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Top 5 Google Keyword Ranking Tools to Help You Find Your Searches

Top 5 Google Position Tools to Help You Find Your Search Ranking featured image

You must know which position your site ranks in Google. One of the reasons is that you will get 70% of clicks when your site is on the first page of Google. However, many web owners don’t have a clue on how to get this vital information. The best way to know which position you are ranking for in Google is to use Google position tools. Also called Google rank checkers, these tools help you to know your keyword rankings in the Google search engine fast and accurately.

In this post, we will be looking at 5 Google rank checkers to help you know what is your rank in Google. Read on for more details on which tool you can use to help you understand and improve your website ranking.

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Google Search Console

If you want the best tool to check your Google keyword ranking, then what you need is Google Search Console. You will get to know plenty of info about your site ranking since this rank checker is designed and managed by Google. It allows you to find out more about keywords that drive clicks, which content in your site performs well, and much more.

These steps will help you find out which position your keywords are ranking for when using Google Search Console:

1. Log in to Google Search Console and head over to

google positions checker - Google Search Console

2. The second thing is to enter your keyword and click on the search button or press Enter

keyword performance

3. Check the results that come out in the “Search performance for this query” box

When using the Google Search Console, you will have to undergo an intensely manual process. This is more so when you are trying to track many keywords. Being a free rank checker, it is totally worth it. The best and main thing about this tool is that you will get vital pieces of information in one place. It will give you the following info about a page.

  1. Clicks
  2. Impressions
  3. Average position

This Google position tool can also help you with whether you are improving your ranks by comparing current and previous results. You can compare data from the past 7, 21, or the past 90 days. You will get accurate data since the info comes from Google. You will also advise on what to do to improve your site ranking. You will get this tool freely.


AccuRanker is the go-to tool when you want to find out what position your keywords are ranking for. This tool uses a bare minimum approach to help you get the right info about your keywords. With AccuRanker, you will get a preview of SERPs on Google. You can adjust the results based on your location or country. You will get results for both mobile and desktop devices. When using AccuRanker, these steps will help you get the right results:

Instant on demand updates

  1. First, head over to AccuRanker’s SERP Checker to enter your targeted keywords
  2. The second thing that you need to do is select your country or location if you want
  3. Choose the device if you want
  4. Lastly, click Search Now to get results

You need to know that when using this SERP checker, you can only see the first page of search results. This rank checker tool allows users to conduct only five searches per day. This isn’t the proper tool for your business if you have many keywords to search for. If you want great results, you need to invest in the paid options. You will get this tool for free.

AuthorityLabs (Google Positions Checker)

For tracking specific keywords in your business, this is the right tool for you. Many companies love this tool because this tool offers them an easier way to find their site ranking. More so, it does exceptionally well compared to other rank checker tools like Google Search Console.

Follow these steps if you want to check your site position on Google with AuthorityLabs:

1. Visit AuthorityLabs and log in

google positions checker - AuthorityLabs Login

2. Once you are in, select your domain or site


3. Pick one of these options

google positions checker - overview

  • Overview – Here, you see brief info of your keyword rankings
  • Rankings – From this option, you can check for specific keyword ranking and search engines
  • Now Provided – This option allows you to check individual page rankings
  • Add Keywords – If you want to add bulk keywords or one by one

For most businesses, the Ranking and Now Provided options provide vital reports. But, if you are using AuthorityLabs, you are going to get plenty of options to choose from. Whether you want info about individual pages or your site’s overall performance, this is the right tool for you. The price for this tool ranges from $49 to $450 per month


The best option when you want to look for your search ranking and more is SEMrush. With SEMrush, you can find out more about your business since it comes loaded with SEO features. Besides Google’s position, you can also check for keyword research, track algorithm updates, analyze backlinks, and more. SEMrush also offers social media and paid marketing. To get started with SEMrush, you need to follow these steps:

1. The first step you need to do is log in to the SEMrush account.

google positions checker - semrush

2. Next, navigate and select SEO Toolkit

seo toolkit

3. Click on the Position Tracking button

tracking button

There are several critical reports that you are going to get from SEMrush. They include:

  1. Top search engine competitive results
  2. The top keywords
  3. Details of overall site visibility in search results
  4. Site traffic estimates
  5. Results of your average position in search engines
  6. Best performing keywords from top three to 100
  7. Your websites landing pages
  8. Featured SEO rankings for featured snippets

You will get numerous vital reports with SEMrush. The good thing is that this site rank checker makes it easy to digest the provided data. The main dashboard allows you to access at once all the info gotten from this tool. Another way to access data is through different tabs, one by one. SEMrush also makes it easy for users to export and break down data so that you can share with your team members or clients.

SEMrush is one of the best Google position tools. That is why it’s price tag is higher than other tools like Authority Lab. It comes with many useful features. That is why it’s the price is on the higher end. Large brands that can cough up $99.95 to $399.95 per month will highly benefit from SEMrush.

Also, you can read SEMRush: SEO and Search Analytics Software


When it comes to giving accurate data about your Google search ranking fast, Ahrefs is among the best SEO tools available in the market. This is not a free tool meaning that you will need to pay first before you can access its SEO solutions. It offers effective solutions to help you improve your site ranking. With Ahrefs rank checker tool, you can target competitor links, find new keywords, audit your website, and more. This steps will help you utilize Ahrefs to get desired results:

1. You first have to log in to Ahrefs and click on the “Rank tracker” button

Rank tracker

2. Secondly, you need to add your website by selecting “+ Add new”

google positions checker - Add new project

3. The third step is to go to the Rank Tracker menu to select your website, then click on “Add keywords.”

google positions checker - ahrefs

See More:- Ahrefs: Competitor Research Tool

That is all you need to do to check your site’s ranking position using Ahrefs. You can start tracking your website and keyword performance once you have added them to Ahrefs. This Google ranking tool also allows users to export all their data to a .csv file. Such a file format simplifies the process of uploading data to Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, and editing and sharing tools. This Google position checker costs $99 to $999 per month


With these 5 Google position tools, you can easily check where your site lies on Google and other search engines. It all depends on what you want to track, you can decide to go for a free or paid tool.

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