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How to Add Your Etsy Store in WordPress

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Do you need to turn your Etsy Store into a real E-commerce Site and make more revenue? Well, you may get more from your Etsy Store by adding it to WordPress. The main reason to do is that unlike shops such as Shopify or WooCommerce, Etsy specializes in creative goods and therefore, has a niche clientele. This is not really a limitation as the Etsy is proven to always have clients and it is easy to operate the online shop. The only limitation is that the payment methods for Etsy are limited. However, you can overcome this limitation by adding your Etsy Shop to your WordPress website. As mentioned, Etsy sells creative products ranging from handcrafted, to artistic and unique products for niche clients who are always available. Therefore, by adding the shop to your WordPress site, you expand your customer based and improve the revenue for your online store. Therefore, if you want to do so, here is how to turn your Etsy shop into a full E-commerce site.

How to add your Etsy Store to your WordPress Website

First, you need to install as well as activate the required Etsy shop plugin to your WordPress Website. You can follow this link to find out more about installing a WordPress plugin.

Once you have activated Etsy, go to Settings then Etsy Shop. This is where you add your Etsy API key and connect your
Etsy Store using the plugin.

In case you do not have the Etsy API key, follow this process.

  • Go to Etsy shop settings and click on Creating a new Etsy App link
  • The link will ask you to create a new app
  • Add your app, describe the App, then add the URL to your WordPress site
  • Select the best choices for your App and after this click on the Create App button.
  • Once you have gone through these stages, a new dialogue window presents itself showing you your Etsy API key.
  • Copy the link and go back to your WordPress admin area where you can paste the Etsy API key.
  • The plugin connects you to your Etsy shop once the validation of the API key is done

Displaying the products you sell

Once you have added the Etsy store correctly, you are able to display as well as make sales of your products directly from your WordPress website. Follow these steps to do so.

  • Edit an existing page or Create a new page on WordPress
  • Add this shortcode to that page on the “page edit area” [etsy-shop shop_name=”MyShopUSDesign” section_id=”55895579″]
  • Ensure that you replace shop name as well as selection ID in the shortcode by using your Etsy Shop name as well as ID
  • You can get these details by following this link
  • Login to your Etsy store page and select shop manager that is found on the top right corner on your Etsy shop screen
  • Click the link found on the left menu to access your Etsy shop by using the “MyShopUSDesign” button
  • Select the name of your shop and copy followed by selecting “Edit shop” to access your shop ID
  • Next, you need to click on the listings tab found on the left of your Etsy shop page
  • When on this page, select all the sections from which you have added your products on the WordPress Website
  • Once you have made the selections, you will find your Shop ID located on the URL of your Etsy shop page. The digits are located at the end of the URL
  • Once you have copied and pasted your Shop ID and shop name, visit the post page found on your WordPress site. You will find your products found on your WordPress site.

Start Selling on Etsy

Use the shortcode that you copied from your Etsy Shop page to create new web pages on WordPress. This shortcode will help you display as many products as possible to your WordPress page from your Etsy Store. The name of the shop will remain the same.


Essentially, the above post shows you how to improve sales from your Etsy shop by linking your shop to your WordPress website. By so doing, you get more clients who are interested in your products when they visit your WordPress page. Remember, only clients who have a need for creative products will visit your Etsy shop website. However, many more clients will find the products on your WordPress site and this will link them to your shop. Ensure that you have an impressive WordPress site that has improved the user experience. This will keep more clients coming to your site and making purchases from your shop once they are interested in your art pieces. More clients mean more revenue for you and more visibility for your products. Therefore, waste no more time getting a limited number of clients from Etsy by linking your shop to WordPress.

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