your hosting experience. Flywheel built for designers and agencies giving you access to various unique features that are not available on other WordPress hosting companies. This will depend on your specific needs. You may not need all these unique features since some of them are only required if you are a designer or agency working with clients. However, some of the unique features are useful no matter what.

Get help from WordPress experts

Some of these features are:

1. Local by Flywheel

Easy Local WordPress Development Tool Local by Flywheel is a WordPress local development tool similar to WAMP or XAMPP. But unlike those tools Local by Flywheel exclusively focuses on WordPress development. This means you can spin up a new local WordPress site using your own PHP version, web server, and MySQL version. The tool is free to the public and you don’t need to be a Flywheel customer to enjoy local by Flywheel. But if you are a Flywheel customer, you can use this feature to automatically push your WordPress site from your local environment to your Flywheel server. You can also go in reverse and automatically create a local development version of an existing site on Flywheel’s servers. This is useful especially if you are working with clients, and you need to do development work on your site.

Checkout quick video review on Local by FlyWheel

Source: WPonaBudget Free WordPress Videos

2. Blueprints

Create New Sites With Pre-Defined Theme/Plugin Packages Blueprints is another unique feature that is available in Flywheel. It’s a pre-defined package of themes and plugins. On creation, you can use Blueprints as a foundation for launching a new WordPress site. It helps to save time when developing WordPress sites.

Build WordPress sites faster with Blueprints

3. Easy Workflows For Teams And Clients

This feature works only for agencies that work with clients, unlike the other two that are useful for regular WordPress users.
These features include:
Organizations – They help create an organization profile that covers your entire team and helps with project management.
Easy Collaboration – They allow you to invite other team members to work on projects without sharing passwords.
BillingTransfer –Makesit easy to transfer billing for Flywheel to your client once you finish working on their site. Flywheel’smanaged hosting company has no limit on your page views or visits regardless of the plan you chose. Whether you are on the TINY plan or the enterprise plan, It has the technology to handle your site even if you get millions of visits.


The flywheel has a competitive pricing due to its feature-rich aspect. Pricing is available in Three main plans:
TINY Plan – This is the cheapest plan which goes for
$15/month and offers:
• 1 WordPress install
• Free site migration

• 5,000 monthly visits
• 5 GB storage disk
• No overage charges
• Free SSL certificate
• 250 GB Bandwidth
Personal Plan – This plan costs $30/month and offers:
• 1 WordPress install
• Free site migration
• 25,000 monthly visits
• 10 GB storage disk
• 500 GB Bandwidth
• No overage charges
• Free SSL certificate
• Free staging site
Professional Plan – Which is available at $75/month and offers
• 1 WordPress install
• Free site migration
• 100,000 visits per month
• 20 GB storage disk
• 1 TB Bandwidth
• No overage charges
• Free CDN
• Free multisite
• Free staging site

The TINY plan is affordable for beginners, but it lacks some of Flywheel’s more advanced features. If you want a feature-rich plan, choose the PERSONAL plan to start at $30 per month. A flywheel is best suited for WordPress websites for clients for the feature-rich aspect that saves time and simplifies your work. For a regular WordPress user, and don’t require unique features, the TINY plan will serve you well.


• Has no downtime
• Clean and user-friendly interface
• Free Flywheel demo sites
• Easy client collaboration & billing options
• Free site backups per day


• Flywheel hosting doesn’t sell domains
• Flywheel doesn’t provide email hosting.

FlyWheel:  a simple WordPress development workflow!

Source: Flywheel


If you’re a website developer or freelance agency dealing with web design, clients or content then Flywheel managed hosting is your choice. Try it out for a wonderful web hosting experience. Although its price is at the higher end, the feature-rich aspect will make up for every penny.

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