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How to Harness Amazon, Donations, and AdSense to earn Passive Income from your Content

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In these tough economic times, it is awesome to get extra channels of income without reporting to your workstation. The Internet is one of those platforms which provide you with such golden opportunities to fortify your financial life. Some of the podiums you can leverage are Amazon, Donations, and Google AdSense. This article is going to share with you insights on how to harness Amazon, Donations, and AdSense to earn passive income from your content.

Donations from readers

Even though, they are not a direct fund raiser or charity enterprise, donations are some of the best ways to earn passive income. As long as you know how to navigate that world and pull the right strings in the right manner and at the right time, you can make some bucks out of donations. But you need to know that this opportunity works depending on how you will convince your readers to buy into your content. For instance, if you write solid content that helps your audience to solve practical problems in their lives, they can show their appreciation by sending you some donations. All you have to do to tap into this channel is to include a widget in your sidebar asking your readers to send you “something” if they have enjoyed and benefited from your content. They will click on the button and send you some cash through PayPal. This way, you will be sure of a stream of income that works effortlessly around the clock.

Google’s AdSense

Google is one of the biggest online advertising partners at the moment, and can only ignore them to your own detriment and stagnation. As an online entrepreneur, you can take advantage of this program from Google and generate some cash without reporting to work. AdSense offers you ads that are sensitive to and dependent on the content that is dominating your website. This model of advertising works when Google’s spiders scan your web content to display only adverts that are relevant to your content. For example, if you are running a website or blog that specializes in motherhood, the spiders will only display adverts that are relevant to that content. They will show ads related to diapers and other products or services connected to that motherhood. In such a case, the program will not allow your visitors to view ads on college admissions. Additionally, AdSense does not have stringent requirements such as your site’s traffic level or looking for a sponsor. As long as you steer off forbidden zones such as porn and gambling, you are cleared to proceed with this program. After Google has certified you, its engineers will review your website and you an ad code to incorporate into your site and begin showing ads.

Amazon affiliation

Amazon is another channel of earning passive revenue using your website. This avenue functions by allowing Amazon affiliate banners and product links in your site. When a visitor clicks on any of those links and makes a purchase, Amazon pays you a commission.


Earning from your blog should not be “hard work” that is cast in stone and lead. You can utilize multiple avenues to earn passive income while you do other things. Some of the platforms that you can use to get this kind of revenue are Amazon affiliation, donations from happy visitors, and Google AdSense. If you harness their potential well, you can have a three-string cord that can guarantee you steady income without engaging active effort.

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