There are a host of microblogging platforms available online today. However, there is one that stands out for it has a wide user’s base and readers. It is known as Tumblr. With over 124.8million blogs on the site, it is no surprise that this is the most popular social networking website in the United States. It may lack some of the features that a hosted blog may have; it has features such as themes that make it possible to have a huge demographic and user base that it has. As such, it is reasonable that Tumblr should have these elegant themes that keep it so popular. Despite having some paid themes, a majority of the themes on Tumblr are free to the users. The themes appeal to the users as it makes microblogging possible. The platform may have been sold to Yahoo recently; nonetheless, this has not reduced the number of users for the site. This article will look into some popular themes that are available to Tumblr users and show what makes Tumblr the social media marketing platform it is today.

10 Free Themes available on Tumblr

1. Fluid Neue

Fluid Neue theme has been installed by over 10 million users making it the most popular theme. Its features include photo-set mechanic, rebuilt audio, upgraded framing as well as shadows. It is also integrated with Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr. It also has the most professional share widget above all other themes. This is a recommendable elegant theme to use on Tumblr and it is free. The theme’s glossy sharing widget makes it add more elegance to your blog.

2. Watercolor

Watercolor theme on Tumblr is simple and elegant. This professional theme has watercolor pastels that are beautiful and clean. It is an ideal free theme for any Tumblr user who wants to put their creativity to work while keeping it simple. In addition, it is a great theme with clean and white typography.


3. Color shades

If you are tired of the white space around your content, the color shades theme is the answer for you. This elegant theme provides you with the chance to change any color scheme and has a floating widget located top right of your screen. This unique Tumblr theme is free and will help your microblogging work and stand out.


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4. Plaid

If you do not like the white spaces behind the text, Plaid is a free Tumblr theme that will be of help. It offers a tablecloth layout in the background that gives the user and reader a happy and appealing feeling and looks. Feel free to bring out your wild side using the Plaid theme on Tumblr.


5. TumbleDesk

This is a great free theme that has a cool feel to it. The background seems like a clean work desk with the element you need to microblog and creates something that feels good. This elegant theme adds more spice to your blog on Tumblr due to its clean typography.


6. Vertigo

By using this theme you get a fun, quirky, and single columned theme. This elegant theme was inspired by Art Goodman, Dave Nagata, and Saul Bass works. The inspiration for this theme is based on Alfred Hitchcock’s poster based on the classic Vertigo. It offers a single accent color and this is the main configuration usable for your link, title, and graphic elements. Essentially, it will do a lot for your microblogging needs and help you place your marketing messages across.


7. Ultralite

If you are looking for a minimalist theme, Ultralite is the theme for you. It is the only minimalist theme on Tumblr and has subtle fonts with a simple white background. The topography for this theme complements the clean design it as well.



8. Bus Full of Hippies

If you need to give your Tumblr blog a fresh feel, Bus full of hippies theme will do just that. With natural and green background full of leaves, flowers, and grass, you have the chance to go green and make a unique blog. Essentially, your microblogging will have a background message to it once you use this theme.


9. Esquire

Esquire is a Simple and clean Tumblr theme that gets its inspiration from the Esquire Magazine. Essentially, you are getting great typography inspired by the magazine with configuration options that include options to select three colors to use as you make your blog. Essentially, the theme gives you the same options you would find in a typical Esquire magazine cover.


10. Observer

Observer theme helps focus the attention on your text, music, and photos. It also has a minimalist look that helps focus more on the images, typography, and videos. The layout is responsive with many customizations and two headers. With such a great theme, you have all you need to make a great blog post and do your marketing.


11. Basic

Basic is a simple theme that gets your blog running in a few seconds. With the pixel perfect look, the theme is responsive and appealing to the user and the readers. In addition, the Tumblr theme is available for all mobile devices.



12. Persona

Persona theme is great if you have a business or personal blog. You can easily customize the blog with the many features and minimized options. You have five header images, font options, and social media icons. Persona provides the best option for you to start your blog with this elegant theme.



To surmise, it is clear from the list of free themes above that you can do a lot with Tumblr. It also gives reason to why there are so many blogs on the platform and wide base of users and readers. Tumblr themes can be used as a microblogging platform for many things. You can promote your business by promoting it through Tumblr; nobody wants to go through so much text, all you need is a simple image or video and short text. By so doing, you are getting your message to millions and in this case, help you grow your visibility online or improve your business revenue. Finally, there is no easier way to do much and get great results than when you use Tumblr. It is clear from the themes portrayed above.


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