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How to do Live Blogging in WordPress

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LiveBlog plugin is a new WordPress plugin that enables you to do your live blogging with no fuss. Before the plugin, it was cumbersome, time-consuming and expensive to live blog. For instance, you could not stream continually to your audience as there was the problem of your users having to refresh the page to enable new updates. Automatic, the parent company to WordPress changed this by giving you the capability to post live blog posts, giving your readers up to date notifications on your posts, and selective live blog posts for your WordPress blog. This article will show you how to set up a live blog plugin and utilize it for you live blogging WordPress endeavors.

How to setup LiveBlog on WordPress

Live to blog on WordPress has really changed since Automattic launched LiveBlog. Before this plugin, live blogging was cumbersome, time-consuming, and expensive. Most bloggers would lose their audience due to the fact that there was no free live blogging and visitors to a WordPress blog had to continually refresh a webpage to get the live feed as it was streamed. However, when LiveBlog was launched, all this changed and it is easy to do live blogging today. Here is how to set up the plugin.
Download the plugin

First, you need to download the plugin from the official repo. Alternatively, you can search for LiveBlog from your WordPress dash to install the plugin.
Once installed and activated, go ahead to create your new live blog post using the post editor found at the bottom of your dashboard that says “This is a LiveBlog”; check the blog post and continue to publish.

After this, you are able to directly add new updates to the blog post itself and you do not need to go back to the dashboard. Shout me loud have reviewed the plugin and find it as the best plugin for the purposes of live blogging.

Drag and drop

This is a feature that makes LiveBlog plugin one of the best. Essentially, there is no other plugin that provides drop and drag for live blogging. Prior to the feature being introduced, uploading an image manually using the post editor was a hard task.

The only problem with live blog plugin is that there is no option for edit once you have posted the live blog. All you can do is deleting and create a new live post.

Using this free live blogging plugin, you can manage to go live in any event and have your audience enjoy your post from the beginning to the end. It is a real saver for live blogger all around as it is provided free and comes with all the features you need to manage a live blog.

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More organic traffic

If you are casting a live blog online, you are assured that the user experience will be optimal. Optimal user experience means that your audience will not leave before the post is streamed through to the end. In addition, you get more profits if you are using the live blog post to sell something or give more information about a new product. There are many who have lost traffic and visibility on search engines due to poorly done live blog posts. As such, with the live blogging WordPress plugin, you are ahead of your competition regardless of the niche your WordPress blog specializes in presently.

Public Domain Pictures

You have been to some event such as a bloggers meet, press release or other similar events. If you choose to cover the live event, you gain more traffic as you are providing the information in real-time. If you happen to mention the sponsors of the event in your live blog post, you are assured that you will have better relations with the organizers in case you ever wish to raise a campaign on a certain niche using your blog.

How liveblogging works

As mentioned earlier, LiveBlog is a WordPress plugin that enables you to create microblog entries in the form of a stripped-down version of a normal post.

In essence, microblog entries are included in a post that has been activated as a microblog. LiveBlog plugin uses AJAX polling as this allows your readers to manage instant updates of what they view. This includes any comments that are new to the post.

In addition, you can integrate the live blog post to Twitter. This way, anytime anyone makes use of 139 characters or less, it appears automatically on Twitter. This way your readers get live updates faster and you are ahead of your competition as you are also posting the progress on social media. This means more visibility.

It is clear that live blogging WordPress plugin is a great way to improve your visibility online and improve the user experience for your WordPress blog. Use this free live blogging plugin to help you boost your online business today.


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