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There is no greater platform to generate traffic than the social media network. And Facebook is one of the top social networking sites is the best choice for its vast audience. Tapping into it will contribute positively to your blog’s success by generating traffic. To make it even more effective, you can combine both Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic to your blog. Targeting these two social networks can make your post go viral leading to a decent traffic spike. This post will show you the various ways you can use to boost Facebook fans using Twitter.

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Facebook is undoubtedly the guru of social networks having more than 2 billion active users per month. The social network commands 60% of Internet users worldwide and is used to promote products and services, finding new customers or gaining more loyal readers. As a writer, you need to take advantage of its mammoth size audience. To do this you need to have followers who can share your work. Here are several ways to increase your Facebook followers.

1. Have a Facebook Fan Page

For experienced writers this may not be an appealing buy for newbies, it hands them an opportunity to increase your followers. To get real Facebook fans you need a Facebook fan page. A Facebook fan page is different from a personal Facebook page. A personal Facebook page is good if you want to share your holiday photos with friends, but if you are running a blog, you need to create a Facebook fan page. So, the first step is to ensure that you create a Facebook fan page.


2. Optimize your Facebook fan page

Optimizing your fan page entails choosing a friendly page title, having a catchy description, providing accurate information for the long description, company overview, mission, and posting interesting content. The quality of the content posted on your Facebook fan page will determine its success or failure. An optimized Facebook fan page makes it easier to attract new fans and more likes.


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3. Take advantage of your personal Facebook account

Having a Facebook fan page does not mean that you shouldn’t have a Facebook personal account. You also need to have an active personal account to increase your exposure by sharing the post on your personal page. The real Facebook fans you have on your personal page are more likely to ‘like’ and ‘interact’ with the post shared from your fan page which increases engagement. This results to Facebook showing your posts to more fans. So, ensure that you share your post on your personal Facebook page to increase likes on Facebook. This will increase the number of people that view your posts and go past the 4% of your fan base. You can also invite all your existing friends and new ones to like your Facebook fan page.

4. The Facebook Like box on your website

You need to have the Facebook like box on your website for 3 reasons:
• It’s a way to associate your website with the Facebook fan page. It shows search engines that this is your official Facebook business page.
• A lot of users act as a social proof. This is something you should be proud of and show to your users
• Your readers can follow your website by clicking the LIKE button without having to go to Facebook which is a good way to grow your fan base organically. You can popup the like box to new users. Although this works well in getting new likes, don’t make it too distracting for your users.

5. Follow these tips to increase post engagement

Now that we have created an optimized Facebook fan page, added friends to our personal Facebook page and placed the like box in a prominent position on our website, the next step is to start sharing content. This is to increase interaction and maybe manage to convert them from fans to customers. You can use these simple rules to increase likes on Facebook and user engagement on your Facebook fan page:
• Share content that is related to your blog or what your fans expect to see in your page. For instance, if your website is about sports, share content related to sports and not about medicine or anything else you may like. If your users want to read sports news, they know where to find them.
• Your followers follow your fan page for updates about your website and not about your social life. To socialize then use your personal Facebook page, your fan page is about your blog.
• As a rule thumb, I use my business page to share content from my niche only, if I need to share something which is not related to my niche, I use my personal page.
• Sharing promotions all the time is not healthy for your website and will slowly drive your fans away. Having promotions is not bad, but don’t overdo it. Posting interesting, shareable content that is related to your niche is good, even it’s not from your website.

6. Share high quality content

When sharing stick to a list rather than a link as will generate more clicks. Facebook update and found out that Facebook posts with ‘lists’ get more likes than posts with just links. When sharing a post from your website on Facebook, you go to Facebook status updates and enter the webpage URL. This is easy since you don’t have to add additional information. A good title and images will get several likes, depending on the post and the number of fans. Many readers have a tendency of perusing content without fully reading it so it is up to you to give them a reason to read your blog.


Facebook followers are important on your business pages for credibility and social promotion purposes. Using the Facebook fan page is one way to boost Facebook fans. Since, when they click on like button of your website, what you are sharing on your fan page wall will be visible on the Facebook timeline of fans. Twitter is a great tool for the internet marketer, blogger, and webmasters. Most of the Twitter users fall into the above category and making them joining your Facebook profile is a good idea for improving your connection & for brand building.

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