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Hittail Review: The Best Related Keyword Suggestion Tool

What makes the HitTail SEO tool stand out among the other long-tail keyword tools? Read on to learn more.

As a writer, I am always on the look out for a new tool to help make my work easier. I have used numerous SEO tools to boost traffic to my website as well as increase the number of conversions. One of the tools that have proven to work for me is HitTail. Initially, I wasn’t that jazzed by the performance of this software because I wanted a quick remedy to my traffic problem. However, after some time I decided to try it. I must say I was impressed to the point of writing this Hittail review. I understand that there might be other SEO tools that you have come across and probably used. You may even be convinced that it is the best. So, I ask you to stay with this review to learn more about this tool. You will at least get an alternative in case your go-to tool has failed. HitTail is an online software that allows a user to generate long tail keywords. This tool works by the keyword tool traversing your website to evaluate the keywords you have used and finally generate long tail keywords for you to write content on. One thing that makes this keyword suggestion tool a hot cake is its ability to generate long tail keywords strictly related to your specialty. What is the result of all this? It helps you to become a content creating authority and a traffic magnet.

What is long tail keyword?

Understanding of what longtail keywords is important. In simple terms, this is a group of three or more words that form a key phrase. One of the reasons why long tail keywords are becoming popular is because they are less competitive in nature.

So, how do you get started?

Once you have made that big leap to make Hittail your preferred keyword suggestion tool, you will have to undergo the registration process which will include you listing the domain name(s) of your websites.

With Hittail, you have three plans to choose from: Pro, business, and agency. But before you can subscribe to any of the three categories, there is a temporary freebie. Hittail offers a 21-day trial period so that you can decide whether you will be in for the long-term or not. For more on the plans, you can visit the Hittail site.

What I enjoyed most was the fact that as a WordPress fanatic, I got a plug-in that makes my work easier. However, you need to be on and not This keyword suggestion tool WordPress plugin makes it much easier to configure Hittail. Once it is installed, it starts working on all the related sites you have immediately, looking for traffic driving keywords. Getting down to business with this keyword tool is relatively easy. There is a dashboard to help you get through the process without much hassle.

Once the keywords have been listed, take a pick and it will be placed on the dashboard for use. Apart from acting as a keyword suggestion tool, Hittail allows you to view the keywords that have been driving traffic to your blog or any other website. Another fabulous feature that Hittail has is its article writing service. With as little as $19, you can have an article written when you provide a keyword. It might be expensive, but it can be beneficial when you need to write an article on short notice.

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Is it worth the hype?

Well, it can be difficult to find the right SEO tool to work for you. In fact, after a few trial-and-error episodes, you may not be swayed by this Hittail review. Fortunately, Hittail has served me well over the years, and I strongly suggest that you use it optimally. There is no other tool that I’ve come across that can both generate longtail keywords, as well as help in creating new topics for future blogs. Never mind the extra cost because you can have a 400-word article automatically generated based on a keyword of your choice. If that is not good enough, then it may be difficult to get an alternative tool that can give you all this. Finding the right keyword suggestion tool WordPress plugin can hectic, but with Hittail, you do not have to worry since it is readily available.


The verdict

Hittail is a must-have if you really want to see an improvement in the amount of traffic receive. For an e-commerce business, this is a no-brainer. Conversions and traffic are equally important for an online shop, and so, give Hittail a chance to serve you today.

Do you use HitTail? What are your experience with this tool? Let me know in the comments below!

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