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How to Get Google to Immediately Index Your New Website

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What is a Google index and how does it affect your website ranking? To get your site known, you need to get you have it quickly indexed by Google. This will help increase your visibility. But how do you get your new site or blog indexed by Google, Bing, and other search engines? You can choose the to sit back and wait for it to happen naturally, which may take ages (and I can tell you for sure, you won’t like it) or you can get indexed now, giving you enough time to work on your content, increase your conversion rate, and improve your social presence.

Just like any investment, you need to make it known to your prospects so that they can quickly have a taste of what you are offering. As an investor, the quicker you make your website knew the faster you start earning from your investment. Getting your blog known by search engines is the first step. Getting the back spiders to crawl your content on a regular basis is a hard and time-consuming task; that is why you need to submit URL to Google search engine. Many websites are pouring onto the internet nowadays and it’s getting harder to penetrate this traffic using crawling search engine spiders only.

Indexing your site once isn’t enough to give sufficient traffic. You want the search engines to keep reindexing your site. Reason being search engines like Google don’t just update automatically, they depend on spiders (computer code that each search engine sends out to “crawl” the web). Re-indexing gives you an efficient and frequent crawl rate. These spiders look for new stuff on the web and update the already indexed version of your site. The “new stuff” can be a new page on an existing site, a change to an existing page, or an entirely new site or blog. You can also use the Google index checker to see how your website is ranking.

You need to be careful since nowadays, Google is much more concerned with the overall user experience on your site rather than keywords and Meta tag stuffing. You can first start by creating at least a dozen quality content pieces that are ready to be published before you go live on the web. These content pieces need to be already written, edited and proofread before purchasing a domain name and hosting. This allows you to write up your website quickly and focus on the design of the site, rather than rushing around at the last minute which leads to creating poor content. The website index page shows you how your website is being indexed by Google.
Another great way to get your site quickly indexed is to have a content marketing strategy. It’s important to have a written content marketing strategy that’s focused on search results. This helps you to keep track of successes or failure of your marketing strategies. Additionally, a documented content strategy keeps you focused on your goals, and also helps you get your site’s pages indexed by creating new pages of content. Content marketers said that blogging produces 13x positive ROI when done properly. This is according to HubSpot’s “State of Inbound 2014” report.
Giving it your whole when publishing a valuable, interesting, and useful content and then doing everything you can to make sure that your potential customers see it, gives you added advantage to be ranked instantly by Google. This is because creating and publishing professional infographic content on your site gets you shares on other web pages which link back to your page, giving you “credit” for both posts. Infographics have one of the highest reader engagement rates.

Whether you are writing an informative website, a blog or a bit of both, you need to create the necessary web pages needed for the site. For instance, you may have these pages from the beginning: “Home”, “blog”, “article,” “misc,” “contact” and “about”. It is beneficial if you already have the basic information – Contact, About, etc. to easily add the information once you ready to publish your website.

Once you’ve created and edited your pages, start adding them to each other in your predefined content and linking the pages. Each page should have at least one link pointing to it, ensuring that every page links to another page in your site. This is important since it helps the spiders crawl and index the majority of the pages in your site. Note that you can’t Submit URL to Google without signing in.

Make it easy for Google index checker to thorough link your web pages by ensuring that your link structure flows logically and not randomly to your Web pages. The web pages should be related to the searched topic and any link redirects the visitor to your website, thus making it easier for your users to browse through your web content. It also saves the visitor time searching for information they need on your website.

Another way to quickly get your website indexed is to optimize your content for keywords in your niche. Conduct several kinds of research on how to optimize your web page. You can do this using the Google Keyword Tool to know what people are searching for in your niche. Start optimizing your pages by strategically placing those keywords throughout your content, once you have found a few phrases that you think fit your website’s content.

Using keywords to quickly get your site index has a danger of over-stuffing your content with keywords. This will make the crawl spiders think your website is a bunch of spam. These keywords and variations are however important to attract attention from the search engines. The anchor text should also mimic the keyword(s) you’ve chosen. This allows the search engine spiders to grasp your content by telling them how to rank it in the respective search engines.

Social media is the best way you can use to quickly index your website. By submitting your content to social media sites, using the same username as your blog’s URL is very effective in getting your blog indexed by search engines. This is helpful, especially for those targeted keywords.

I suggest you get an account on major social sites, like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, and others, creating a page in each of them for your blog. By creating a separate social site’s account for each of your projects, keeps you focused on post messages that are related. This will help build a like-minded community around your project in the long run.

Submit search engines and web directories. This gets your attention from the Web Spider. Start by submitting your site to the big three search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Submit URL to search engines to get started. To make things easier for you, link each of these concepts is the page that you access in order to submit your site to search engines.

The Google Webmaster Tools is also a great way to get your site quickly indexed. Note that, you need to create a Google Account before you can use their tools. You can use the Google indexing tool to make your work easier. Although Bing takes longer than Google’s index pages, it is wise to go ahead and sign up for their tools. Once you’ve submitted your URL to search engines and for the webmaster tools, you can create a sitemap for your signed site. This allows the search engines to see and to understand the link structure of your site. It also allows the spiders to your site crawl easily.

Final Remarks

There you have it, the simple yet effective ways on how to index the website Google search engine in 24 hours. There is no need to start a website and stay invisible. What’s the point? Overall, traffic is crucial for any blogger’s growth. Make good use of Google webmaster tools that are there to make your career simple as a blogger by improving your Google search ranking. In order for the search engines to increase your traffic, they need to know your blog exists.

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