Since its inception, Instagram has grown to become one of the biggest photo sharing social network sites. It being a more mobile friendly app, PC users find themselves at cross roads especially when they have to use their web based site. Currently, there is no PC Instagram app. So many users find themselves looking for the best app that can work on their desktop sparing them the hustle of going to the browser every time they need to post a picture on their Instagram page. There re some popular Instagram apps that have been developed by third parties and one that stood out for was Gramblr.

I wouldn’t exactly call myself an avid user but every now and then I find it useful to help me post pictures when using my PC. It hasn’t been easy finding an app that can actually work via my desktop in accessing my Instagram account. There are those who have worked while others were just plain jokers. That aside, Gramblr has proven it’s worth as the go to Instagram app. Here’s my review on the one of the most popular desktop apps in relation to Instagram.

So, what is Gramblr?

Gramblr is an app that allows an Instagram user to post pictures on their Instagram accounts via their desktop. It is a free app that works on both Mac and Windows. All the user has to do is to download the app feed it your account details and your can use it. However, there are some issues that should be made veryclear:

  • As stated before Gramblr is a third party app which requires that you feed it with your login details to have it working. What you should know is that there is no known security measures that Gramblr has taken to protect your details. Its all on you.

  • Instagramhas a strict policy as far as automatic posting is concerned. The possibility of loosing your account is doubled when you use third party apps to post.
  • Otherwise, you are good to go.


The main features that make Gramblr a tool that is worth include:

  • Editing tools such as frames, filters, redye remover and so on
  • You can use filters to make the photo have a different look or even enhance the features on the photo.

  • Another outstanding feature is the buying of likes and auto liking feature which allows to ‘buy’ likes from your followers as well as earn you coins when you like other peoples posts.
  • This app can automatically crop your pictures if they are too big to be posted as they are.
  • There is a future post scheduler that queues the posy you want to post in the future. The scheduler posts one picture at a time that means adding a number of pictures to your queue if you want them posted at the same time.
  • When it comes to posting you use the drag and drop feature. Choose the picture you want posted, drag and drop it on the Gramblr app.
  • This Instagram app comes with a support and help center which I have not used in particular but are responsive just as well.

The features give birth to a number of pros and cons which I experienced first hand. To be fair, just like other popular Instagram apps this is still a work in progress so some of the cons, I believe, will be dealt with in the future. Let’s start with the pros;

  • This is an easy app to use. The interface is pretty basic and overall a user will find it easy to interact with, novice or pro.
  • You can save time by queueing the pictures you want posted. Though you have be online when the posting happens otherwise it will be futile. So while you are working on other things, Gramblr is working on the background
  • The app is prettymuch free to use there is no fee charged for using Gramblr.
  • You can get help and support if you run into some difficulty while using
    this app.

These are just some of the pros that this desktop Instagram app has. Now let us look at some of the flaws and cons you will have to deal with

  • Loading one picture at a time can be limiting. Gramblr allows posting of one picture at a time which means if you have one than one picture they’ll have to get in line so to speak.
  • If you lave having your photos in portrait, find another app as this one does not allow portrait pictures when it comes to posting on Instagram.
  • This desktop Instagram app only posts whatever is on the queue if you are online. Otherwise it will have to wait

Checkout all the features of this app here..


Gramblr is a free app there is no plan or package for you to make use of it.


Source: Retire Your Boss


This is a good Instagram app that can work for you if posting pics in intervals is your thing. Personally I think it could use some work on the features it has to offer and they should think of adding more. In general it is an app worth trying.


If you have already used Gramblr before, I would love to hear your review on it. Do share any other Instagram desktop apps are you using to manage your profile? Do share this awesome tool with your friends.

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