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How to Highlight on Google Docs?

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Learning and organizing our thoughts is not always done in the same way. The way you learn and understand information is not the same as the way others do. We were not created the same, and our brains process information in diverse ways. If you are a visual learner, you will find sequence and color based organization systems easy to grasp. Using Google Docs allows you to use color-coding to present your content with a tool meant for highlighting your text.

Highlighting in Google Docs

If you are not very keen when highlighting your content in Google Docs, you may end up with a messy document that is filled with different colors that make it hard to grasp. It makes you wonder if highlighting your document is really necessary.

Here is a brief overview on how to highlight your document in Google Docs:

1. In your document, select the section that you want to highlight

how to highlight in google docs - select section

2. Go to the top of the page to find the highlight button in the toolbar

how to highlight in google docs - highlight color

3. Pick a color that corresponds with your document

pick a color

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How to Use Highlight Tool in Google Docs?

This guide will also show you how to color code ideas using the highlight tool and import and export it into other documents in Google Docs.

Step # 1: Go to Add-ons >> Get add-ons

We begin the process by heading to the top of the screen to access the horizontal toolbar. Once you are there, click on the Add-on button. When you click this button, you will see a dropdown menu that will allow you to select Get add-ons.

how to highlight in google docs - click add-ons

Step # 2: Search for and install the Highlight tool

A popup window will display on the screen when you click on Get add-ons. A search box will display on the right upper corner, where you need to type in the Highlight tool. A list of related options will be given. Pick the first option labeled “Highlight tool.” Once you do this, you will be prompted by Google to allow add-ons to access your document.

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how to highlight in google docs - search highlight tool

Step # 3: Return to Add-ons >> Highlight tool and click on Start

When you are done giving the Add on permission to access your document, in the toolbar, go back to the Add-ons button. Here, you will see that an extra item has been added to the menu option, which is the highlight tool. From the menu that has just been displayed on the screen, click Highlight tool, and select Start.

highlight tool

Step # 4: Create Customized Highlights from Highlighter Library

Inside your screen, a menu will open when you click Start. Look at the Highlight Library button and click on it. When you do this, you will have a popup window appearing on your screen. Create a label from the text boxes given and pick a color that corresponds with the document for your highlights. Click on the + button to add another category.

how to highlight in google docs - highlight library

Step # 5: Pick a Corresponding Color to Highlight the Text

Dragging your mouse over a section of your text will allow you to highlight it. On the right-hand side of the page, you will use the highlight tool to choose the color that you want to apply.

5 1

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Step # 6: Click on the By Color Button to Extract Highlights and then Click Extract

Your points of thought will be organized neatly once you export documents onto a new document. This is done by color and label.

Using color and label, all the ideas will display in an organized way when you export your documents into a new document. Head over to the Highlight Tool >> Extract Highlights and click on the By color button to create a separate document.


You will see a new window on the screen. Here, you will be offered an option to decide where the created info should go. When you know where you want to send your information, click on the Extract button.

how to highlight in google docs - extract highlights

That is it! You have now highlighted and organized your Google Docs successfully.


When trying to stay organized on your Google Docs, the Highlight Tool is quite helpful. You can use it to isolate certain info or create a study guide that is easy to grasp. Using double space in Google Docs will help you simplify things when using handwritten annotations as you use the Highlight tool. We trust that you found this guide helpful, and you now know how to highlight your content in Google Docs.

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