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How to Create Custom Calculators with the Formidable Form Plugin

How to Create Custom Calculators with the Formidable Form Plugin featured image 1

Running a car dealership requires stringent measures to ensure you get the maximum profit. One way to achieve this is by adding a car payment calculator app on your WordPress website to pump up sales. It also helps your visitors estimate their monthly loans remittance, compare loans and check for the best car deals that will not hurt their pockets. In this article, you will learn how to seamlessly create an auto loan car payment calculator in WordPress using three simple methods.

If you don’t know what a car/auto loan payment calculator is, here is a brief explanation. It is an automated software used to estimate monthly loan payments and check amortization schedules. The tool also allows you to calculate the total loan amount. Users can make complete auto loan calculation with a sales tax account. The account contains dealer fees, interest rate, length of the loan, and trade-in value. Although this tool is used in e-commerce platforms, it is especially useful if you are running a car dealership websites or an auto loan financing business. The software is useful for both users and visitors.

A car payment cal also allows visitors to explore all the loan options to find out which one suits their pockets since there are several auto loan repayment options. As a user, you will increase your website engagement and interactions since visitors won’t have to leave your website to calculate their automobile loan, now that you already have one.

How to Create an Auto Loan and Car Payment Calculator in WordPress Site 

A few years back, it was hard to create an auto loan car payment calculator because it required extensive coding knowledge. You had to program mathematical calculations in your WordPress website which required a WordPress developer. Today building an automobile calculator is easy with Formidable Forms since there is no code needed. It is the most advanced WordPress form builder plugin compared to others in the market. The plugin saves a lot of time when creating websites.

You can easily build an auto loan calculator using Formidable Forms with a few clicks. The tool features a powerful auto calculator template for performing this task. All you have to do is pick a suitable template, customize it according to your business needs, and start using it. The good thing is that the auto payment calculator template is already fitted with a loan calculation formula saving you the trouble of creating one. It is not only meant for auto loans, but users can also create other helpful calculators for mortgages, WooCommerce products, and net promoter score (NPS) survey forms.

If you are looking for a complete form solution, then Formidable Forms is what you need. With it, you have everything under one roof. It’s an all in one tool fitted with a loan calculator, user registration form, and contact form. I believe that the brief insight was helpful and now you understand what an automobile loan calculator is and its benefits. Now let’s look at how to create an auto loan calculator on your WordPress website.

How to Install Formidable Forms on Your WordPress Site

To fully benefit from Formidable Forms, you need to install and activate the plugin. The car payment calculator is an advanced feature of the Formidable Forms plugin. It ensures that you purchase and install the Formidable Pro Business plan to use the car payment calculator.

After installing and activating the plugin, a notification will pop up at the top prompting you to add your license key.

You will see a link that will direct you to the Global Settings page with the License Key field when you click it. In this field, insert the Formidable Forms license key and click ‘Save License’. The license key will be found in your Formidable Forms account.

A license activation success message will be displayed on the screen once you are done. To load the premium features, you will have to refresh your page.

How to Build an Auto Loan and Car Payment Calculator in WordPress

You are now ready to build a car payment calculator form after completing the Formidable Forms Pro installation process. To do this head over to >> Forms Page and add a new form from your dashboard. A Contact Us form will be displayed on the screen by default. To create a new auto loan calculator form, click ‘Add New’.


How to Choose a Car Payment Calculator Form Template

To see how the auto loan car calculator form looks, click the Preview button and it will open the form preview in a popup window.

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Creating a car payment calculator form is easy and what you have to do is click on the Create Form button. A pop up will display for you to add your form name and form description. After that, click on the Create button.

Next, a Car Payment Calculator form builder will be opened for you. You will see a pre-made auto loan calculator. If you don’t like it, there is an option to customize it according to your business needs. Some of the things that you can customize include the form field label, default value, placeholder text and more.

However, changing the advanced options for the Loan Calculation and Monthly Payment fields requires caution since they are already mathematically formulated.

Once all the fields have been configured in the builder, it’s time to review your form settings and this is done by clicking Settings next Build tab. What you will see first are the general loan calculator Settings. Here, you can change form title, description, and tweak what should be seen after user submission.

The next step is to configure form actions and notifications. These two are triggered once an entry is created, updated, or imported. The email notification is enabled by default. If you want you can add other actions from the list.

You can also review other options from the left column. Once done with configuring these settings, click on the ‘Update’ button.

The settings will be updated successfully and you can confirm this from a massage. Now that everything is all set, close the form builder by clicking the ‘Close’ button.

How to Add the Car Payment Calculator on Your WordPress Site

Adding a car payment calculator form to your WordPress website is also simple and you can do it by editing an existing page or creating a new one. To do this, click the ‘Add New Block’ icon and then select Formidable Forms block. You can then select the created auto loan/car payment calculator form and WordPress automatically loads the form. To see how it works, try to publish a page to preview.

Summing Up 

I trust that you are now well informed on how to add an auto loan payment calculator on your WordPress website. It is always good to utilize the tools available for WordPress websites as they make working very easy.

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