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How To Build a Recognizable Brand and Product Image in 2020

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Imagine this choice. You see two items in the store. They look the same. But only at first glance. Something sets them apart. They are from different companies. One thing was machine-made, the other one was handmade. The first product is cheaper, while the other one is more expensive? So which one do you find more attractive? Whatever you decide on, your answer will actually be to choose, not just the product, but the brand and the values behind the items you want. A brand is the main product we buy, no matter what product or service it’s about. So, How to build a brand?

Being an entrepreneur, what does this mean for you? It means that the brand is your main product and that it’s necessary to pay the most attention, work, promotion to it… but, only if you want success.

What Exactly Is a Brand?

A brand distinguishes a product/service from the competition. It’s something with which others can identify. A brand is something that everyone cares about. It’s also the value you stand for. A brand is the “Why.”

There’s also the “What.” It’s changeable thus, less important. It’s a product in which the values of the brand are woven, without which there’s only one more thing in the impersonal offer to the consumer society.

In other words, a brand is what people want even though they may not be able to have it, while a product is what we can afford or not.

Brand vs Product

To recap: People are attached to a brand, that is, to what the brand itself represents, and they transfer that to all products of a given brand. This is how customer loyalty is built.

How do the big ones do it? Let’s look at Apple, currently the most significant and strongest company, according to the majority of revenue statistics. Apple products aren’t unique in what they do. On the contrary, devices from other manufacturers can do all this. Apple, as a brand, doesn’t produce something that no one else is already making, nor does it have resources that aren’t equally available to others.

So what makes people wait in line for days to buy a new iPhone? What is it that drives people to pay premium prices and compare all competing products with this brand? The answer is simple.

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The core of this brand is one value, slogan, motto if you will, which says – “Think different.” The two words that have become synonymous with this multinational technology company from California, standing behind every product, are emphasized in every advertisement. Whether it’s a smartphone, desktop computer, or laptop, this slogan is the main link between the users of Apple products with each other but also between customers and the brand itself.

That’s what people buy – the brand itself. The product is only something the brand makes. It’s a passing thing. What won’t change are the values. Those that the company stands for. The customers’ emotions, too. Both don’t depend on what one brand produces. Because today, a company produces computers. Tomorrow, it can make cars. As an ultimate result, it’s necessary for your brand to be the most important product that you offer on the market.

How to Make a Brand Or How to Build a Brand?

Did you choose a name for the brand? Do you know how to “extract” it? It isn’t enough. Your customers have a problem. Your brand seems to them as the only solution. That’s it!

Therefore, it’s necessary to:

  • send your message clearly
  • confirm and prove your credibility
  • establish an emotional connection with customers
  • motivate customers to leave their money to you
  • create customer loyalty

In addition to all these steps, a few more are required, such as creating the brand’s website, social media, and hosting for that website.

As for creating a website: Given that 4.57 billion people use the Internet every day is the reason enough by itself to push you to build a website for your brand. Simply put, that gives you a chance to offer your product to more than half of the world’s total population.

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To boost sales, you’d need social media accounts because, with the help of them, your brand will target the audience of these 4.57 million people to which you can offer your products.

Both are creating a website, and social media profiles would be in vain if the website often crashes or loads slowly. To avoid that, it’s necessary to purchase quality hosting. For instance, MySQL hosting plans will provide a balance of performance and affordability for its users. They can also provide security and business-friendly tools for email, as well as domain name management. Note that MySQL servers can withstand websites from low to heavy traffic.

How to do all the above-mentioned stuff to make a recognizable brand? To get started, follow these steps…

Define Your Audience

The basis for creating a brand is determining the target audience you’ll focus on. Pay attention to details. Every little thing is necessary.

Depending on that, you create a message around which you build the brand itself.

Determine Your Values

Specify what the purpose of your existence is and how it will affect everything you do. What’s your passion? No, this isn’t, can’t and mustn’t be “earning money,” “gaining power,” or “ensuring your own existence.” There’s no room for selfishness.

This must be something that inspires, that drives, that makes your customer feel special because they represent themselves and believe in that value.

Explore the Competition

Don’t imitate others. The goal is to get to know what already exists and be unique. A brand isn’t a brand if it copies those that are successful. On the contrary, if others imitate you and compare themselves to you, it means that you’re a real brand.

There will always be those who have more money, exist longer, have more resources… That isn’t an obstacle to your success. All you need to do is focus on the quality and profits you offer to your customers that no one else provides.

Revise to Perfection

Success doesn’t come overnight. So check how the target group reacts to your brand, determine what and how to change, and polish every detail from the look of the logo to the packaging. And so on until you reach perfection.

Let’s get back to Apple for a moment. Simple, clean design, ease of use, and a product that can be used immediately are three characteristics that this brand has been continually emphasizing for 20 years with the inescapable, easy-to-understand message “Think different.”


Creating a brand isn’t an easy process. However, if carried out in the right way, it can make your business become a serious competitor that’s constantly growing and evolving from a small player.

Once you make an emotional connection with your customers, you’ll realize that no matter what your product or service is and whether you have introduced a novelty or are expanding your business to other industries, customers remain loyal.

Scott Bedbury, a former director at Nike and Starbucks, once said, “A brand is a story that is always being told.” So, create a successful brand strategy for your business and keep telling your successful and endless story.

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