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Ways to Generate Cost-free Online Leads

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This post shares with you some of the best ways to generate cost-free Online Leads. If you thought you must pay for online leads, you are wrong. Find out more. In the day and time we live in, the internet provides every business with millions of prospective buyers. But for you to be better placed to grab your share of that vast clientele, you need appropriate leads that will get you there. This post is going to show you how to generate leads online. Keep on reading below to discover more on how to generate leads online without spending money.

Be a Smart Blogger

Being a smart blogger is one way on how to generate leads online by leveraging your blogging sphere of influence. You can use your blogging to enhance your online reputation and authority, leading to lead generation. For instance, you can post your content on blogs that have the kind of customers you are targeting so that you can use that opportunity to parade your specialty. But you need to be wise enough to refrain from trying to market your products directly on someone’s blog. Just limit your scope to providing quality content that adds value to people’s lives. This way, they will naturally look for you through your bio and from there, you can direct them to your landing page.

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Use LinkedIn Saved Search

LinkedIn is another great platform where you can use to generate leads online. I speak from personal experience because my highest paying clients I got them from there. That platform has more than 400 million professionals who are parading their expertise in different niches. When I began the transition, I was a freelance writer on Upwork where we used to compete for many low paying jobs. When I switched my leads scope, within the first one month I got clients who now pay me 4-6 times more for the same quality and quantity of content I was writing on Upwork!


Another way of generating free leads is optimizing the power of infographics. When you use them, you create an aura of expertise and specialty around your content and by so doing, you attract better quality prospects for your products and services and generate leads online.

Listen with a Social ear

Another free way to generate leads online without spending money is harnessing the power of your “social ear.” What do you mean by that? You can pay a close attention to what your visitors on your social networks are commenting about your products or business. By evaluating what your audience is saying, you can learn more about their needs, trends, and expectations so you can customize your message and outreach campaigns to meet their needs and get leads without spending money.

Parting Shot

The online space provides equal opportunities for all businesses to generate leads to their target-clientele. But as the internet has continued to grow and become more crowded, people are paying money to get a hint of where their prospective clients are, and what they need. But in as much as it is not a crime or unwise to spend cash

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