How to Create a Free Business Email Address in 5 Minutes

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As a business person, you need visibility. One way to get this is by getting a professional email. A professional email is unlike a generic email that looks ridiculous to current and prospective clients. For instance, if you have an email such as [email protected] you are assured that this will be a great tag to your business brand. Without free business email accounts, there can be little progress as you have no statement to make to your clients. Nonetheless, as a business beginner, what you require is that email that will give your name a brand and leave a mark on your customers. As such, this article will give you some insight on how to create a free business email in just 5 minutes.

Your requirements for creating a business email address

First, you do need to learn how to create your domain name free as well as a website in order to create a free business email.
There are a few solutions to create a professional business email address. Here are the two methods you can use based on your budget and requirements.

Create a free business email

Using this method, you get to create free business email accounts at no cost. This method is simple and available for all.
When creating a small business website, you need to also sign up for domain web hosting.
As a beginner, you may not know this but WordPress hosting companies provide you the chance to create free business emails as a package.
Generally, a domain name will cost you $14.99 whereas website hosting may cost you $7.99 monthly. Add another $ 5 for your email account if you are using a paid email service as well.
Bluehost happens to be among the largest WordPress hosting company globally. In addition, it agreed to provide free domain and a 60% discount on hosting for WP beginners.
As such, you can start your business website for as little as $2.75 monthly. This package includes a business email address for free and. Here is how to set up your free business email.

Steps to Creating a free business email address

1. Set up your business address (Domain Name)

First, visit Bluehost website and click on the “Get started now” button.
This provides you with the pricing page where you click on the select button below your package choice. Basic goes for $2.75 Plus goes for $4.75 monthly, and Prime goes for 5.45 dollars monthly.
Basic and Plus plans are the most suited for beginners who operate small businesses.

Bluehost Plans

Once you select a plan, you need to choose a domain name. Enter your business name and click on the “next” button.
Bluehost now checks to view if there is a domain name available that matches your business.
If there are none, you will get suggestions. Alternatively, you can choose your own domain name.
Tips on choosing a domain name

  • Choose a domain name ending with .com.
  • Keep the domain name short, easy to remember as well as pronounce.
  • The keywords for your domain name and location should be unique. For example, if is not available, you can choose,
    Once you are done choosing a domain name, enter account details to complete the procedure.
    Finally, choose a payment option or payment information to complete the purchase. Once complete, you will get details on how to login to your web hosting control panel. Use this control panel to manage support, emails, website management, and other tasks you may need.

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2. Create a business email for free

Go to your hosting account dashboard and select the email section. You will be asked to add email. Click on this tab
Once here, enter username and password. You will click on create account tab.
Bluehost now creates an email account and you will get the success message.

3. Use your business email account

You now need to learn how to send and receive emails.
Using the “email” section, select “email accounts” tab and see your new business email listed.
From here you will click on “access webmail” link so that Bluehost may take you to a webmail interface. This is a great option when you need not use an email client.

Nonetheless, you have to login into the hosting account every time you want to check your emails.
Bluehost then shows you the information needed to use your free business email.
Another way to connect devices and click on set up mail client link.
Bluehost then shows you the information needed to use your free small business email with any client as well as apps.
Use this information to set up using Gmail, Outlook, or other mail apps for mobile or desktop you wish to use.
This process of creating free business email accounts is much similar to other hosting companies that use cPanel such as SiteGround, HostGator and InMotion Hosting.
To learn how to use the second method using Gsuite, follow this link and get the information you need.


To surmise, the option of creating free business email accounts is a necessary option for small business. a business email as mentioned above gives you the boost you need for your business brand. You will appear more professional when you create business email for your small-medium enterprises that will booster the growth of your business. As such, follow the above steps and begins to see much growth to your business today.

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