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Google Analytics 360 Suite-What to Expect

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Google has a new suite known as Google Analytics 360 Suite. It has enterprise-level tools that the company hopes will supply a comprehensive platform for online marketers. The suite will have fewer tools to ensure that the information provided is precise. Nevertheless, marketers question whether it will make marketing efforts seamless. Essentially, the suit is meant to help marketers get precise information that will allow them to make an informed decision for online marketing efforts. However, marketers are curious if the suit will have the same gaps present in other Google Analytics tools. The other factor to consider is Google Analytics 360 pricing. Will the price be worth the information you get? This article will try and give some clarification to these queries.

What is new with Google Analytics 360 Suite?

There are six products available in this new Analytics tool. Four of the tools are new, whereas, two are rebranded. The products are meant to assist in connecting a marketer’s daily work seamlessly.
The new products are in limited beta testing and the introduction to premium customers is commencing.
They include the following:-

1. Google Analytics 360

Previously, it was named Google Analytics Premium. It was a paid enterprise-level tool that was used by large companies.

2. Google Optimize 360

Also in the Suite, the product permits marketers to the A/B experiences without the need to use any coding. Once done, marketers can easily decide on which site/ad variation is preferable and provides success for various audience segments.

3. Google Audience Center 360

This is a data management platform that is linked to Good DoubleClick as well as AdWords. In addition, it is linked with third-party providers as well as demand-side ad platforms. It helps the marketer to easily connect with customers from different channels and devices.

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4. Google Tag Manager 360

This involves tag management of site code and APIs for streamlined workflow as well as efficient decision making.

5. Google Data Studio 360

Previously, it was named Google Analytics Premium. It was a paid enterprise-level tool that was used by large companies.

6. Google Attribution 360

This cross-channel attribution tool helps track all marketing information (offline and online). This helps determines the overall marketing performance of a channel.
There are images taken from Business Insider that can help you get a feel of what the dashboard looks like for the users. The main intention of the product is to aid marketers to connect data across platforms. This includes PPC, mobile, as well as offline marketing channels among others.

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New Data Management Platform details (DMP)

So far, the issue of difference in performance for the product is still an issue. Adobe and Oracle offer cloud-based DMPs. Google Analytics 360 rolls out as a DMP that provides marketers with more data control. This means that users can use it as a strong DMP and not just a standalone DMP.
A unique factor on Google Analytics 360 is that it offers an integration of Google resources such as DoubleClick and AdWords; in addition, it includes other stand-alone tools such as Optimizely that permits marketers to test offers, page layouts, and sales funnel workflows, among others. Optimize 360 will extend the testing capacity to PPC advertising as well.

The open system assists marketer to prevent duplication of remarketing efforts through allowing imports of third-party and first-party data. The suit also levels its focus on user privacy; therefore, users can be safely tracked and there is no risk of personal data.

How does Google Analytics 360 help SMB?

Presently, SMB’s are not the target market for this Suite. However, free tools such as Google Analytics 5 will be available for SMB users. For increased functionality, Google hope’s to create more premium, paid GA users using this new Suite.
As for Google Analytics 360 pricing, there is no information released yet. This also includes the issue of Google Analytics 360 certification, However, Google-based products can still be used and PPC advertising option will increase.

Early Testing

Currently, early testing for Google Analytics 360 Suite is given to a select few. They include Progressive, L’Oreal Canada, and Google-owned Nest. Case studies from these companies have shown positive results. However, it will be the enterprise users who will give objective reviews once the Suite is released into the market.


In conclusion, it is clear that Google Analytics 360 suite will be a major improvement to the previous version. There are some marked improvements that will be beneficial to marketers once it is released into the market. In addition, any doubt that is there currently will be addressed once enterprise users of the product begin using it for their marketing efforts.

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