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Guide to create an AdSense account for beginners

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If you are interested in earning directly from Google, you can do so through AdSense. Essentially, this is an initiative developed by Google to ensure that you earn from advertisements that are placed on your blog. You earn when visitors to your blog view or click on advertisements found in your blog. However, for Google to post these advertisements, you have to ensure that you have enough traffic and your content is relevant. If you do not know how to create an AdSense account, this guide will help you learn about the requisites for you to open and earn from Google. For instance, if you do product reviews, these can be linked through keywords to various advertisements that Google can post on your site. You need to stick to a specific niche for your site or blog to ensure that this is possible. For more clarification, here is how you can create an AdSense account and begin earning from Google.

How to Create an AdSense Account

Recently, there have been some changes that Google has made for AdSense account approval. They include the following

  • Sign up to AdSense
  • Add various AdSense advertisements to your blog
  • Await while your account is either approved or rejected

This may seem more complicated and lengthy. However, it is done to help maintain the quality for AdSense users. It is necessary for you to also check the AdSense Policies and check if your blog abides with them prior to applying for the account. There are terms and conditions as well listed in the signup page. Ensure that you read them and understand. Breach of these terms once accepted could lead to suspension of your AdSense account.

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Step by step guide

First, you need to visit the AdSense signup page You will be provided with the option to create a Google account or log in and use your existing account. If you happen to have a custom domain name from your Google account such as ([email protected]), it is preferable to use that. Using a custom domain name increases your chances of approval. Next, you are presented with a form that is rather straightforward. You need to input your website address as well as select the content language that you use for your website. Ensure you add https:// when you enter your blog address.

Contact information

For the contact information, you fill out a form that needs the following details. You need to add your Country or Territory, Time zone, account type (business or individual), payee name, street address, city or town, and postal code.

Note that you need to input your Payee name as it appears when you opened your bank account. If you make any

mistakes when writing your name here, your check or EFT payment will appear under the name you provide and it may prove hard to change once you are signed up. Check this list to find out the countries that upon signing up cannot make name changes.

In addition, when choosing an account type, note that it may affect tax requirements. Once you do so, read the AdSense policies and check the three boxes. After this, click submit and wait for account approval.

AdSense Codes

In your blog, once you sign up add AdSense codes. The AdSense team gets to review your application again once you add these codes. Once the account is approved, you will receive an AdSense pin.




AdSense Pin

There are two more steps to complete.

  • Submit tax information
  • Enter your AdSense pin Submit a tax form that shows how you conduct your business based on US certification. There is another different form for non-citizens of the US.

When you reach the $10 threshold, you get to receive a pin. In order to access your funds, you need to enter this pin.

You will begin receiving payment once you reach the threshold that is $100. To find out how to enable direct transfer to your bank, read these guidelines. For those who are in India, these are the guidelines.

Using the above guideline, you should manage to successfully create an AdSense account.

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Source: Technical Guruji


In conclusion, the above guide has displayed how to successfully create an Adsense account. There have been hints too on how to avoid various factors that may prevent approval of your account. Therefore, ensure you follow this guideline if you are a beginner in AdSense. Once done, you are well on your way to receiving additional income from your website or blog.

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