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How to generate Alternative Income while your Blog is still new

How to generate alternative income while your blog is still new is a comprehensive coverage that offers you alternative income channels before you start reaping from your blog. Read on to learn how.
For many young bloggers, there is this assumption that the Internet is a platform for people to make quick riches. Most novices assume that blogging is one of those ways of using the Net to become overnight millionaires after failing in other offline business ventures. However, the bitter truth is that there are no shortcuts to making money with a blog. If you are running a young blog and you want to monetize it, better get prepared to grow it slowly and steadily before you can make it your primary stream of income. This post is going to share with you practical ideas and insights on how to make money when your blog is brand new.
Getting the right picture in mind is the best way to keep yourself off the list of failed bloggers. As this post progresses, I am going to share with you ways on how to make money elsewhere until your blog is profitable enough to pay your bills. Keep on reading below to get some of these channels of income that will cushion while you wait for your blog to mature.

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Become a freelance writer

Another channel of income you can optimize as you wait for your blog to start earning you enough cash to live on is becoming a freelance writer. I am not saying this to over glorify my trade, no. The truth is that freelance writing pays, and you can use it not just as a primary stream of income, but also as a platform of employment to other people. I am talking out of experience because I am a full-time freelancer, and it takes care of my family and I. That is why I can’t take an employment job that pays me less than $5,000 per month!
But why is freelance writing a better option? In many ways! First, it keeps you in charge of your program since you are your own boss.

First, you can program yourself so you can have enough time to work on your young blog when you need to do so. Simply put, this avenue will give you the flexibility you need to shuttle between your job and young blog.

Second, freelance writing will develop your writing skills, the very same ones you will need to grow your blog into profitability. The reason is that no matter the quality or popularity of the products or services you will be promoting on your blog, you can’t do without quality content. Freelance writing will sharpen your skills so that you can populate your blog with excellent quality that will attract and keep your target audience engaged.

Third, it is easier to start off with freelance writing. There are many freelance writing sites out there, and you can choose to begin from there to get a firm head start. They may not pay you millions, but if you are serious, you can earn enough to meet all your basic needs and those of your dependents if you have them. Some of the sites you can begin with are Upwork and iWriter. But be sure to exit and get your direct clients who will pay you better. I worked there for two years as a beginner before I quit for greener pastures elsewhere.

Get a part-time job elsewhere

Securing a part-time job is one of the best ways of bolstering your income as you wait for your new blog to stabilize and start feeding and clothing you. I know to some of our millennial wannabes, getting a job that in the physical world may not sound “bright” enough.
But the truth is that the greatest amount of wealth being generated in this world is not online but offline. In fact, the richest guys in this world don’t deal in online-based products or services, but they use the Net as a complementary tool to their businesses. If you don’t believe what I am saying, check the list of the world’s top 10 richest people and see what they deal in.

Parting Shot

Just like any business, you need to be patient before you can turn your new blog into a primary channel of income. This article has given you practical channels of how to make money with a blog for beginners. Since you now know how to make money when your blog is brand new, you will not join the list of failures who jumped the gun and ended up frustrated.


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