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How to perform and SEO site audit in 1 hour


When seeking an SEO edit to check if your SEO efforts are good, you need one that can be done within one hour. By doing a great audit, you will get to know your weaknesses and learn how to improve. You want to determine how profitable you can be and how to increase your revenue using your website. As such, this type of inspection can be done when you use the best SEO audit. Apt optimization determines visibility, organic traffic, and subsequent revenue you get in your online business in your respective industry. In addition, your ranking in search engines determines how well your marketing will be fruitful in the end. Therefore, the faster you get a good SEO audit, the better you know what changes you need to make in your online business website to be more visible to your clients. Marketing requires optimization to gain results; however, an audit to the website to help you know your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for your business. This article will give you more information on the best SEO audit tool you can use to help you get the result you need to make better decisions about search engine optimization.

The definition of an SEO audit

Naturally, how well your site is doing compared to your competitors needs some testing. SEO is not as it was a decade ago; as such, it is imperative to keep up with the changes made by search engines.

The days when keyword stuffing, using multiple microsites for traffic drive and multiple page setup are long gone.

The ranking has changed a lot in the last decade.
Today, optimized sites are favored and those that are mobile-friendly and have content that is up to date for users.

In addition, search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing make use of algorithms that crawl your website and compare your site to other sites based on usability and relevance of your content.

When a user searches for something on your site, the search engine will crawl through billions of websites with relevant information. The site with information that is legitimate and useful will appear as one of the first results.
Furthermore, factors such as how user-friendly your site is in terms of speed and security are other factors checked during the web crawl.

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Updating content

However, it is not only algorithms that you need to worry about. Your content needs to be updated constantly to ensure that you are ahead of your competitors. Therefore, after an SEO site audit, you get to know what shortcomings your site has in terms of content and update the content. This will help you rank higher in search engines.
In addition, you need to adapt to new SEO rules and ensure you avoid red flags.
Essentially, the above reasons are why you need to do an SEO audit for your website to find out what needs changing in your website. In fact, you need to find a way to do some mini-audits monthly to ensure that your site is up to per and you are ranking well and above your competitors.
However, this should not take place of the 4-6 months website audit when you make major changes to your site.

SEO audit key elements

There are three main factors when doing an SEO site audit. 1. Backend factors that include indexing and hosting 2. Front-end factors that include keywords, content, and metadata 3. Link quality as well as outside references However, it may be impossible to get to all three points when doing the SEO audit. Therefore, it is important to make use of the 80/20 rule that is used by Neil Patel.
Note that your incoming traffic views is the most important factor in your website’s SEO. That is why it is necessary to make your website mobile user-friendly.

Consider the introduction of mobile first index to help you understand how well your website performs on mobile phones. This ensures you know more about your search engine results performance.

For instance, Google has recently adjusted its algorithm to commence crawling on mobile sites. This is because 60% of searches are done through mobile phones.
Therefore, before you complete your one hour SEO site audit, ensure that you consider the above factors. Also, ensure you have the right SEO audit tool to help you with the above audit.
The 1 Hour SEO site audit
1. You should begin the audit with a crawl (5 Minutes)
To do so, use sites such as

Crawlers help you find errors such as bad keywords, broken links, page title issues, and poor images. In addition, they also check for plagiarism, excess redirects, and unlinked pages.
However, you need to know the shortcomings of the tool you choose. Some free SEO audit tools have limitations. For instance, the Screaming frog free version only allows you a maximum crawl of 500 URLs.
2. Ensure only a single version of your website is browseable (5 minutes)
Your site needs to work with a permutation of the same URL. Your website should not have multiple versions from the same URL as the search engine gets mixed messages. The crawlers will not know which site is yours; therefore, this may mess with your organic traffic and ranking.
For instance, if you change from HTTP to HTTPS, and make use of AdSense for revenue, you may see some change in revenue due to the above factor.
3. Conduct on-page SEO checks (10 minutes)
Check for duplicate headers, pages, and title tags in this part of the SEO audit. You can use tools such as Copyscape to check for duplicate content that may interrupt your SEO.
4. Manage external and internal links (10 minutes)
Sites that have logical hierarchies tend to improve in SEO rankings. This is why it is important to check the internal and external links.
If you find that you have broken links in your site, find the best SEO audit tool. You can download tools such as Xeno Sleuth and Integrity to identify any broken links.
5. Check website speed
User experience is important when it comes to using your site. Google knows this and will not rank you well if your website loading speed is slow.
Google PageSpeed Insights can be assistance when checking for website speed.
It offers the following information

  • A glimpse into the speed of your website
  • How your website is performing against other websites
  • Recommendations on how to improve the speed

You first need to go to PageSpeed Insights to get this report.
You will get recommendations on improvement methods if the speed of your site is slow.
6. Leverage your analytics plus compare metric (10 minutes)
In this part of your SEO site audit, you want to know whether the analytics service you use is reporting your right metric data. You may be using Google Analytics, Kissmetrics upon other analytics tools.
If your code is installed appropriately, the metric data is reported. However, if your code is not installed correctly, the reverse is true.
If you are using Google analytics, ensure that you place the tracker code above the header. You can use this link to find out how to place the code in the header of each web page.
You can also check the bounce rate of your website by clicking on Audience then overview on your Google Analytics page.
To check metrics, Mozbar is a great tool. It also gives you information about your Page Authority for your website.
7. Check your off-site SEO plus do a backlink audit (10 minutes)
Backlinks are essential as they help Google and other search engines find out if your site has some authority.
Furthermore, you need to realize that hyperlinks are not the only things that are checked; therefore, learn how to know the performance of your website while offline.
To do a backlink audit, a site such as Ahrefs is great. It will give you an insight into what backlinks are going to your site. The important of backlink SEO audit is that

  • Assessing current link profile to see how it affects your site
  • Assess areas to acquire high-value links
  • Assess competitors number of backlinks and work on outperforming them

With that, you will have concluded your 1-hour SEO site audit.


To sum up, it has been discussed above on the importance of an SEO audit. In addition, the one hour process to do the audit has been presented. It is essential to note that an audit to your website is essential in terms of ranking, traffic, and other factors. When you rank well in your website, you are sure that your online business will flourish. The audit done every six months as mentioned above will keep you ahead of the competition as you will know more about your strengths and weaknesses. When you work out the weaknesses of your website after an audit, the opportunities become clear to you. With that, revenue and profits for your online follow.

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